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25+ Best Colors That Go With Sage Green (Color Palettes)

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25+ Best Colors That Go With Sage Green (Color Palettes)

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Sage green isn't just a color; it's a mood, an emotion, a tranquil sanctuary that echoes nature's calming whisper.

"Sage," derived from the Latin word "salvia," means "to heal." Just like the healing herb, the color sage green soothes the eye and calms the soul, invoking a feeling of peace and serenity. Its subtle, earthy tones, tinged with a whisper of grey, create a delicate balance of warmth and coolness that can breathe life into any space.

Whether it's the dominant shade in your room or a mere accent, shades of sage green, with its timeless elegance and versatile appeal, effortlessly infuses a sense of harmony and relaxation. But what colors best complement this serene hue?

In this blog post titled "Colors That Go With Sage Green", we'll explore the enchanting symphony of color palettes that best harmonize with sage green. Prepare for a color adventure as we unravel the magic of matching colors to create visual masterpieces.

Colors That Go with Sage Green

Sage green looks beautiful when coupled with many colors, including maroon, lavender and even yellow. Here’s a full list of colors that pair beautifully with sage green:

1. Dusty Rose and Sage Green

Dusty Rose and Sage Green Color Palette

Rose Taupe + Desert Sand + Sage

Hex Codes: #99686E, #DCAE96, #B2AC88

These two colors exhibit an earthy sophistication that embodies serenity and warmth. Dusty rose, a subdued and romantic hue, melds perfectly with sage green's herbal freshness. This combination creates a vintage feel that invites nostalgia while still maintaining a modern edge. Picture an airy spring wedding. The bridesmaids are dressed in dusty rose gowns, carrying bouquets of sage green foliage. The tables are draped in sage green linens, accented by dusty rose napkins and floral centerpieces. This beautiful combination forms a symphony of understated elegance and charm.

2. Gold and Sage Green

Gold and Sage Green Color Palette

Sunset + Ash Gray + Bone

Hex Codes: #EECB86, #98A191, #E6DACA

Nothing quite matches the opulence of gold paired with sage green. Gold, often associated with wealth and grandeur, perfectly compliments the calming hue of sage green. Together, they create a look that is timeless, luxurious, and full of character. For instance, in a dining room with sage green walls, gold accessories like mirrors, candlesticks, and chandeliers could give the space a sophisticated and regal atmosphere. The combination manages to be both striking and harmonious, a perfect blend of color and light.

3. Light Blue/Dusty Blue and Sage Green

Light Blue_Dusty Blue and Sage Green Color Palette

Powder Blue + Cambridge Blue + Silver

Hex Codes: #92AAC4, #859A7C, #C4C4C4

This color pairing evokes images of clear skies and sprawling meadows. Light blue, reminiscent of a crisp morning sky, provides a stark contrast to the grounded and homey sage green, cultivating an atmosphere of tranquility and openness. This makes it perfect for a child's bedroom or nursery, where light blue walls can be paired with sage green accents to create a calming and inviting environment. It's a combination that speaks of soft mornings and the comfort of home.

4. Blush and Sage Green

Blush and Sage Green Color Palette

Pale Dogwood + Battleship Gray + Platinum

Hex Codes: #EACFBF, #8F927E, #E8E3E0

Both blush and sage green carry a softness that exudes warmth and comfort. Blush, a light, delicate pink, conjures up images of blooming roses, while sage green is reminiscent of calming herbal fields. These colors can bring a whimsical and charming atmosphere to a vintage tea party, with blush-colored teacups and saucers and a tablecloth in a soothing sage green.

5. Brown and Sage Green

Brown and Sage Green Color Palette

Walnut Brown + Sage + Alabaster

Hex Codes: #665643, #B2AC88, #F1F0E8

The natural hues of brown and sage green make for a grounded and comforting color palette. Imagine a cozy cabin nestled in the woods. The sage green of the surrounding trees perfectly complements the warm brown of the wood cabin. Inside, brown leather sofas pair excellently with sage green throw pillows, creating a cozy atmosphere that invites relaxation and tranquility.

