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25+ Best Colors That Go With Dark Green: Dark Green Color Palettes

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25+ Best Colors That Go With Dark Green: Dark Green Color Palettes

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Are you tired of the same old color schemes? Struggling to find new colors that go with dark green and truly make your project pop? Look no further!

In this blog post, we'll share my expert knowledge on how to create delightful combinations featuring dark green.

You will learn about sophisticated monochromatic palettes, bright complementary schemes, as well as various contrasting options - so let's get started.

Colors That go with Dark Green

Here's our list of the best colors that match with the color dark green. Includes color palettes, hex codes and color names:

1. Gold and Dark Green

Gold and Dark Green Color Palette

Dark Green + Satin Sheen Gold + Isabelline

Hex Codes: #01311F, #C6AA58, #F3F2ED

This pairing combines the robust, earthy tone of dark green with the opulent sophistication of gold.

The richness of dark green, often seen in lush forests and verdant landscapes, partners beautifully with gold's luxuriant appeal, creating a sense of regal grandeur.

This duo exudes elegance and extravagance, perfect for a chic living room decor, accentuating furniture pieces, or even for extravagant gala gowns.

2. Black and Dark Green

Black and Dark Green Color Palette

Night + Dark Green + Hunter Green

Hex Codes: #111613, #172B23, #2F6542

A union of mystery and profundity, the black and dark green blend is where the strength of the forest meets the depth of the midnight.

Black's unchallenged power and refinement complement dark green's deep-rooted, calming nature in a sleek and contemporary manner.

This combination would be a stunning choice for a modern kitchen design or a high-end tech gadget's color theme.

3. Dark Blue and Dark Green

Dark Blue and Dark Green Color Palette

Federal Blue + Dark Green + Lavender (Web)

Hex Codes: #030057, #062F23, #E6E6F5

Marrying these two is like the deep sea meeting a dense forest, providing a soothing and peaceful appeal. The interplay between these dark, cool tones is incredibly calming and reminiscent of nature's depth and vastness.

This color palette is an excellent pick for a home office or a cozy bedroom, creating an ambiance of tranquility and focus.

4. Dark Brown and Dark Green

Dark Brown and Dark Green Color Palette

Taupe + Licorice + Dark Green

Hex Codes: #4D453A, #201513, #073D2D

This coupling signifies the earthy and grounding energies of a forest floor, the ultimate ode to nature. Dark brown’s rustic charm combines perfectly with dark green's deep tranquility, creating an inviting and warm palette.

It's a superb choice for a cozy coffee shop or a cabin interior design.

5. Cream and Dark Green

Cream and Dark Green Color Palette

Pakistan Green + Dutch White + Lemon Chiffon

Hex Codes: #0F4415, #E2D7AB, #F1EFC8

The cool depth of dark green paired with the warm, light, airy feeling of cream provides a delightful visual contrast.

This combination feels like a creamy morning sunbeam filtering through a dense canopy. It's perfect for a soothing bedroom or a chic boutique's color scheme.

6. Orange and Dark Green

Orange and Dark Green Color Palette

Dark Green + Orange (Pantone) + Eerie Black

Hex Codes: #02341D, #F7671A, #1D2023

The vibrant energy of orange combined with the quiet stability of dark green creates an appealing contrast that’s both exciting and reassuring. Think of a field of pumpkins in a deep green forest.

This pairing would be ideal for a playful children's room or an engaging website design.

7. Pink and Dark Green

Pink and Dark Green Color Palette

British Racing Green + Puce + Timberwolf

Hex Codes: #0F402C, #DC8D9C, #D9D3D7

The vivacity of pink plays beautifully against the calming allure of dark green. This pairing, reminiscent of spring blossoms against green foliage, brings out a lively yet balanced look.

It would be perfect for a wedding color scheme or a trendy cafe interior.

8. Yellow and Dark Green

Yellow and Dark Green Color Palette

Dark Moss Green + School Bus Yellow + Cream

Hex Codes: #3E5F1B, #FCDC2A, #F7F6BB

Combining the cheerful vibrancy of yellow with the earthy depth of dark green feels like a sunflower field surrounded by dense trees.

It radiates positivity and joy, making it a fitting color scheme for a lively kitchen or a fitness brand's logo.

9. Olive and Dark Green

Olive and Dark Green Color Palette

Dark Green + Olive + Sage

Hex Codes: #023020, #808000, #C4BA84

This duo brings to mind a beautiful, quiet grove. Olive's muted, earthy feel blends seamlessly with the depth of dark green, creating a relaxing and grounding aesthetic.

It's a splendid choice for a minimalist living room or a nature-inspired clothing line.

