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The Best Colors That Go With Lavender: 10+ Best Lavender Color Palettes

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The Best Colors That Go With Lavender: 10+ Best Lavender Color Palettes

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Discovering the perfect colors that go with lavender can be a challenge, but it's worth the effort. A lavender color palette is beautiful and timeless, with an array of hues that range from soft pastels to vibrant purples.

Whether you're decorating a room in your home or creating a website, choosing complementary colors for lavender will help create an inviting and harmonious space.

When looking for matching colors to lavender, think about adding white or black to create contrast. Soft blues are another great choice; they add depth and balance to any scheme.

For something more daring, try bright oranges or yellows – these cheerful shades bring energy and vibrancy. To anchor your palette, consider using deep greens or greys as neutrals.

Finally, don't forget metallics! Silver and gold work wonderfully with lavender color palettes: use them sparingly as accents to make your design sparkle.

With so many possibilities at hand, you'll have no trouble finding the perfect combination of hues that go with lavender.

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Meaning of the Color Lavender

Lavender is a gentle, yet vibrant hue that conveys both strength and delicateness. It's known for its calming properties, making it an ideal choice for relaxation or introspection. Lavender also has the power to transform any space into one filled with positivity and joy.

In terms of color psychology, lavender stands as a symbol of femininity and grace. This pastel purple shade can inspire feelings of creativity and romance while evoking a sense of calmness. It’s often used in interior design to create a soothing ambiance in living spaces, but it can be just as effective in other settings.

Another interesting aspect about lavender is its ability to take on different shades depending on the light and environment around it. In bright sunlight, this tranquil hue will appear more vivid, while under dim lighting it takes on a soft and muted look.

Mixing lavender with other colors brings out unexpected effects that make the shade even more appealing. When blended with warm colors like yellow or orange, lavender gives off powerful energy; combined with cool tones like blue or green, it creates an atmosphere of serenity.

The color lavender represents so much more than just a pretty hue. It has the power to evoke feelings of peace and tranquility while providing a boost in creativity and romance. Whether used as a wall color or in accessories, this pastel purple shade can bring life to any space.

Colors That Go With Lavender (with Color Palettes)

What a beautiful and elegant color lavender is! It's perfect for adding warmth and softness to your decor. Here's our best colors and color palettes that go perfectly with lavender:

1. Lavender and Sage (Color Palette)


Hex Codes:

  • #434765
  • #8E8EAD
  • #9E9EFF
  • #E6E6FA (lavender)
  • #B2AC88 (sage green)

This elegant color palette combines the soft beauty of lavender with the calming serenity of sage green for a look that is perfect for any type of event or space. The light hues create an airy atmosphere that is sure to bring a sense of tranquility wherever it's used. Lavender and sage are complementary colors, which means they help each other stand out while still creating a cohesive aesthetic.

2. Lavender and Mint Green (Color Palette)


Hex Codes:

  • #e6e6fa (lavender)
  • #b259b2
  • #ff8bfe
  • #9e9eff
  • #98ff983 (mint green)

A beautiful combination of pastels, this cheerful color palette features vibrant shades of lavender and mint green. Perfect for spring-themed events or spaces, this palette creates an inviting atmosphere that will have everyone feeling refreshed and energized. This pairing also works well in modern interiors due to its balance between lightness and vibrancy.

3. Lavender and Soft Pink (Wedding Color Palette)


Hex Codes:

  • #e6e6fa (lavender)
  • #8e8ead
  • #ffdee7
  • #fff5de
  • #deffde

The ultimate wedding color palette! A romantic blend of lavender and soft pink, this scheme captures the beauty of love like no other. Create an atmosphere filled with joyous energy by using this palette in your wedding décor. From the invitations to the flowers, lavender and soft pink will have everyone feeling like they're celebrating a beautiful bond.

4. Lavender and Dusty Lavender (Color Palette)


Hex Codes:

  • #a1759c (dusty lavender)
  • #eeade6
  • #e6e6fa (lavender)
  • #835cae
  • #eec4d3

This color palette is perfect for anyone who loves muted tones but still wants their space to stand out. Combining lavender with dusty lavender creates an earthy look that is sure to bring warmth into any room. The versatile shades can be used on walls, furniture, or artwork to create a unique atmosphere that reflects your personal style.

5. Lavender and Blue (Color Palette)


Hex Codes:

  • #e6e6fa (lavender)
  • #5555cc (blue)
  • #c499ff
  • #8261cc
  • #99d1ff

A classic combination of two cool hues, this pairing of lavender and blue makes for a sophisticated aesthetic. With its subtle depth, this color scheme works well in both traditional and modern interior designs. Use these colors together to make a statement without being overly bold.

6. Lavender and Cream (Color Palette)


Hex Codes:

  • #E6E6FA (lavender)
  • #9E9EFF
  • #474099
  • #D9C8BF
  • #FFFDD0 (cream)

Bringing together two timeless neutrals, this color palette combines the delicate beauty of lavender with the creamy richness of cream for an elegant look that never goes out of style. Perfect for living rooms or bedrooms, this look can also be used in office spaces if you want a more calming atmosphere.

7. Lavender and Green (Color Palette)


Hex Codes:

  • #E6E6FA (lavender)
  • #853FE8
  • #C79EFF
  • #DBFF9E
  • #A7E048 (green)

For a fun yet balanced vibe, try combining lavender with green! This bright palette adds energy to any event or space while still maintaining a sense of sophistication thanks to its use of pastels and brights together. Whether it's for your home or something special like a birthday party, this cheerful pairing will help make memories last.

8. Lavender and Grey (Color Palette)


Hex Codes:

  • #E6E6FA (lavender)
  • #9B7AC9
  • #9A9A9F (grey)
  • #B3B3BD
  • #95B1C8

If you're looking for a more neutral option then consider using lavender and grey together! This versatile combo allows you to incorporate pops of color without going too bold making it great for use in business settings as well as residential ones. Plus the different shades allow you to add texture without clashing colors.

9. Lavender and Cobalt Blue (Color Palette)


Hex Codes:

  • #E6E6FA (lavender)
  • #4C4C7B
  • #0047AB (cobalt blue)
  • #8282FA
  • #C1C1FA

Make your next project stand out by using this stunning blend of dark blues! This vibrant shade pairs perfectly with light purple creating an eye-catching effect that won't go unnoticed - whether it's on paper or fabric! If you love drama then cobalt blue combined with lavender is just what you need.

10. Lavender and Mint (Color Palette)

lavender-and mint-color-palette

Hex Codes:

  • #9e9eff
  • #e6e6fa (lavender)
  • #19674b
  • #3eb489 (mint)
  • #95e7c9

The perfect mix between modernity and tradition? Look no further than mint paired with lavendar! This crisp combination evokes feelings of nostalgia while still providing enough vibrancy so it doesn't feel outdated - making it ideal for those who are looking for something new but familiar at the same time. Plus, the light hues can easily be paired with other colors for added dimension.


Lavender is a beautiful, versatile color that can be used in just about any type of design. From weddings to home decor, lavender can bring a sense of serenity and sophistication to any space. It pairs wonderfully with many other colors including sage, mint green, soft pink, dusty lavender, blue, cream, green, grey, cobalt blue, and mint. By choosing the right combination of these complementary colors you can create stunning designs that will stand out from the crowd.

So if you want to add some beauty and elegance to your space or design project, don't forget about the power of lavender! With its wide range of shades and coordinating color combinations, there's no limit to the amazing designs you can create.

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