6. Light Pink and Sage Green

Light Pink and Sage Green Color Palette

Cambridge Blue + Cherry Blossom Pink + Seashell

Hex Codes: #A0B391, #FFB6C1, #F4E7E1

Light pink and sage green together form a soft, romantic palette that inspires images of blooming gardens. An example use could be a chic cafe's interior, with light pink walls, sage green furniture, and floral decorations. This palette forms an environment that is calming, inviting, and full of quiet charm.

7. Yellow and Sage Green

Yellow and Sage Green Color Palette

Olivine + Vanilla + Dark Green

Hex Codes: #A4C495, #E9E9A0, #1B2414

The cheerful vibrancy of yellow contrasts brilliantly with the calming tones of sage green. Think of a spring kitchen: sage green cabinetry complemented by yellow tiles and accessories. This color scheme creates an atmosphere that's fresh, bright, and full of positive energy.

8. Black and Sage Green

Black and Sage Green Color Palette

Dark Green + Moss Green + Ecru

Hex Codes: #1B2414, #989F7F, #D8B26C

Black and sage green together form a palette that's both modern and timeless. The boldness of black serves as a striking contrast to the muted serenity of sage green. This palette can create a chic and contemporary living room, where a black leather sofa sits against a sage green wall.

9. Cream and Sage Green

Cream and Sage Green Color Palette

Moss Green + Light Yellow + Walnut Brown

Hex Codes: #989F7F, #FFFDDF, #675746

These two hues together paint a picture of understated elegance and soothing charm. Cream, a gentle off-white tone, complements sage green's quiet sophistication in a graceful dance of color. Their combination exudes a tranquil warmth that is universally appealing. Consider a rustic kitchen with cream cabinets and sage green walls. The space is harmonious and welcoming, instilling a sense of comfort and serenity that permeates every corner, making cooking and dining a more delightful experience.

10. Grey and Sage Green

Grey and Sage Green Color Palette

Battleship Gray + Ash Gray + Alabaster

Hex Codes: #848484, #B8BEA4, #E3E9DD

A marriage of urban sleekness and rural tranquility, the blend of grey and sage green forms an incredibly versatile palette. Grey, a neutral tone, imbues a space with contemporary flair, while sage green adds a touch of organic softness. Picture a modern office space, with grey desks and chairs, accented by walls painted in calming sage green. This combination creates an environment that balances focus and relaxation, essential elements for productivity.

11. Purple and Sage Green

Purple and Sage Green Color Palette

Royal Purple + Sage + Old Lace

Hex Codes: #754BAD, #C6C995, #F3ECDF

Combining the mystical allure of purple with the earthy calm of sage green creates a color scheme that's vibrant and captivating. The palette strikes a unique balance between the excitement of purple and the calming effect of sage green. A purple sofa set against a sage green wall in a living room, for instance, can create an environment that's lively, welcoming, and full of character.

12. Maroon and Sage Green

Maroon and Sage Green Color Palette

Burgundy + Moss Green + Beige

Hex Codes: #6E001B, #92A376, #E5E9D7

Maroon’s deep, rich hue pairs beautifully with the soft serenity of sage green. The color combination exudes an atmosphere of warm sophistication, perfect for creating a cozy yet elegant ambiance. Picture a dining room with maroon upholstered chairs and a sage green area rug, a setting that exudes warmth, intimacy, and tasteful sophistication.

13. Navy Blue and Sage Green

Navy Blue and Sage Green Color Palette

Delft Blue + Ash Gray + Alabaster

Hex Codes: #3E4264, #BACEBB, #F1EBE3

The blend of navy blue and sage green is evocative of the serene beauty of a forest at dusk. Navy blue, deep and tranquil, harmonizes perfectly with the natural calm of sage green. A master bedroom with navy blue bedding and sage green walls, perhaps, could create an atmosphere of tranquil restfulness, ideal for relaxation and sleep.

