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25+ Best Colors That Go With Lilac (Color Palettes)

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25+ Best Colors That Go With Lilac (Color Palettes)

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What colors pair well with lilac? Today, we're delving into this very topic, unpacking the dreamy potential of this delightful color.

Lilac, that soft, romantic shade that dances between the realms of gentle pinks and serene blues, has a unique charm that can transform any space into an inviting, tranquil haven.

But the magic of lilac truly unfolds when paired with the right colors. The versatility of this hue is astounding—it can offer refreshing energy, cozy comfort, or even modern chic, all based on its color companions. And that's the beauty we're exploring today.

Remember, every color tells a story, and today, we're writing a beautiful one with lilac as our protagonist. Read on to discover the harmonies, contrasts, and unexpected delights that lilac can bring to your color palette.

Colors That Go with Lilac

When decorating or designing with the color lilac, there are a few hues that work best when paired with it. The most common complementary colors to use alongside lilac are:

1. White and Lilac

White and Lilac Color Palette

Lilac + Magnolia + Rosy Brown

Hex Codes: #C8A2C8, #F0E7F3, #C7ABAB

The purity of white contrasted with the soft enchantment of lilac creates a palette of exquisite refinement. The innate brightness of white provides a radiant backdrop to lilac's gentle allurement, resulting in an elegant harmony that radiates a calm, inviting aura. This combination is a stunning choice for bedrooms where the peaceful energy can nurture restful sleep. A crisp white duvet accented with plush lilac pillows makes for an irresistible invitation into the world of dreams.

2. Grey and Lilac

Grey and Lilac Color Palette

Lavender (Floral) + French Gray + Periwinkle

Hex Codes: #B38AE5, #CBC4D2, #DAD6F9

Merging the stoic sophistication of grey with the romantic hue of lilac produces an unexpected but gratifying blend. Grey's neutrality tames the gentle vivacity of lilac, resulting in a delicate balance that suits modern, minimalist styles. A grey and lilac-themed living room featuring a silvery-grey sofa against a soothing lilac accent wall makes for an eye-catching arrangement.

3. Mint Green and Lilac

Mint Green and Lilac Color Palette

Thistle + Celadon + Outer Space

Hex Codes: #DFC7ED, #B0EECD, #46474A

This pairing creates a refreshing and youthful harmony. The cool undertones of mint green complement lilac’s soft, warm hues, evoking feelings of springtime and renewal. This combination is perfect for a playful, vibrant kitchen, with mint green cabinets and lilac walls, for a burst of energizing color with every meal.

4. Soft Pink and Lilac

Soft Pink and Lilac Color Palette

Mauve + Lavender Pink + Tropical Indigo

Hex Codes: #D4ABEF, #FFC2E2, #9F85FF

Pairing soft pink with lilac creates an air of gentle femininity and charm. The warm undertones of pink blend seamlessly with lilac's soothing coolness, enveloping the space in a delicate, serene ambiance. This palette could be used beautifully in a nursery, with lilac walls and pink accents, providing a soothing and peaceful environment for your little one.

5. Navy Blue and Lilac

Navy Blue and Lilac Color Palette

Zaffre + Medium Slate Blue + Thistle

Hex Codes: #3A0CA3, #8659F0, #E7CDE1

Navy blue, with its deep, authoritative presence, paired with lilac's delicate nature creates a striking and unexpected combination. The robust blue enhances the lilac, resulting in a balance of power and softness. Picture a navy blue study room with lilac accents, adding a softening touch to an otherwise masculine space.

6. Gold and Lilac

Gold and Lilac Color Palette

Steel Pink + Gold (Metallic) + Citron

Hex Codes: #CB22D4, #D4AF37, #DBC47B

Gold, known for its opulence, coupled with lilac creates a palette of luxurious allure. The glimmering gold heightens the delicate hue of lilac, resulting in a color scheme that embodies sophistication and elegance. For a wedding theme, imagine gold table settings against a backdrop of lilac drapes, setting a stage for an unforgettable celebration.

