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25+ Best Colors That Go With Khaki (Color Palettes)

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25+ Best Colors That Go With Khaki (Color Palettes)

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Are you looking for ways to spruce up your wardrobe? Khaki is an extremely versatile color that combines well with a variety of hues. From soft pastels, to bright and bold colors - the possibilities are truly endless.

On this guide, we will explore some great options about what colors go best with khaki so you can flaunt a stylish outfit every day.

If you’ve been searching high and low for colorful combinations that work perfectly together, then this post is just for you. Read on as we take a closer look at pairing khaki pants or skirts with other shades.

Colors That Go with Khaki

Khaki can be paired with a variety of colors. Here are some color palettes, hex codes and names to consider:

1. Brown and Khaki

Brown and Khaki Color Palette

Bistre + Khaki + Beige

Hex Codes: #402F22, #CCBC99, #F3F0D1

The combination of brown and khaki creates a beautifully simple, earthy palette that brings peace and comfort to any setting. Imagine sinking into the luxurious warmth of soft leather furniture in a living room with tranquil walls painted in soothing khaki - it's an effortless blend of sophistication and relaxation perfect for entertaining or curling up with your favorite book.

2. Black and Khaki

Black and Khaki Color Palette

Night + Dun + Isabelline

Hex Codes: #131212, #D0C2A6, #F7F0EB

The combination of black and khaki creates a modern, balanced fusion of strong intensity and subtle neutrality. This aesthetic is ideal for workwear; the sleekness of a blazer over a khaki dress brings drama without being too overpowering. Get ready to make an impression with this chic yet professional look.

3. White and Khaki

White and Khaki Color Palette

Khaki + Bone + Seasalt

Hex Codes: #CBB792, #E2D8C5, #F8F8F8

White and khaki create an open, inviting atmosphere that invites relaxation. Imagine a coastal home with white wood beams and cozy khaki-hued furniture – a perfect space for unwinding in peace. The pure bliss of this peaceful color palette is sure to give any room a refreshing feel.

4. Gray and Khaki

Gray and Khaki Color Palette

Onyx + Khaki + Reseda Green

Hex Codes: #454344, #BFB197, #7B8970

This combination of gray and khaki provides a unique contrast in urban chic style. Whether you're looking for something casual or sophisticated, this pairing is sure to fit the bill. Imagine a kitchen with sleek grey cabinets paired with warm khaki tiled backsplash; it's trendy yet inviting all at once.

5. Blue and Khaki

Blue and Khaki Color Palette

Penn Blue + Marian Blue + Khaki

Hex Codes: #001A58, #254086, #C3BAA4

The blend of blue and khaki creates a tranquil atmosphere. The cool tones from the blue and the earthy hues from khaki can be seen in any room, creating peace within. For example, a bedroom with walls painted in khaki accentuated by bedding and curtains of varying shades of blues—the perfect place to relax after a long day.

6. Green and Khaki

Green and Khaki Color Palette

Cal Poly Green + Reseda Green + Khaki

Hex Codes: #3D4D34, #778765, #BDAFA0

Green and khaki come together to create a tranquil, natural-looking palette. This blend conjures up the peaceful atmosphere of a forest – picture an oasis in the city with khaki chairs set amongst lush green foliage for an escape from everyday life.

7. Red and Khaki

Red and Khaki Color Palette

Chocolate Cosmos + Auburn + Bone

Hex Codes: #510508, #9F2E32, #DACEC1

A striking combination of red's vibrant intensity and khaki's subdued neutrality creates a dynamic contrast. This pairing is exciting yet not overpowering, adding an eye-catching element to any look. Imagine wearing a neutral khaki trench coat with a vivid red scarf – the perfect ensemble for when there’s a chill in the air.

8. Navy Blue and Khaki

Navy Blue and Khaki Color Palette

Royal Blue (Traditional) + Khaki + Alabaster

Hex Codes: #102165, #BBB09F, #E7E2DA

The navy blue and khaki combination gives a refined, sophisticated look. Together they evoke a nautical feel that is sure to be timelessly stylish. Picture an office with walls painted in khaki and furniture dressed up in navy - the perfect environment for productivity while keeping it comfortable.

9. Burgundy and Khaki

Burgundy and Khaki Color Palette

Burgundy + Bone + Prussian Blue

Hex Codes: #800020, #E4D6BF, #052C49

Experience the height of sophistication with a regal pairing of burgundy and khaki. This refined color palette is sure to bring an air of luxury into any space. To create this look, consider incorporating Khaki walls paired with luxurious Burgundy drapes – ideal for hosting extravagant dinners in style.

10. Olive and Khaki

Olive and Khaki Color Palette

Dark Moss Green + Olive + Dun

Hex Codes: #556202, #808000, #DAC7A8

Khaki and olive come together to create a tranquil, natural palette. Picture an outdoor patio with khaki-hued furniture accentuated by the lush green of olive cushions - an idyllic refuge for morning coffee or evening reflection.