14. Copper and Sage Green

Copper and Sage Green Color Palette

Copper + Sage + Champagne Pink

Hex Codes: #B86E3A, #C6D1A3, #ECDCD2

Copper's rich, earthy glow perfectly complements the tranquil freshness of sage green. The blend of copper and sage green creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. Picture a kitchen with sage green cabinets adorned with copper handles, or a living room with copper light fixtures casting a warm glow on sage green walls.

15. Peach and Sage Green

Peach and Sage Green Color Palette

Atomic Tangerine + Sage + Ivory

Hex Codes: #FD9E6F, #ACB18F, #F1F3E5

Peach's warm and comforting hue blends seamlessly with the earthy tranquility of sage green. Together, they create a palette that's charming, inviting, and full of life. A peach and sage green color scheme in a nursery could instill a sense of calm and warmth, creating an ideal environment for a child.

16. Charcoal and Sage Green

Charcoal and Sage Green Color Palette

Charcoal + Sage + Bone

Hex Codes: #36454F, #AFB388, #EADDCB

Charcoal, with its bold and modern appeal, forms a striking contrast with the serene softness of sage green. This color scheme balances darkness and light in a sophisticated dance. Imagine a living room with charcoal furniture against sage green walls, an environment that's both dynamic and relaxing.

17. Coral and Sage Green

Coral and Sage Green Color Palette

Coral + Sage + Dim Gray

Hex Codes: #FF7F50, #AEB388, #707070

The lively vivacity of coral pairs beautifully with the soothing calm of sage green. The resulting color scheme is fresh, vibrant, and uplifting. For instance, a garden party setup with coral decorations against a backdrop of sage green foliage could evoke a sense of festive joy and natural beauty.

18. Teal and Sage Green

Teal and Sage Green Color Palette

Teal + Sage + Platinum

Hex Codes: #008080, #B3AB83, #E2DDDC

Teal, with its cool, watery depth, beautifully complements the earthy freshness of sage green. This pairing is reminiscent of peaceful landscapes, balancing coolness and warmth. In a bathroom, teal towels and accessories against sage green walls could create an environment that's soothing and invigorating.

19. Lavender and Sage Green

Lavender and Sage Green Color Palette

Thistle + Ash Gray + Old Lace

Hex Codes: #D3C1E2, #A7B1A6, #F3ECDF

Lavender's soothing elegance pairs wonderfully with sage green's earthy calm. Together, these colors create an atmosphere that's tranquil and enchantingly beautiful. Consider a lavender and sage green themed wedding, with bridesmaids in lavender dresses and a venue adorned with sage green decorations, creating an event that's effortlessly romantic and serene.

20. Ivory and Sage Green

Ivory and Sage Green Color Palette

Ash Gray + Ivory + Ecru

Hex Codes: #95A598, #FFFFF0, #CCA964

Ivory's soft warmth blends harmoniously with sage green's herbal freshness, creating an inviting and relaxing palette. This color scheme would work beautifully in a bedroom, with ivory linens and a sage green accent wall, creating a space that's calming, sophisticated, and conducive to relaxation.

21. Mint and Sage Green

Mint and Sage Green Color Palette

Celadon + Sage + Ivory

Hex Codes: #B8E5A5, #ADB388, #F7F7E8

Mint, with its refreshing and vibrant hue, pairs beautifully with the calming and muted tones of sage green. The palette conjures images of a bright, lush garden. A mint and sage green themed sunroom, with mint green furniture against sage green walls, could create an environment that's refreshing and comforting.

22. Taupe and Sage Green

Taupe and Sage Green Color Palette

Beaver + Cambridge Blue + Linen

Hex Codes: #8F826B, #879A87, #F3E6DD

Taupe's rich, warm neutrality provides a beautiful balance to sage green's soothing coolness. A taupe and sage green bedroom, with taupe bedding and sage green walls, could offer an environment that's comforting and luxurious.