7. Light Yellow and Lilac

Light Yellow and Lilac Color Palette

Flax + Lavender (Floral) + Celeste

Hex Codes: #FFEB99, #A486D5, #B3FFF7

When light yellow, reminiscent of a summer’s day, is paired with lilac, an unexpected warm glow is created. This combination fosters a feeling of joy and vibrancy, infusing the space with a sunny, cheerful ambiance. Picture a whimsical child's playroom with light yellow walls, decorated with lilac accents, to foster a fun, positive atmosphere.

8. Teal and Lilac

Teal and Lilac Color Palette

Teal + Royal Purple + Space Cadet

Hex Codes: #22828A, #8256B1, #1E2C45

Teal’s cool, rich depth blended with the soft allure of lilac creates a combination that is both refreshing and calming. The contrast between teal's vivacious energy and lilac's peacefulness creates a balanced, harmonious atmosphere. This pairing would be great for a chic bathroom with teal tiles and lilac towels, promoting a sense of relaxation.

9. Beige and Lilac

Beige and Lilac Color Palette

Lilac + Beige + Dark Purple

Hex Codes: #BAA3CE, #F5F5DC, #302534

Combining the timeless simplicity of beige with the elegant softness of lilac creates a palette that is serene and welcoming. Beige's earthy quality provides a calming backdrop for lilac's gentle charm. Imagine a cozy reading nook with a plush beige armchair, accented with lilac cushions, for a soothing retreat from the world.

10. Sage Green and Lilac

Sage Green and Lilac Color Palette

Thistle + Ash Gray + Battleship Gray

Hex Codes: #C8B0CC, #A0AB9E, #8D8D8D

The blend of sage green's tranquility and lilac's tender hue results in a combination that evokes a peaceful garden setting. This palette, with its calming and relaxing tones, is perfect for bringing the outdoors in. Picture a sunroom adorned with sage green furniture, accented with lilac upholstery, and filled with plenty of natural light.

11. Peach and Lilac

Peach and Lilac Color Palette

Lilac + Peach + Dim Gray

Hex Codes: #C8A2C8, #FFE5B4, #676068

The warmth of peach paired with the romantic coolness of lilac creates a deliciously inviting palette. Peach's vivacious charm melds perfectly with lilac's understated elegance. Imagine a bridal shower decorated with a peach and lilac theme, with peach-colored balloons and lilac tablecloths, setting the mood for a joyful celebration.

12. Coral and Lilac

Coral and Lilac Color Palette

Veronica + Coral + Lavender Blush

Hex Codes: #8F42FF, #FF7F50, #F6E8EC

The unexpected pairing of coral's vibrant energy with lilac's quiet grace creates a combination that is fresh and lively. Coral's vivacity uplifts lilac's softer tones, resulting in a dynamic yet balanced ambiance. Envision a lively home office with coral bookshelves against a lilac wall, making work from home a delightful experience.

13. Turquoise and Lilac

Turquoise and Lilac Color Palette

Lavender (Floral) + Robin Egg Blue + Glaucous

Hex Codes: #A873E8, #56D1DC, #5D7BD5

Turquoise, with its vibrant tropical energy, contrasted with lilac's soothing charm, creates a palette that's both lively and calming. This refreshing combination brings to mind a beautiful beachside retreat. Picture a turquoise and lilac-themed outdoor patio, perfect for relaxing summer get-togethers.

14. Brown and Lilac

Brown and Lilac Color Palette

Beaver + African Violet + Pale Dogwood

Hex Codes: #A57E6D, #C28CC2, #DCC0C0

The rich earthiness of brown, when paired with lilac's tender hue, creates a comforting and balanced palette. The sturdy quality of brown offers a grounding backdrop to lilac's dreamy allure. This palette would be fitting for a rustic style bedroom, with brown wooden furniture set against lilac walls.

