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25+ Best Colors That Go With Gray (Color Palettes)

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25+ Best Colors That Go With Gray (Color Palettes)

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Did you know that gray, often dismissed as too 'drab' or 'gloomy', is one of the most versatile colors in the design world? Surprised? Well, let me tell you, gray is the silent hero that every designer dreams of! It’s like the ultimate best friend to a host of colors, allowing them to shine while quietly complimenting them in the background.

Welcome to our blog post, 'Colors That Go With Gray', where we'll take you on a delightful journey through the world of this underappreciated hue. We'll unveil the art of pairing gray with a wide array of colors - from classics like white and black to bolder choices like coral or electric blue.

Whether you’re considering a fresh coat of paint for your living room, redesigning your company logo, or planning the color scheme for a wedding, understanding the true potential of gray can open up a world of possibilities.

Colors That Go with Gray

Gray can be paired with many different colors for a stylish look. Some popular gray color palettes, hex codes and names to consider are listed here:

1. White and Gray

White and Gray Color Palette

French Gray + Platinum + Seasalt

Hex Codes: #ADB5BD, #DEE2E6, #F8F9FA

An achromatic combination that presents a sophisticated, crisp, and clean aesthetic. The power of white lies in its simplicity and purity, and it provides a fresh, bright pop against the muted neutrality of gray. Gray's various shades - from near-white light grays to deeper charcoals - all offer unique pairings with white. They together create a classic minimalist design, ideal for modern homes or tech start-ups.

2. Black and Gray

Black and Gray Color Palette

Black + Platinum + Desert Sand

Hex Codes: #000000, #E5E5E5, #DDC1A6

Here, drama meets subtlety. Black, with its all-absorbing depth, provides a powerful backdrop for the softer shades of gray. The two colors balance each other, avoiding stark contrasts, while creating an edgy, modern vibe. This duo is perfect for sleek office attire or a contemporary living room design.

3. Yellow and Gray

Yellow and Gray Color Palette

Jet + Timberwolf + Aureolin

Hex Codes: #333533, #D6D6D6, #FFEE32

Vibrant, energetic yellow breathes life into the sober gray, creating a balanced blend of warmth and neutrality. This contrast has a surprising harmony, bringing out the best in each other. Imagine a gray room with pops of yellow in throw pillows or art - an eye-catching blend of cheerfulness and tranquility.

4. Blue and Gray

Blue and Gray Color Palette

Yinmn Blue + Battleship Gray + Anti-Flash White

Hex Codes: #274C77, #8B8C89, #E7ECEF

The cool tones of blue blend seamlessly with gray, echoing the colors of a stormy sea or a cloudy sky. This pair conjures feelings of calm and serenity. Blue and gray make for a harmonious color scheme in bedrooms or bathrooms, where the tranquility they exude is most welcome.

5. Pink and Gray

Pink and Gray Color Palette

Davy'S Gray + French Rose + Lavender Blush

Hex Codes: #5A5353, #FF5D8F, #FFEBEF

The romantic, delicate nature of pink creates a stunning contrast with the neutral gray. Gray grounds the lighter hue, preventing it from being overly sweet, while pink brings a youthful, feminine touch to gray. This combination could serve as an elegant and unexpected color scheme for a chic bridal shower or nursery.

6. Mint Green and Gray

Mint Green and Gray Color Palette

Dim Gray + Mint + Mint Green

Hex Codes: #656565, #3EB489, #C6E7DB

Mint green is refreshing and lively, while gray is calming and steady. Their combination delivers a fresh, spring-like vibe that is both stylish and approachable. For instance, a mint green and gray kitchen can create a light, airy feel, perfect for welcoming guests.

7. Purple and Gray

Purple and Gray Color Palette

Tekhelet + Silver + Dim Gray

Hex Codes: #522E93, #CDCDCD, #626262

Purple, the color of luxury and creativity, can add a dramatic flair when combined with the sober, solid gray. This duo could be ideal for creative agencies or a fashion-forward living room, where the gray tones down the strong purple, but still allows its character to shine.

8. Red and Gray

Red and Gray Color Palette

Engineering Orange + Platinum + Tiffany Blue

Hex Codes: #B90504, #E8E8E8, #6CC4C1

Red, a color full of passion and energy, when paired with gray, results in a classic, striking contrast. Picture a gray suit with a vibrant red tie, making a bold yet professional statement.

9. Teal and Gray

Teal and Gray Color Palette

Teal + Timberwolf + Payne'S Gray

Hex Codes: #407F82, #D6D6D6, #3C637D

Teal’s rich depth, paired with gray, creates a color palette that is both balanced and stylish. The sophisticated blend can create a serene and modern space, ideal for contemporary home decor or office interiors.

