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All About the Color Aquamarine (Hex Code #7FFFD4)

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All About the Color Aquamarine (Hex Code #7FFFD4)

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Journey through the refreshing world of aquamarine – explore its history, meanings, and color code details while learning how to create it, pair it, and recognize its close color kin.

Aquamarine, the stunning color reminiscent of the serene sea, lies between cyan and green on the color wheel, bearing a light tint of spring green. This lovely hue was named after the gemstone aquamarine, primarily found embedded in granite rocks, and first marked its significant presence in the English language in 1598.

The aquamarine hex color code is #7FFFD4 and it carries connotations of tranquility, soothing feelings, and mental clarity. Often, it's seen as a symbol of water, peace, and even protection during sea travel.

To recreate this color, one would typically blend blue and green in a way that the resultant hue leans slightly more towards the cyan spectrum.

Making the aquamarine color is all about achieving the perfect balance between these two base shades. As for its companions on the color palette, aquamarine pairs excellently with,

  • White
  • Blue
  • Coral
  • Sandy beige
  • Light grey

Aquamarine's close relatives in the color family include,

  • Turquoise
  • Light sky blue
  • Medium spring green
  • Mint
  • Electric blue

Aquamarine Color Information (Hex Code #7FFFD4)

Diving into the technical aspect, aquamarine's hex color code is #7FFFD4. In RGB, this translates to 127, 255, and 212 for red, green, and blue, respectively. Meanwhile, in the CMYK color model, we see values of 50 for cyan, 0 for magenta, 17 for yellow, and 0 for black. The HSL value stands at 159.8° for hue, 100 for saturation, and 74.9 for lightness, further underlining the color's luminous and soothing appeal.

Aquamarine Color Code Conversion

The hexadecimal color of aquamarine is #7FFFD4. This color code is not only vital for digital and print designs but also plays a crucial role in accurately reproducing the color across various media. Below, you'll find a handy table for converting the aquamarine color code:

Hex 7FFFD4 #7FFFD4
RGB Decimal 127, 255, 212 rgb(127,255,212)
RGB Percent 49.8, 100, 83.1 rgb(49.8%,100%,83.1%)
CMYK 50, 0, 17, 0
HSL 159.8°, 100, 74.9 hsl(159.8,100%,74.9%)
HSV (or HSB) 159.8°, 50.2, 100
Web Safe 66FFCC #66ffcc
CIE-LAB 92.034, -45.523, 9.712
XYZ 56.392, 80.782, 74.904
CIE-LCH 92.034, 46.547, 167.957
CIE-LUV 92.034, -55.92, 22.351
Hunter-Lab 89.879, -45.292, 13.503
Binary 01111111, 11111111, 11010100

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