15. Soft Blue and Lilac

Soft Blue and Lilac Color Palette

Wisteria + Powder Blue + Columbia Blue

Hex Codes: #B8A5E4, #AEC9F1, #CDE2F7

The pairing of soft blue's peaceful resonance with lilac's gentle beauty results in a calming, serene palette. Both colors evoke feelings of tranquility, creating a soothing environment. Picture a wellness spa with soft blue walls accented with lilac furnishings, promoting a sense of tranquility and relaxation.

16. Dusty Rose and Lilac

Dusty Rose and Lilac Color Palette

Mountbatten Pink + Lavender Pink + African Violet

Hex Codes: #A97A8A, #F5B0C7, #AA79B5

The blend of dusty rose's vintage charm with lilac's modern allure creates a captivating contrast. Dusty rose's muted warmth harmonizes perfectly with lilac's subtle coolness, yielding a sophisticated palette. Imagine a chic bistro styled with dusty rose chairs against a lilac wall, providing a trendy, inviting atmosphere.

17. Charcoal and Lilac

Charcoal and Lilac Color Palette

Charcoal + Mountbatten Pink + Lilac

Hex Codes: #34434D, #7E738B, #C8A2C8

The deep intensity of charcoal coupled with lilac's soft glow creates a dynamic and powerful contrast. Charcoal’s solidity anchors the ethereal quality of lilac, creating a balance between strength and delicacy. A charcoal and lilac themed bathroom, with a charcoal vanity against a lilac-tiled wall, could create a striking yet soothing aesthetic.

18. Mauve and Lilac

Mauve and Lilac Color Palette

Mauve + Lilac + Ultra Violet

Hex Codes: #E0B0FF, #CBA1C0, #595672

The pairing of mauve's quiet elegance with lilac's gentle radiance results in a color combination that's both chic and comforting. The similar undertones of these colors create a harmonious, monochromatic palette. Picture a trendy boutique with mauve racks against a lilac backdrop, making for an immersive, soothing shopping experience.

19. Cream and Lilac

Cream and Lilac Color Palette

Wisteria + Cream + Lavender Blush

Hex Codes: #BEA6DC, #FFFDD0, #DFD2D6

The creamy, warm richness of cream paired with lilac's cool charm creates a palette that is both comforting and sophisticated. Cream's mellow undertones provide a wonderful balance to lilac's gentle vibrancy. Visualize a charming kitchen with cream cabinets accented with lilac accessories, creating a warm and inviting space for cooking and socializing.

20. Silver and Lilac

Silver and Lilac Color Palette

Amethyst + Silver + Ghost White

Hex Codes: #AE60F7, #C0C0C0, #FBFAFF

The sleek sophistication of silver paired with the dreamy charm of lilac creates a modern, glamorous combination. Silver's reflective qualities amplify lilac's gentle appeal, creating a harmonious blend of cool tones. Envision a contemporary bedroom with a silver bed frame against a lilac wall, emanating a sense of chic tranquility.

21. Plum and Lilac

Plum and Lilac Color Palette

Plum + Lilac + Raisin Black

Hex Codes: #873587, #C8A2C8, #1E1F23

The intense richness of plum coupled with the soothing hues of lilac results in a palette that's as regal as it is comforting. The deep plum accentuates lilac's lighter tones, creating a striking balance of intensity and subtlety. Envision a grand dining room with plum-colored curtains against lilac walls, setting a luxurious yet inviting ambiance for meals.

22. Lavender and Lilac

Lavender and Lilac Color Palette

Lilac + Mimi Pink + Lavender (Web)

Hex Codes: #C8A2C8, #F7DAED, #E6E6FA

The similar soothing hues of lavender and lilac create a delightful monochromatic palette. The subtle variations in tones add depth and interest, resulting in an elegant and tranquil ambiance. Imagine a calming meditation room with lavender floor mats on a lilac carpet, providing a serene and relaxing space for mindfulness.