10. Orange and Gray

Orange and Gray Color Palette

Golden Gate Bridge + Jet + Onyx

Hex Codes: #F54703, #2F2F2F, #464545

Bright, energetic orange is beautifully tamed by the quiet gray. This color duo creates an invigorating yet balanced space. For instance, an orange and gray website design can look professional yet innovative.

11. Brown and Gray

Brown and Gray Color Palette

Walnut Brown + Khaki + Timberwolf

Hex Codes: #5F5449, #AFA193, #DDD4CC

Earthy, warm brown in combination with neutral gray creates an ambience that's comforting and inviting. Brown brings out the warmer tones in gray, making the combination ideal for a cozy living room or a welcoming cafe.

12. Scarlet Red and Gray

Scarlet Red and Gray Color Palette

Scarlet + French Gray + Ultra Violet

Hex Codes: #FF2400, #B8B8D1, #5B5F97

The fiery and bold Scarlet red dramatically pops against a muted gray backdrop. This duo symbolizes power and luxury, making it a striking choice for fashion, graphic design, or a daring kitchen color scheme.

13. Rose Gold and Gray

Rose Gold and Gray Color Palette

Silver + Pale Dogwood + Melon

Hex Codes: #B1ACAC, #E9CBCA, #E6B7AD

The soft, metallic glow of rose gold paired with gray exudes elegance and femininity. Gray's neutrality accentuates rose gold's subtle warmth. This palette is excellent for fashion accessories, jewelry design, or a glamorous bedroom decor.

14. Sage Green and Gray

Sage Green and Gray Color Palette

Davy'S Gray + Sage + Alabaster

Hex Codes: #4F4F4D, #BCB88A, #F4F2E9

The cool undertones of sage green blend beautifully with gray, creating a calm and soothing environment. Perfect for a zen-inspired bathroom or a calming yoga studio.

15. Cobalt Blue and Gray

Cobalt Blue and Gray Color Palette

Cobalt Blue + Blue Gray + Platinum

Hex Codes: #0047AB, #6E92C4, #DCDCDC

Cobalt blue, with its dynamic intensity, stands out against gray's cool neutrality. This combination is striking yet harmonious, perfect for corporate branding or a vibrant living room design.

16. Turquoise and Gray

Turquoise and Gray Color Palette

Gray + Turquoise + Platinum

Hex Codes: #7C7C7C, #0DE0D7, #E2E4E9

Turquoise, a color that feels like a tropical vacation, pops against gray, creating a visually appealing contrast. Ideal for a beach-themed bedroom or a lively website design.

17. Coral and Gray

Coral and Gray Color Palette

Gray + Coral + Sandy Brown

Hex Codes: #7C7C7C, #FF7F50, #FFB07C

Coral, a blend of pink and orange, offers a warm juxtaposition to gray. This duo could make for a playful yet elegant wedding color scheme or a fresh, inviting restaurant interior.

18. Lavender and Gray

Lavender and Gray Color Palette Color palette

Gray + French Gray + Lavender (Web)

Hex Codes: #818181, #B4B4BE, #E6E6FA

Delicate lavender paired with gray forms a tranquil, whimsical palette. This duo is a beautiful choice for a feminine bedroom or a calming spa interior.

19. Champagne and Gray

Champagne and Gray Color Palette

Gray + Champagne + Pink Lavender

Hex Codes: #777877, #F7E7CE, #E4B8E3

The luxurious champagne color paired with gray conveys timeless elegance. This palette could be the perfect choice for an upscale event invitation or a chic dining room design.

20. Mustard Yellow and Gray

Mustard Yellow and Gray Color Palette

Davy'S Gray + Satin Sheen Gold + Ecru

Hex Codes: #555555, #D1AB4F, #D3C196

Mustard yellow, with its earthy tone, brightens the neutral gray, creating a warm yet balanced palette. This color scheme could make a cozy, modern living room or a dynamic company logo.

21. Midnight Blue and Gray

Midnight Blue and Gray Color Palette

Midnight Blue + Jet + Taupe Gray

Hex Codes: #191970, #353641, #8C8D93

Midnight blue, deep and mysterious, paired with gray creates a dynamic yet calming atmosphere. Ideal for a stylish office interior or a sleek car design.

22. Burgundy and Gray

Burgundy and Gray Color Palette

Burgundy + Onyx + Oxford Blue

Hex Codes: #6C001B, #454545, #0E2339

Burgundy, with its rich, warm tones, stands out beautifully against gray. This duo could serve as a powerful yet elegant palette for a corporate logo or a luxurious bedroom.

