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25+ Best Colors That Go With Turquoise (Color Palettes)

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25+ Best Colors That Go With Turquoise (Color Palettes)

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There's no denying the calming, rejuvenating effect that turquoise has on our senses. But do you ever wonder how to heighten this impact? Or how to balance it with contrasting colors for that wow effect?

Whether you're an interior design enthusiast aiming to transform your living space with shades of turquoise, a fashion-forward individual looking to make a style statement, or simply someone intrigued by the psychology of colors, this post is tailored for you!

In this engaging exploration, we'll dive into turquoise color palettes that complement, contrast, and beautifully blend with turquoise, unraveling the magic of each combination. We will reveal how the right pairing can create a rich tapestry of moods - from the warm opulence of gold and turquoise to the grounded calmness of brown and turquoise, and many more!

So, come with us on this colorful journey, as we unlock the calming world of turquoise and its most alluring color partners. Ready to dive in?

Colors That Go with Turquoise

Turquoise matches with many great colors from gold to blue and even fuchsia. Here is our full list of the colors that go well with turquoise: 

1. Gold and Turquoise

Gold and Turquoise Color Palette

Turquoise + Old Gold + Parchment

Hex Codes: #40E0D0, #E0BD2B, #F3EBCD

The opulence of gold combined with the exotic elegance of turquoise evokes a sense of ancient grandeur. The shimmering richness of gold compliments turquoise's serene depth, creating a balance between luxury and tranquility. They are like the sun's warm rays reflecting off a tranquil sea, blending the sky's clarity with earth's abundance. For instance, these colors could dramatically uplift the aura of a living room, with gold accents on turquoise walls, crafting a luxurious yet soothing atmosphere.

2. Brown and Turquoise

Brown and Turquoise Color Palette

Seal Brown + Turquoise + Champagne Pink

Hex Codes: #69361F, #28CEBD, #ECDCD5

Brown and turquoise symbolize the pure connection between the earth and water, embodying a sense of grounded calmness. Brown's earthly stability neutralizes turquoise's vibrant energy, resulting in a soothing yet invigorating palette. Picture a master bedroom designed with these colors: deep brown wooden furniture against turquoise walls, evoking a serene, earthy aesthetic.

3. Black and Turquoise

Black and Turquoise Color Palette

Rich Black + Fluorescent Cyan + Mint Green

Hex Codes: #161922, #6FFFE9, #D9FFF9

The classic drama of black blends with the vibrant freshness of turquoise to create a balanced dynamic. It's the enchanting blend of mystery and rejuvenation. For instance, a black evening dress with turquoise jewelry could provide a stunning contrast, making a powerful style statement.

4. Purple and Turquoise

Purple and Turquoise Color Palette

French Violet + Aquamarine + Medium Blue

Hex Codes: #7400B8, #80FFDB, #1A0AC4

This is the meeting of passion and serenity. The regal essence of purple combined with the tranquil spirit of turquoise leads to an appealing visual tension. A teenager's room could be adorned with these colors, as they evoke a sense of imaginative creativity and youthful tranquility.

5. Blue and Turquoise

Blue and Turquoise Color Palette

Blue (Crayola) + Vivid Sky Blue + Fluorescent Cyan

Hex Codes: #5C7AFF, #3DC9FF, #44E5E7

A blend of blue and turquoise echoes the calming vibes of the ocean and sky, instilling a profound sense of peace. A bathroom designed with these colors can feel like stepping into a seaside spa, a refreshing sanctuary from everyday stress.

6. Orange and Turquoise

Orange and Turquoise Color Palette

Ut Orange + Beige + Turquoise

Hex Codes: #F78104, #ECF5DF, #39E9D7

The invigorating energy of orange enhances the soothing vibes of turquoise. They're like a lively beach party by the soothing sea. Consider them for your kitchen's color scheme, making meal prep feel like a vibrant celebration.

7. Fuchsia and Turquoise

Fuchsia and Turquoise Color Palette

Fuchsia + Aquamarine + Celadon

Hex Codes: #FF00FF, #19FFDC, #BBFFCE

Fuchsia's flamboyance pairs well with turquoise's calm energy, symbolizing a lively yet balanced lifestyle. A fuchsia and turquoise-themed garden party could evoke a festive mood, while maintaining an undercurrent of relaxed tranquility.

8. Green and Turquoise

Green and Turquoise Color Palette

Erin + Emerald + Turquoise

Hex Codes: #0FF759, #09E08A, #02F7D9

These colors echo nature's rejuvenating essence. Green's freshness meets turquoise's serene vibe, ideal for a yoga studio to promote a serene and healing atmosphere.