10. Silver and Dark Green

Silver and Dark Green Color Palette

Dark Green + Battleship Gray + Silver

Hex Codes: #043423, #748C84, #C0C0C0

Silver's sleek, modern flair couples beautifully with the lush, grounded nature of dark green.

This sophisticated and luxurious combination is ideal for a high-end product packaging or an upscale hotel interior.

11. Powder Blue and Dark Green

Powder Blue and Dark Green Color Palette

Pakistan Green + Powder Blue + Alice Blue

Hex Codes: #053618, #A8BCEC, #D4E1F0

Powder blue's soft, serene vibes play a soothing counterpoint to the deep, earthy allure of dark green.

This combination is reminiscent of a clear sky viewed from a verdant forest, evoking feelings of calmness and peace.

This palette would work beautifully in a bathroom design or a meditation app interface.

12. Peach and Dark Green

Peach and Dark Green Color Palette

Brunswick Green + Peach + Desert Sand

Hex Codes: #0E4C49, #FFE5B4, #ECC7B0

Peach's warmth and fresh energy pair wonderfully with dark green's cool tranquility, creating a visually interesting and balanced blend. Think of ripe peaches hanging from a lush tree.

This color scheme could beautifully complement a cozy cafe interior or a beauty brand's packaging design.

13. Maroon and Dark Green

Maroon and Dark Green Color Palette

Maroon + Dark Green + Taupe

Hex Codes: #800000, #012F1D, #40372A

Maroon's intense, rich warmth pairs wonderfully with dark green's deep coolness, offering a vibe of vintage elegance and sophistication.

This duo is reminiscent of a vineyard at dusk and would perfectly suit a sophisticated wine label design or an antique store interior.

14. Coral and Dark Green

Coral and Dark Green Color Palette

Castleton Green + Coral + Coral Pink

Hex Codes: #064C31, #F4784D, #F79A85

The blend of vibrant coral and the soothing dark green brings to mind a vivid seascape, teeming with life. This bright yet balanced color scheme is perfect for a lively summer dress design or a beach resort's branding.

15. Lavender and Dark Green

Lavender and Dark Green Color Palette

Dark Green + African Violet + Lavender (Web)

Hex Codes: #023423, #967BB6, #E6E6FA

The soothing, dreamy qualities of lavender combine beautifully with dark green's grounded vibe, offering a pairing that's both charming and serene.

This duo is reminiscent of lavender fields surrounded by forest, making it a fantastic choice for a calm bedroom design or a studio's color scheme.

16. Mustard Yellow and Dark Green

Mustard Yellow and Dark Green Color Palette

Brunswick Green + Mustard + Hunyadi Yellow

Hex Codes: #164432, #FFDB58, #DEA22F

The earthy, warm tone of mustard yellow pairs superbly with the cool, robust appeal of dark green, creating a contrast that's visually striking yet harmonious.

This combination could beautifully adorn an autumn-inspired living room or a vintage-style restaurant's interior.

17. Teal and Dark Green

Teal and Dark Green Color Palette

Dark Green + Brunswick Green + Teal

Hex Codes: #062D23, #035752, #008080

This combination is a celebration of depth and coolness, reminiscent of an untouched lagoon hidden within a dense forest.

The vibrant teal enhances the calming appeal of dark green, making it an excellent choice for a tranquil spa interior or a healing app's color theme.

18. Dusty Pink and Dark Green

Dusty Pink and Dark Green Color Palette

Dark Green + Tea Rose (Red) + Misty Rose

Hex Codes: #26382F, #E9BBB7, #F3DBDA

Dusty pink's muted warmth and the deep coolness of dark green create an elegant, vintage vibe.

Think of an old rose bush against a dark green backdrop. This combination would perfectly suit a nostalgic clothing line or a boutique hotel interior.

19. Slate Grey and Dark Green

Slate Grey and Dark Green Color Palette

Dark Green + Slate Gray + Platinum

Hex Codes: #1F3128, #708090, #E2E8E9

Slate grey's modern, sleek vibe pairs beautifully with the grounding nature of dark green. This combination exudes a contemporary sophistication ideal for a stylish urban loft or a high-end tech gadget.

20. Magenta and Dark Green

Magenta and Dark Green Color Palette

Steel Pink + Fuchsia + Cal Poly Green

Hex Codes: #C804C7, #FF00FF, #035207

Magenta's vivid energy and the grounded nature of dark green strike a dynamic balance, bringing to mind a bouquet of vibrant flowers in a lush garden. This pairing is perfect for an invigorating workspace design or a lively event poster.

