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All About the Color Azure (Hex Code #007FFF)

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All About the Color Azure (Hex Code #007FFF)

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In this blog post, we will deep dive into the vibrant color azure – its rich history, striking appearance, symbolic meaning, and color codes, along with how to mix and match it with other colors, and more.

Delve into the vibrant world of azure, a color that dances between the hues of the clear sky on a sunny day and the unexplored depths of the ocean. Its versatile nature and cultural significance make it a fascinating subject.

From its origins traced back to the lapis lazuli stone to its use in modern design, azure holds a place of prominence in the color spectrum. Let's embark on this colorful journey as we explore azure in all its brilliance and beauty.

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What Color is Azure?

Azure is a bright, cyan-blue color that can be likened to the hue of the sky on a clear day. This brilliant blue is not just another shade; it's a standalone color with its own unique qualities. It is bold yet soothing, striking yet calming, vibrant yet tranquil. The azure hex color code is #007FFF, placing it in the bright spectrum of the color wheel, between blue and cyan.

The History of Azure

The color azure takes its name from the vibrant blue mineral, lapis lazuli. 'Lapis' translates to 'stone' in Latin, while 'lāzulī' is derived from the Medieval Latin 'lāzulum', a term rooted in the Arabic word 'lāzaward', which is borrowed from the Persian 'lāžaward'. Interestingly, this Persian word is both the name of the stone and a place where lapis lazuli was mined.

Over time, the stone's name became synonymous with its color, and variations of the term were adopted across languages, including French (azur), Italian (azzurro), Portuguese and Spanish (azul), and more. This adoption was possibly aided by a linguistic phenomenon known as rebracketing, where Romance speakers might have perceived the initial 'l' sound as the definite article in their respective languages.

The word was introduced into English from French, and it first appeared as a color name in English literature in Geoffrey Chaucer's work 'Troilus and Criseyde' in 1374. Here, azure refers to a rich, deep blue color, distinct and separate from what we generally refer to as 'blue'. It's also the color of the mineral azurite, used as a pigment in paint formulations.

Azure has been utilized extensively in heraldry, where it represents a blue color in the system of tinctures, with varying shades of blue sometimes referred to as azure.

The Meaning of the Color azure

Azure signifies open spaces, freedom, intuition, imagination, expansiveness, inspiration, and sensitivity. It embodies the spirit of the sky and the sea, symbolizing depth and stability. The color azure also promotes peace and tranquility, offering a sense of calmness and sparking creativity.

In many cultures, it represents richness and depth of feelings. It's also associated with spiritual realization, encouraging the pursuit of the higher mind and fostering trust in the divine.

How to Use Azure?

Azure is a versatile color that can be used in various ways. In interior design, it can provide a splash of color to liven up a room or can be used as a soothing backdrop for more vibrant colors.

Azure also works wonders in graphic design, making designs pop and drawing the eye. It's also a common choice in fashion, where it adds a sense of calm and sophistication to outfits.

For corporate branding, azure stands for dependability and strength, making it a popular choice for many businesses. The serene yet energetic vibe of azure also makes it ideal for artwork, bringing depth and emotion to the canvas.

Similar Colors to Azure

Azure's brilliant charm lies in its unique color, but a few colors share some similarities with it:

  1. Sky Blue
  2. Turquoise
  3. Electric Blue
  4. Cyan
  5. Baby Blue

What Colors Go with Azure?

Azure is a stunning color that works well with a variety of other colors:

  1. White
  2. Light Grey
  3. Coral
  4. Pale Yellow
  5. Soft Pink

Azure Color Information (Hex Code #007FFF)

The azure color, represented by hex code #007FFF, is a blend of RGB (Red, Green, Blue) values 0, 127, and 255. In terms of CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key/Black), azure has the values 100, 50, 0, and 0. In HSL (Hue, Saturation, Lightness), azure's values are 210.1°, 100, and 50, respectively.

Azure Color Code Conversion

The hexadecimal color of azure is #007FFF. Understanding the different color code systems can help you get the exact color you want. Here's a table that lists out the different color code conversions for azure:

Hex #007FFF #007FFF
RGB Decimal 0, 127, 255 rgb(0,127,255)
RGB Percentage 0, 49.8, 100 rgb(0%,49.8%,100%)
CMYK 100, 50, 0, 0
HSL 210.1°, 100, 50 hsl(210.1,100%,50%)
HSV 210.1°, 100, 100
Web Safe 0066ff #0066ff
CIE-LAB 54.445, 19.408, -71.364
XYZ 25.635, 22.396, 97.574
CIE-LCH 54.445, 73.956, 285.214
CIE-LUV 54.445, -29.105, -113.438
Hunter-Lab 47.325, 13.873, -89.116
Binary 00000000, 01111111, 11111111

Azure Color Schemes

The common azure color schemes based on the color wheel theory include:











Azure Color FAQ

What does the color azure look like?

Azure is a vibrant, cyan-blue color that falls between blue and cyan on the color spectrum. It resembles the hue of the clear sky on a bright, sunny day.

Are azure and cyan the same color?

While both azure and cyan are bright blue hues, they are not the same. Azure is deeper and richer, resembling a clear sky, while cyan is a lighter, more greenish-blue color.

How to mix azure paint color?

To create azure in paint, mix bright blue paint with a small amount of cyan. Adjust the quantities until you achieve the desired hue of azure.

What is the hex code of azure?

The hexadecimal color code of azure is #007FFF.

Is azure a grey color?

No, azure is not a grey color. It is a bright, vibrant shade of cyan-blue.

Is the color azure the same color as cobalt?

No, azure and cobalt are different shades of blue. Azure is a bright, sky-blue color, while cobalt is a darker, more muted blue.

What color does azure & green make?

When combined, azure and green create a shade of cyan or light turquoise, depending on the intensity of the green used.


Azure, with its rich history and vibrant presence, is more than just a color – it's a symbol of openness, inspiration, and tranquility. Its versatility allows it to be used in various aspects of life, from interior design to corporate branding.

Whether you're looking to mix paint or create a digital design, understanding azure in depth allows for limitless creativity. As we conclude, we hope that this dive into the azure universe has left you inspired and full of ideas for your next project.

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