23. White and Sage Green

White and Sage Green Color Palette

Sage + Ivory + Black Olive

Hex Codes: #B2AC88, #FFFCED, #4A4941

White's pure simplicity pairs beautifully with the subtle complexity of sage green. A white and sage green kitchen, with white cabinets and sage green walls, could create a clean, bright, and harmonious space.

24. Mustard Yellow and Sage Green

Mustard Yellow and Sage Green Color Palette

Mustard + Sage + Isabelline

Hex Codes: #FFDB58, #A5B184, #F0EFEA

The bold, earthy hue of mustard yellow contrasts strikingly with the cool, understated elegance of sage green. This color scheme would work wonderfully in a boho-style living room, with mustard yellow cushions against sage green walls, creating a space that's vibrant and full of character.

25. Beige and Sage Green

Beige and Sage Green Color Palette

Beige + Sage + Champagne Pink

Hex Codes: #F5F5DC, #A8A887, #F5DCD0

Beige's comforting neutrality pairs beautifully with sage green's refreshing coolness. A beige and sage green living room, with beige furniture and sage green walls, could offer an environment that's soothing and sophisticated.

26. Terracotta and Sage Green

Terracotta and Sage Green Color Palette

Burnt Umber + Sage + Linen

Hex Codes: #823931, #B2AC88, #F0E6DE

The warm, earthy hue of terracotta blends beautifully with the cool, calming tones of sage green. This palette could create a cozy and welcoming patio, with terracotta tiles and sage green furniture, exuding a Mediterranean charm.

27. Slate Blue and Sage Green

Slate Blue and Sage Green Color Palette

Slate Blue + Ecru + Space Cadet

Hex Codes: #6A5ACD, #D2C391, #27224D

The cool, sophisticated tones of slate blue provide a beautiful contrast to the warm, earthy hues of sage green. A slate blue and sage green bathroom, with slate blue tiles and sage green walls, could create a tranquil and sophisticated space.

What Colors Go with Sage Green?


For a quick summary, if you're contemplating ways to integrate sage green into your space, here are five colors that harmonize perfectly with sage green, crafting a visual symphony that's both comforting and captivating.

  • Dusty Rose: A marriage of vintage romance and herbal freshness, this palette invites nostalgia while retaining a modern edge.
  • Gold: When matched with gold, sage green steps into the world of opulence and luxury, creating a timeless, regal look.
  • Light Blue: Pairing light blue with sage green breathes life into a room, conjuring images of sprawling meadows under clear skies.
  • Charcoal: The bold, modern allure of charcoal offers a striking contrast to the serene tranquility of sage green, balancing darkness and light.
  • Ivory: Blend the soft warmth of ivory with sage green's calming tones, and you have an environment that's simultaneously soothing, sophisticated, and inviting.

If you're sprucing up your living room, reimagining your kitchen, or seeking a serene palette for your bedroom, sage green, with its unique ability to adapt, can help you craft a space that's authentically you.

Similar Colors to Sage Green

If you're looking to explore colors that hold the same tranquil allure as sage green but carry their own unique personalities then you should dive into the world of colors that share similarities with sage green:

  • Mint Green: If you're looking for a shade that's lighter and more vibrant, mint green is your perfect match. It brings a refreshing burst of color while maintaining the calming appeal of sage green.
  • Olive Green: For a more earthy, robust feel, olive green is an excellent choice. It's deeper and richer, perfect for adding a bold, nature-inspired touch.
  • Seafoam Green: This shade is a delightful mix of green and blue, reminiscent of the ocean's tranquil waves.
  • Pistachio Green: A soft, muted color, pistachio green offers a sweeter, more playful take on the earthy sage green.
  • Moss Green: Carrying a deeper tone, moss green evokes the lushness of a damp forest, providing a touch of nature to your interiors.

Each of these shades, though akin to sage green, carries its own distinct charm and character. So if you're painting an accent wall, choosing a color for your upholstery, or selecting the right shade for your kitchen cabinets, these sage green siblings offer a delightful palette to bring your visions to life.

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