23. Green and Gray

Green and Gray Color Palette

Jet + Jungle Green + Emerald

Hex Codes: #363537, #49A276, #0CCE6B

The natural, calming green pairs well with gray, creating an earthy, serene palette. This combination could work well in an eco-friendly product packaging or a tranquil home office.

24. Electric Blue and Gray

Electric Blue and Gray Color Palette

Raisin Black + Electric Blue + Alice Blue

Hex Codes: #2D2C33, #7DF9FF, #E6EFF0

Electric blue, with its vibrant energy, pops against the neutral gray. Ideal for a sporty website design or a modern kitchen interior.

25. Dusty Pink and Gray

Dusty Pink and Gray Color Palette

China Rose + Mimi Pink + Taupe Gray

Hex Codes: #A84C63, #F7CDDD, #9B9193

Dusty pink, with its vintage charm, complements gray's modern neutrality, forming a nostalgic yet contemporary palette. Perfect for a boutique logo or a chic cafe interior.

26. Marigold and Gray

Marigold and Gray Color Palette

Jet + Davy'S Gray + Hunyadi Yellow

Hex Codes: #2C2C2C, #535353, #EBA832

Marigold, a warm, inviting color is beautifully contrasted by the cool, neutral gray. This duo could create a welcoming atmosphere in a bed-and-breakfast or a lively book cover design.

27. Copper and Gray

Copper and Gray Color Palette

Jet + Copper + Davy'S Gray

Hex Codes: #2C2C2C, #A96735, #5F5F5F

The metallic, warm copper stands out against the cool, modern gray. This sophisticated combination is excellent for industrial-style interior design or a unique jewelry piece.

What Colors Go with Gray?


Gray is often viewed as a bland, unassuming color. But let me tell you something - it is far from it! Gray has a unique ability to be the quiet yet striking foundation that allows other colors to truly shine. From the softest dove gray to the deepest charcoal, it effortlessly harmonizes with an array of colors, creating aesthetics that are timeless and elegant. Let's delve into this unsung hero's world and discover the beauty of gray.

  • Gray and White: A pair made in heaven! Clean white pops against the muted backdrop of gray, creating an effortlessly sophisticated and fresh design. Imagine a minimalist home office with white furniture against gray walls – the epitome of chic!
  • Gray and Black: The blend of deep black with gray forms a sleek and modern palette, reminiscent of the night sky - perfect for a contemporary kitchen design.
  • Gray and Yellow: This pair is like sunshine peeking through an overcast sky. For a child's bedroom, consider painting the walls gray with yellow accents to bring warmth and cheer into the space.
  • Gray and Teal: The vibrant, deep teal contrasted against the neutral gray evokes feelings of tranquility and depth. Picture a teal and gray themed bathroom – a calming retreat from the everyday hustle.
  • Gray and Rose Gold: The soft pink hue of rose gold paired with gray creates a romantic and luxurious palette, great for adding an unexpected twist to your fashion accessories or jewelry designs.

When it comes to color, never underestimate the power of gray. It's the silent player that elevates and harmonizes other colors, bringing a balanced, modern, and stylish flair to any design.

Similar Colors to Gray

Gray – an often underrated color, deemed boring or dull by many. But we a hreere to shatter that misconception. The world of gray is as varied and exciting as any color spectrum out there. The hues range from light, ethereal tones to deep, dramatic shades, each bringing a unique character to your design palette.

  • Silver: A metallic cousin of gray, silver carries an air of sophistication and modernity. Its reflective quality adds depth and shine to any design. Silver would be the perfect choice for adding some sparkle to your festive decor or jewelry designs.
  • Charcoal: This deep, dark gray hue exudes a sense of drama and elegance. Imagine a charcoal accent wall in your living room - the ultimate statement of chic.
  • Dove Gray: This light, airy shade of gray exudes tranquility and calm. It's the perfect choice for a minimalist bedroom, creating a soothing, peaceful ambiance.
  • Slate Gray: Slate gray is a medium-dark tone that embodies strength and reliability. This would make a strong, yet understated color choice for a professional website or office space.
  • Ash Gray: This cool, muted gray hue is reminiscent of winter skies and imparts a sense of quiet serenity. Ash gray could be an excellent backdrop for a home library or study room.

When it comes to design, don't overlook the spectrum of gray. Its shades offer a gamut of emotions and aesthetics, from sophistication to tranquility. Embrace the world of gray in your next design project and witness how it can beautifully transform your space.

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