9. Grey and Turquoise

Grey and Turquoise Color Palette

Jet + Payne'S Gray + Turquoise

Hex Codes: #333333, #5B7380, #48E5C2

Grey's neutral tone balances turquoise's vitality, providing a sophisticated, modern vibe. This color scheme could transform an office space into a balanced yet invigorating work environment.

10. Coral and Turquoise

Coral and Turquoise Color Palette

Aquamarine + White Smoke + Coral

Hex Codes: #4EF5D4, #F5F5F5, #F67C4E

The bold warmth of coral complements the cool tranquility of turquoise, symbolizing the spirited playfulness of a tropical getaway. Imagine a beach house designed with these vibrant hues, creating a lively yet relaxed ambiance.

11. Magenta and Turquoise

Magenta and Turquoise Color Palette

Dark Magenta + Fuchsia + Tiffany Blue

Hex Codes: #893089, #F604F7, #82ECDC

The vivacious warmth of magenta is elegantly balanced by the cool, calming hues of turquoise. This combo is the meeting of two vibrant worlds, perfect for a children's play area to stimulate creativity while maintaining a soothing undertone.

12. Red and Turquoise

Red and Turquoise Color Palette

Cardinal + Verdigris + Jet

Hex Codes: #C5283D, #17BEBB, #2E2C2A

Red's passionate energy juxtaposed with turquoise's tranquility creates an energetic yet calming vibe. Imagine a dining room designed with these colors to stimulate appetizing conversations amidst a calming ambiance.

13. Pink and Turquoise

Pink and Turquoise Color Palette

Turquoise + Fluorescent Cyan + Magenta

Hex Codes: #0DE0D7, #04F6E7, #ED2F8B

Pink's soft romantic vibe complements the peaceful aura of turquoise, symbolizing nurturing love. A nursery with these color schemes could evoke feelings of comfort and care.

14. Yellow and Turquoise

Yellow and Turquoise Color Palette

School Bus Yellow + Robin Egg Blue + Beige

Hex Codes: #FED811, #02CECB, #F7F7E3

The brightness of yellow perfectly matches the refreshing vibes of turquoise, mirroring a sunny day at the beach. Consider these colors for a home office to foster creativity and positivity.

15. Teal and Turquoise

Teal and Turquoise Color Palette

Teal + Turquoise + Midnight Green

Hex Codes: #008080, #3DD9C9, #053333

The similarity yet difference in these colors is like different shades of the sea, creating a harmonious, peaceful environment. A spa or meditation room painted in these hues could provide a serene escape.

16. Cream and Turquoise

Cream and Turquoise Color Palette

Turquoise + Cream + Icterine

Hex Codes: #30DDCC, #FFFDD0, #FFF985

Cream's subtle elegance alongside turquoise's vibrant tranquility creates a chic, sophisticated palette. Imagine a living room in these colors, exuding a calm, inviting aura.

17. Beige and Turquoise

Beige and Turquoise Color Palette

Turquoise + Beige + Sage

Hex Codes: #3BD6C4, #F5F5DC, #A8A887

The neutral charm of beige balances the vibrant energy of turquoise, making for a timeless, earthy palette. This could be an excellent choice for a minimalistic bedroom that promotes relaxation and calm.

18. Mint and Turquoise

Mint and Turquoise Color Palette

Turquoise + Mint + Light Green

Hex Codes: #4EE1CF, #3EB489, #6EEF98

Mint's refreshing coolness meets turquoise's tranquil depth, creating a palette that's lively yet soothing. A kitchen in these colors can inspire a fresh, clean, and energizing environment.

19. Peach and Turquoise

Peach and Turquoise Color Palette

Turquoise + Atomic Tangerine + Pale Dogwood

Hex Codes: #33D8C5, #F4A47E, #F6CDBD

Peach's soft warmth meets the cool tranquility of turquoise, reminiscent of a blissful sunrise over a calm sea. A sunroom in these hues can set the stage for relaxed, cheerful gatherings.

20. Chartreuse and Turquoise

Chartreuse and Turquoise Color Palette

Turquoise + Chartreuse + Light Yellow

Hex Codes: #40E0D0, #DFFF00, #FBFFE0

The unconventional energy of chartreuse complements turquoise's calm depth, evoking a sense of creative spontaneity. An art studio painted in these colors could stimulate imagination and innovative thinking.

21. Lavender and Turquoise

Lavender and Turquoise Color Palette

Turquoise + African Violet + Lavender (Web)

Hex Codes: #52E9DA, #967BB6, #E6E6FA

Lavender's soft, dreamy vibe beautifully matches turquoise's peaceful demeanor, creating a palette that's both whimsical and calming. A reading nook in these colors can provide an enchanting retreat.