21. Midnight Blue and Dark Green

Midnight Blue and Dark Green Color Palette

Midnight Blue + Emerald + Cal Poly Green

Hex Codes: #191970, #82CF95, #0B5124

This combination creates a depth and mystique reminiscent of a moonlit forest. The blend of midnight blue's cool serenity with the lushness of dark green results in a soothing, deep aesthetic. It is perfect for a personal library, a star-gazing app interface, or an artist's studio, fostering creativity and tranquility.

22. Burnt Orange and Dark Green

Burnt Orange and Dark Green Color Palette

Dark Green + Burnt Orange + Gamboge

Hex Codes: #273628, #BA5B18, #EB9E39

The autumnal warmth of burnt orange coupled with the grounded nature of dark green captures the essence of a crisp fall day. The balance of a warm, earthy tone with a cool, verdant hue creates a cozy and inviting palette. It could be used to breathe life into a rustic kitchen design or an outdoor gear brand's color scheme.

23. Champagne and Dark Green

Champagne and Dark Green Color Palette

Dark Green + Dun + Champagne

Hex Codes: #233220, #DCC5AF, #F7E7CE

This pairing marries the luxurious elegance of champagne with the lush sophistication of dark green. The understated brilliance of champagne against the deep green creates an opulent yet soothing palette. It's perfect for a wedding theme, high-end jewelry packaging, or a chic boutique interior.

24. Mint and Dark Green

Mint and Dark Green Color Palette

Dark Green + Mint + Tiffany Blue

Hex Codes: #0A3124, #3EB489, #8ED6C1

Mint's light, refreshing feel pairs wonderfully with dark green's calming depth. The resulting combination mirrors a lush garden on a dewy morning, evoking feelings of refreshment and serenity. This color scheme would be ideal for a spa interior, a wellness brand's logo, or an organic skincare line's packaging.

25. Purple and Dark Green

Purple and Dark Green Color Palette

Dark Green + Castleton Green + Veronica

Hex Codes: #042F1F, #155D44, #A234E6

The royal appeal of purple complements dark green's earthy vibe beautifully, creating an air of regal mystery. This bold yet balanced combination is reminiscent of wild lavender fields set against forest backdrops. It could beautifully enhance a luxury perfume brand's packaging design or a dramatic theater curtain.

26. Beige and Dark Green

Beige and Dark Green Color Palette

Dark Green + Beige + Wenge

Hex Codes: #233E2A, #F5F5DC, #6C5952

Beige's neutral, warm tone against dark green's cool depth creates a comfortable and inviting color palette. The combination gives off a feeling of earthy elegance, making it a perfect choice for a cozy living room or a natural cosmetics brand's packaging design.

27. Red and Dark Green

Red and Dark Green Color Palette

Dark Green + Fire Brick + Blood Red

Hex Codes: #023423, #B52E2E, #690002

Red's vibrant energy coupled with dark green's calming allure creates a lively and exciting contrast. This duo, evocative of holiday cheer, combines the fiery passion of red with the reassuring steadiness of dark green. It's an excellent pick for festive decorations, a dynamic restaurant interior, or an engaging children's book cover design.

What Colors go with Dark Green?


Dark green, with its depth and grounding, has always held a special place in my heart. It's a color that mirrors the beauty and tranquility of nature, creating a sense of calmness and balance.

Dark green pairs beautifully with a wide array of colors, creating an enchanting visual treat each time. When I see the blend of dark green and gold, I'm reminded of a grand forest sprinkled with shimmering treasures, an image of opulence and luxury. With the understated elegance of champagne, it creates a chic and sophisticated vibe. Maroon, with its rich warmth, adds a vintage appeal to dark green, while the bold and vibrant energy of red creates a festive contrast. And lastly, the soft serenity of powder blue forms a soothing combination with dark green, like a calm sky meeting a dense canopy.

From the elegance of gold to the tranquility of powder blue, dark green has the unique ability to adapt and elevate every color it meets. With the right pairing, it can add the desired mood and style to your spaces and designs.

Similar Colors to Dark Green

Did you know that the color spectrum of dark green is as diverse and stunning as the forest it often represents? Let's embark on a journey into the lush landscape of shades similar to dark green and discover the remarkable depth of this color.

The first shade that comes to mind is emerald, with its vibrant richness that's reminiscent of a precious gem. Then we have hunter green, a deeper, more earthy shade that adds a touch of mystery to any space. Olive green, with its muted tones, radiates a warm, welcoming feel. Moving further into the spectrum, teal combines the depth of green with a touch of blue, creating a serene yet lively blend. Lastly, the more reserved, almost black, pine green offers a dark and sophisticated alternative.

Exploring these shades akin to dark green is like walking through a dense forest, each hue revealing a new, exciting facet of this versatile color. Uncover the hidden beauty of these similar shades and let them breathe life into your creative endeavors.

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