11. Mustard Yellow and Khaki

Mustard Yellow and Khaki Color Palette

Saffron + Mustard + Wheat

Hex Codes: #E7BB1A, #FFDB58, #E1CB9D

Mustard yellow and khaki provide a perfect contrast, creating an atmosphere of energy combined with serenity. Think of it as the juxtaposition between a sunflower-bedecked field against the soft colors in the desert. A kitchen adorned with mustard yellow cabinets and khaki walls can bring brightness into any day - like taking a treasured trip down memory lane.

12. Rust and Khaki

Rust and Khaki Color Palette

Seal Brown + Rust + Khaki

Hex Codes: #471F0E, #AB5733, #AEA384

Imagine a rust-hued bookshelf in a cozy study, its earthy tone accentuated by the neutral hue of khaki walls - an inviting retreat for bookworms. The combination of rust and khaki creates a warm palate that evokes memories of falling leaves and cool air – perfect to nestle into during autumn months.

13. Teal and Khaki

 Teal and Khaki Color Palette

Black Bean + Teal + Khaki

Hex Codes: #3B1A09, #1D8480, #C6AF91

A stunning combination of teal and khaki creates a palette full of vibrancy and warmth. Picture the contrast between a wild rainforest and dry desert in your bathroom; bright teal tiles, accompanied by subdued accessories in khaki, will bring life to your daily rituals while still providing relaxation.

14. Cream and Khaki

Cream and Khaki Color Palette

Citron + Cream + Fern Green

Hex Codes: #D8C782, #FFFDD0, #5A6C40

Create a soothing atmosphere of tranquility with an easy-going monochromatic palette. Imagine a bedroom decorated in cream linens and khaki walls – the perfect place for relaxation after a tiring day. The delicate combination of cream and khaki exudes soft sophistication, making this space feel peaceful and inviting.

15. Charcoal Gray and Khaki

Charcoal Gray and Khaki Color Palette

Raisin Black + Beaver + Bone

Hex Codes: #2B292C, #A58D77, #E5D9C9

Combining the cool depth of charcoal gray with the subtle warmth ofkhaki creates a modern and sophisticated palette. This easy mixof hues breathes life into any contemporary space, such as aliving room featuring charcoal furniture against khaki walls, signifying both elegance and comfort.

16. Tan and Khaki

Tan and Khaki Color Palette

Lion + Tan + Almond

Hex Codes: #B1946B, #D2B48C, #E6D2BD

Tan and khaki make the perfect combination for a calming, relaxed look. This aesthetic gives off an air of warmth and ease that can be achieved with a simple outfit such as tan cotton shirt matched with khaki trousers--a versatile combo suitable for both formal events or casual days out.

17. Coral and Khaki

Coral and Khaki Color Palette

Burnt Sienna + Khaki + Honeydew

Hex Codes: #F07447, #CCBA9B, #E2F7E0

The combination of coral and khaki creates an environment of vibrancy and energy. Think a bedroom adorned with coral accents on khaki walls – a fun-filled yet calming atmosphere perfect for playtime or down time. Picture it like a beautiful reef in the ocean, both vibrant and tranquil all at once.

18. Slate Gray and Khaki

Slate gray and Khaki Color Palette

Payne'S Gray + Khaki + Battleship Gray

Hex Codes: #4C5D6A, #BFA385, #868078

Slate gray and khaki come together to create a modern look with harmonious balance. The visual appeal of this palette is perfect for creating a minimalist, contemporary atmosphere in any kitchen; think stainless steel appliances amidst neutral khaki walls or tiles. This combination is both sophisticated and stylish.

19. Blush Pink and Khaki

Blush Pink and Khaki Color Palette

Pale Dogwood + Linen + Ecru

Hex Codes: #E1B8AC, #F2EAE1, #B59F6C

A palette of blush pink and khaki creates an atmosphere that is both elegant and feminine. Imagine the beauty of cherry blossoms contrasted with a sandy beach as the inspiration for this combination. A nursery furnished in these two hues would be a warm, inviting space for any new addition to the family.

20. Sage Green and Khaki

Sage Green and Khaki Color Palette

Ebony + Sage + Khaki

Hex Codes: #4E5136, #A29C7B, #C7B597

Create a serene atmosphere with sage green and khaki. These two colors work together to create an earthy, nature-inspired palette that promotes relaxation and stillness. Think of the calming effect of sofas in subtle shades of sage, perfectly complemented by soothing walls painted in khaki hues.

21. Maroon and Khaki

Maroon and Khaki Color Palette

Maroon + Ecru + Dun

Hex Codes: #800000, #C6AE6E, #CBBF9F

For a look that is equal parts sophisticated and autumnal, pair maroon with khaki. This hue combination creates an inviting atmosphere perfect for the gentleman's study; leather chairs in maroon set against earthy khaki walls provide a luxurious retreat to relax and reflect.

