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All About the Color Baby Blue (Hex Code #89CFF0)

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All About the Color Baby Blue (Hex Code #89CFF0)

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In this blog post, we delve into the soft allure of the baby blue color, exploring its history, meaning, and practical application in color design.

Encompassed in the calming serenity of the sky or the gentle waves of the ocean, the baby blue color has always found its place in our visual spectrum. Traditionally, baby blue, whose hex color code is #89CFF0, came to prominence in the mid-20th century, often associated with the birth of a boy. It represents peace, tranquility, and health, signifying a soothing calmness that brings relaxation to the mind.

Despite its subtle softness, baby blue has a vibrant character that is created through a specific combination of primary colors. It emerges from a blend of lighter shades of blue and white, demonstrating its innate versatility. When creating this color, start with a base of blue, and gently add white until the desired baby blue hue is achieved.

When it comes to color pairing, baby blue has an affinity for complementary and analogous colors, such as

  • Coral
  • Cream
  • Navy blue
  • Soft pink
  • Taupe

For those seeking alternatives to baby blue, consider

  • Powder blue
  • Sky blue
  • Light cyan
  • Alice blue
  • Pastel blue

Each of these colors capture the tranquil essence of baby blue while offering a unique twist.

Baby Blue Color Information (Hex Code #89CFF0)

Digging deeper into its technical aspects, baby blue's hex code #89CFF0 translates into a specific set of RGB, CMYK, and HSL values. In the RGB color model, baby blue is defined by the coordinates (137, 207, 240). Its CMYK equivalents are 43 for Cyan, 14 for Magenta, 0 for Yellow, and 6 for Black. As for the HSL model, baby blue is characterized by a Hue of 199.2°, a Saturation of 77.4%, and a Lightness of 73.9%.

Baby Blue Color Code Conversion

The hexadecimal color of baby blue is #89CFF0, but it can be translated into a variety of different color code systems. Let's delve into each of these conversions:

Hex 89cff0 #89cff0
RGB Decimal 137, 207, 240 rgb(137,207,240)
RGB Percent 53.7, 81.2, 94.1 rgb(53.7%,81.2%,94.1%)
CMYK 43, 14, 0, 6
HSL 199.2°, 77.4, 73.9 hsl(199.2,77.4%,73.9%)
HSV 199.2°, 42.9, 94.1
Web Safe 99ccff #99ccff
CIE-LAB 79.746, -13.551, -23.13
XYZ 48.354, 56.233, 90.739
CIE-LCH 79.746, 26.807, 239.636
CIE-LUV 79.746, -32.848, -34.802
Hunter-Lab 74.989, -16.131, -19.251
Binary 10001001, 11001111, 11110000
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