22. Indigo and Turquoise

Indigo and Turquoise Color Palette

Indigo + Glaucous + Turquoise

Hex Codes: #49017E, #5B76AE, #6DEBDE

Indigo's depth with turquoise's lightness creates a sense of balance and harmony, like a clear night sky meeting the ocean. A bathroom designed in these colors can evoke feelings of profound tranquility.

23. Maroon and Turquoise

Maroon and Turquoise Color Palette

Black Bean + Maroon + Persian Green

Hex Codes: #3A0008, #800000, #109A8C

Maroon's rich intensity balances turquoise's calm lightness, creating a palette that's both opulent and refreshing. Consider these colors for a formal dining area to inspire luxurious yet comforting meals.

24. Emerald and Turquoise

Emerald and Turquoise Color Palette

Persian Green + Emerald + Aquamarine

Hex Codes: #2AA599, #50C878, #4EDEA7

The regal charm of emerald meets turquoise's tropical vibrance, symbolizing a lush, prosperous oasis. An outdoor patio with these colors can turn into an exotic retreat.

25. Copper and Turquoise

Copper and Turquoise Color Palette

Café Noir + Copper + Robin Egg Blue

Hex Codes: #4A3521, #B87333, #37C6B7

Copper's warm, metallic hue complements turquoise's cool tranquility, echoing the raw beauty of nature. A vintage-themed café could use these colors to create a charming, rustic vibe.

26. Ivory and Turquoise

Ivory and Turquoise Color Palette

Robin Egg Blue + Ivory + Bistre

Hex Codes: #48CDC1, #FFFFF0, #332921

Ivory's soft, elegant touch beautifully balances the vibrant depth of turquoise, creating a space that's refined yet energetic. A boutique store could be designed with these colors to evoke a sense of luxurious serenity.

27. Navy and Turquoise

Ivory and Turquoise Color Palette

Navy Blue + Rebecca Purple + Robin Egg Blue

Hex Codes: #000078, #5141A4, #06BEC4

Navy's rich depth combined with turquoise's light freshness creates a balance of seriousness and calm. A study room with these hues can cultivate an environment conducive to focus and relaxation.

What Colors Go with Turquoise?


Are you planning to introduce the calming yet vibrant turquoise into your space and wondering what colors go well with it? Or perhaps you're looking to create a striking outfit that features turquoise? No matter the situation, pairing this charming shade with its perfect counterparts can result in an unforgettable color story.Here's a quick summary on how to perfectly use this amazing color.

Turquoise, with its ethereal blend of blue and green, is reminiscent of tropical lagoons and azure skies, promising peace and rejuvenation. Here are five colors that perfectly pair with turquoise:

  • Gold: For a luxurious feel, nothing beats the grandeur of gold and turquoise. Think sun-dappled turquoise waters, a touch of opulence in tranquility.
  • Brown: For a grounded, earthy feel, pair turquoise with shades of brown. This combination echoes nature's beautiful harmony, offering a perfect balance between vibrancy and subtlety.
  • Black: Looking for a dramatic contrast? Black and turquoise make a powerful duo, combining mystery with vibrancy.
  • Purple: Merge the regal charm of purple with the soothing vibe of turquoise for a palette that's vibrant and calming all at once.
  • Blue: Blend varying shades of blue with turquoise for a serene, ocean-inspired palette. This calming mix will make you feel like you're forever on a seaside getaway.

Remember, the secret to nailing a color combination lies in understanding the mood you want to create. So whether you're painting a room or planning an outfit, keep in mind the emotions that these colors inspire.

Similar Colors to Turquoise

While there's no denying the unique charm of turquoise, the world of color offers an array of shades that carry similar vibes. Perhaps you're in love with the soothing nature of turquoise but yearn to experiment with its different personalities. Or maybe you're seeking to craft a monochromatic color palette that captures the essence of turquoise but sprinkles in a bit of variety.

These similar shades of turquoise each carry a hint of its tranquility while offering their unique character. Here are five close relatives of turquoise, which embody its spirit while stirring the color pot:

  • Aqua: Imagine the pristine clarity of Caribbean waters. Aqua is a lighter, brighter cousin of turquoise that uplifts the spirit with its sheer vibrancy.
  • Teal: Teal offers a deeper, moodier version of turquoise, balancing the calm of blue with the natural liveliness of green.
  • Mint: Mint takes the soothing nature of turquoise and adds a fresh, invigorating touch, perfect for a breath of fresh air.
  • Sea Foam Green: Sea Foam Green is a subdued, softer version of turquoise, offering a sere
  • Cerulean: This bluer version of turquoise evokes the infinite beauty of clear skies, uplifting and expansive.

Each of these colors carries the tranquil charisma of turquoise while offering its unique flair. The world is your canvas—paint it with your favorite colors!

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