22. Camel and Khaki

Camel and Khaki Color Palette

Field Drab + Lion + Dun

Hex Codes: #656035, #C19A6B, #DCC5AA

A palette of camel and khaki creates a comforting, versatile look. This combination reminds one of the warmth and light found in sunny desert scenery. Fashionable individuals can create an autumn and winter ensemble by wearing a warm wool coat with classic khaki trousers – a timeless look that will never go out of style.

23. Indigo and Khaki

Indigo and Khaki Color Palette

Russian Violet + Indigo + Dun

Hex Codes: #18153B, #52118C, #DDCDBB

The beautiful clash of deep indigo with muted khaki provides a captivating contrast in any setting. Imagine transforming your bedroom into an oasis of tranquility and inspiration by placing rich-hued indigo bedding against the calming backdrop of pale khaki walls.

24. Mauve and Khaki

Mauve and Khaki Color Palette

Mauve + Ultra Violet + Khaki

Hex Codes: #D8AFF3, #5D4A91, #BD9F8E

The juxtaposition of mauve and khaki creates a sophisticated, feminine color palette. Picture a powder room decorated with the soft purple hue of mauve against neutral khaki walls; it is like witnessing a lavender field meet the sandy beach. Together these colors bring about an atmosphere that is both calming and refined.

25. Sand and Khaki

Sand and Khaki Color Palette

Khaki + Bone + Old Lace

Hex Codes: #CBB8A2, #DFD1BF, #F3EADB

Imagine a tranquil living area full of earth-toned colors. Sand and khaki blend together in perfect harmony, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of a peaceful beach setting. Furniture in light sand hues is set against walls painted with the warm tones of khaki for an inviting abode where you can easily relax and unwind.

26. Copper and Khaki

Copper and Khaki Color Palette

Coffee + Copper + Dun

Hex Codes: #71553A, #B87333, #E1D0B2

Copper and khaki create a stunning combination of both opulence and naturalness. Imagine a kitchen with copper cookware against walls painted in khaki – an aesthetically pleasing, yet practical space. The combination of the warm metallic sheen of copper against grounded khaki is truly remarkable.

27. Denim Blue and Khaki

Denim Blue and Khaki Color Palette

Charcoal + Gray + Khaki

Hex Codes: #2B3A4A, #79756C, #C6B08E

Denim blue and khaki make the perfect combination for a relaxed, casual look. The coolness of denim complements the warm tones of khaki to create an outfit that can be worn for any occasion, from a sunny day out with friends to running errands around town. Try a simple combo like a denim shirt paired with khaki shorts – you'll love this classic look.

What Colors Go with Khaki?


Don't underestimate the power of khaki! This often overlooked color can elevate any space or outfit when paired with the right colors. Its versatility allows for a wide range of possibilities - so explore its potential today and you're sure to be pleased with the results.

Khaki can be easily paired with the colors:

  • Charcoal Gray: This duo is the perfect balance between warm and cool, delivering a modern, sophisticated aesthetic.
  • Sage Green: An earthy, calming combo that's perfect for creating a soothing, nature-inspired space.
  • Mustard Yellow: The vibrant, sun-kissed mustard and grounded khaki make for a cheerful, inviting palette.
  • Blush Pink: Blush pink offers a romantic, feminine contrast to the neutral khaki.
  • Indigo: This deep, vibrant blue and the muted khaki create a beautiful, invigorating contrast.

Unlock the potential of khaki by embarking on a vibrant journey through its kaleidoscope of color combinations. Dare to be bold and step away from traditional neutrals, discovering unexpected harmonies that will breathe new life into your wardrobe. Let khaki become your canvas for creative expression - it's an adventure just waiting to happen.

Similar Colors to Khaki

While khaki, with its warm, earthy tones, is uniquely attractive, you might be interested in learning about other colors that offer similar cozy and natural vibes. Here are five hues to consider for creating a balanced palette:

  • Beige: A light, neutral hue, beige shares khaki's warm earthiness and works wonderfully in almost any setting.
  • Taupe: A blend of gray and brown, taupe holds the neutrality of khaki with a slightly cooler edge.
  • Olive: Darker and slightly greener, olive maintains the earthy tones found in khaki while adding depth.
  • Tan: Tan shares khaki's warm undertones and is a slightly lighter option for a casual, laid-back feel.
  • Sand: As the name implies, sand is a lighter, warmer version of khaki, capturing the essence of sun-kissed beaches.

If you love the versatility and earthy charm of khaki, try incorporating similar hues into your wardrobe or interiors for a sense of comfort and serenity. These colors offer an opportunity to explore color possibilities without straying too far from what you know.

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