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All About Color Apricot (Color Codes, Meaning and Pairings)

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All About Color Apricot (Color Codes, Meaning and Pairings)

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Dive into the warm, inviting world of the color apricot, explore its history, symbolism, creation, harmonious colors, and even its digital footprint through various color codes.

Apricot, a light yellowish-orangish color ( reminiscent of its namesake fruit (, carries a fascinating history. While it may seem paler than the actual apricots, it traces its roots back to Arabic Al-birquq, deriving ultimately from Latin praecoquum. Adopted as a color name in 1851, it found its place on the British Standards 5252 color list, contributing to color coordination in building construction.

The apricot hex color code is #FBCEB1, a detail that underscores its unique identity. Symbolically, apricot embodies enthusiasm, warmth, and optimism. It is also a strong representation of modesty and innocence, delivering an interesting balance of vigor and tranquility. To concoct the apricot color, one would blend red, yellow, and white paint, while carefully adjusting the proportions to create the ideal light, yellowish-orangish shade.

In terms of color harmony, apricot pairs beautifully with azure blue, forest green, muted lavender, pale gold, and soft pink. Simultaneously, colors such as peach, light coral, melon, salmon, and sunset orange offer close similarity to apricot, adding subtle variations to your color palette.

Apricot Color Information (Hex Code #FBCEB1)

The apricot color has an intriguing range of digital representations across different color codes. It is expressed as #FBCEB1 in hexadecimal notation. In the RGB color model, it is represented as rgb(251,206,177), and its percentages equate to rgb(98.4%,80.8%,69.4%). The CMYK code stands at 0, 18, 29, 2, while in HSL, apricot is denoted as hsl(23.5,90.2%,83.9%).

Apricot Color Code Conversion

The hexadecimal color of apricot is #FBCEB1, a representation that enables digital consistency. Various codes further identify apricot in the world of digital colors. Here is a detailed breakdown:

RGB Decimal 251, 206, 177 rgb(251,206,177)
RGB Percentage 98.4, 80.8, 69.4 rgb(98.4%,80.8%,69.4%)
CMYK 0, 18, 29, 2
HSL 23.5°, 90.2, 83.9 hsl(23.5,90.2%,83.9%)
HSV 23.5°, 29.5, 98.4
Web Safe ffcc99 #FFCC99
CIE-LAB 85.921, 11.769, 20.394
XYZ 69.79, 67.828, 51.009
CIE-LCH 85.921, 23.547, 60.011
CIE-LUV 85.921, 30.433, 26.663
Hunter-Lab 82.358, 7.135, 20.929
Binary 11111011, 11001110, 10110001

Apricot Color Schemes

Let's explore the different color schemes that complement and harmonize with apricot.











High Contrast


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