23. Moss Green and Lilac

Moss Green and Lilac Color Palette

Lilac + Moss Green + Beige

Hex Codes: #C8A2C8, #8A9A5B, #E6EDDA

Moss green's earthy depth paired with lilac's airy lightness creates a palette that's both grounded and uplifting. The natural, calming quality of moss green beautifully offsets lilac's gentle vibrancy. Picture a moss green and lilac-themed living room with moss green furniture against lilac walls, evoking a sense of calm and peace.

24. Burgundy and Lilac

Burgundy and Lilac Color Palette

Burgundy + Amethyst + Lilac

Hex Codes: #800020, #B460C1, #C8A2C8

The robust intensity of burgundy coupled with the soft subtlety of lilac results in a palette that's both bold and gentle. Burgundy's rich, warm tones contrast nicely with lilac's cool, calming hues. Visualize a cozy library with burgundy bookshelves against a lilac backdrop, creating a comforting space for quiet reading.

25. Copper and Lilac

Copper and Lilac Color Palette

Bistre + Copper + Amethyst

Hex Codes: #382C21, #B87333, #AD5FBF

Copper, with its warm, metallic gleam, contrasted with lilac's cool gentleness, creates a stunning juxtaposition. The radiant copper elevates lilac's soft charm, resulting in a stylish, chic palette. Picture a contemporary kitchen with copper utensils against a lilac wall, adding a touch of modern glamour to everyday cooking.

26. Taupe and Lilac

Taupe and Lilac Color Palette

Taupe + Mountbatten Pink + Lilac

Hex Codes: #483C32, #886F7D, #C8A2C8

The understated elegance of taupe coupled with lilac's gentle vibrancy results in a palette that's serene yet intriguing. Taupe's neutral hue grounds lilac's livelier tone, creating a well-balanced ambiance. Visualize a chic taupe and lilac office with taupe desks against lilac walls, promoting focus and creativity.

27. Periwinkle and Lilac

Periwinkle and Lilac Color Palette

Ultra Violet + Periwinkle + Thistle

Hex Codes: #5251A1, #C5C5F7, #E6D2F7

The cheerful lightness of periwinkle and the soothing hue of lilac create a delightfully serene combination. The similar cool undertones blend beautifully, resulting in a harmonious and tranquil ambiance. Imagine a child's bedroom with periwinkle bedding against a lilac wall, creating a calming space for rest and play.

What Colors Go with Lilac?


As we've already discussed, lilac is known for its calming and uplifting qualities, lilac is the embodiment of tranquility. Here's a quick summary on how this magnificent color, with undertones of blue and pink, can be used with other colors.

Here are five colors that create magnificent combinations with lilac:

  • White
  • Sage Green
  • Coral
  • Charcoal
  • Copper

As you embark on your next design adventure, consider these fabulous color pairings. Your choice of colors should resonate with your personality and the vibe you want to create.

Similar Colors to Lilac

Let's broaden our horizons and take a closer look at lilac shades that share its captivating charm. These similar colors, while bearing a striking resemblance to lilac, each hold their own unique essence, adding different flavors to your color palette.

Here are five colors that share a kinship with lilac:

  • Lavender - This delicate hue, often confused with lilac, has a stronger blue undertone, creating a cooler, tranquil vibe.
  • Orchid - A touch more vibrant than lilac, orchid carries an exotic appeal, adding a splash of brightness while maintaining the soothing undertone.
  • Thistle - Thistle embodies a more subdued version of lilac with its grayish undertones, offering an understated elegance.
  • Mauve - Mauve walks the line between a muted pink and a light purple, mirroring lilac's softness while adding a hint of warmth.
  • Wisteria - A gentle, dreamy shade, wisteria captures the essence of lilac, with a touch more depth and blue undertone.

Exploring these shades similar to lilac, we see the breadth and depth of this color's family. Each of these hues can create different moods and effects, yet they all retain the gentle, soothing charm that is inherently lilac.

Remember, the beauty of colors lies in their versatility and the emotions they evoke. It's all about finding the right balance that resonates with your personal aesthetic. Happy designing, color explorers! Keep coloring your world with joy!

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