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20+ Best Maroon Color Palettes (Colors That Go With Maroon)

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20+ Best Maroon Color Palettes (Colors That Go With Maroon)

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Maroon, the shade full of depth and character is used if wide variety of designs, but what does it match well with? In this guide, we'll let you know the best colors that go with maroon by showing the real life images with maroon color palettes.

Maroon is a brownish crimson color that has a story to tell, one that conveys strength, elegance, and sophistication.

Whether you're a designer seeking inspiration or a color lover eager to learn more, this exploration into maroon color palettes will provide new insights into the world of color.

Maroon Color Code

Maroon, with its signature brownish crimson tone, takes its origins from the French word marron, translating to 'chestnut'. In different dictionaries, maroon is described as a dark reddish-purple color, dark brown-red, brownish-red or simply dark red, reflecting slight variations in perception between geographical regions.

Delving deeper into color codes, the maroon hex color code is #800000. This numerical representation in the RGB color model reads as rgb(128,0,0), and in terms of percentages, it is rgb(50.2%,0%,0%). If you are working with the CMYK model for print, the color mix corresponds to 0, 100, 100, 50

For those working with HSL, maroon’s composition is hsl(0,100%,25.1%). Despite variations in appearance depending on screens or prints, these codes give us the most accurate definition of maroon across different mediums.

Maroon Color Palettes (Colors That Go with Maroon)

Here are the best colors that match with maroon. These color palettes include names, hex codes and useful images with color palettes.

1. Maroon + Burgundy Color Palette

Maroon and Burgundy Color Palette

Hex Codes: #571216, #7A1C27, #921F45, #BA4073, #FAD5C2

Combining maroon with its deep wine-colored cousin, burgundy, creates an elegant and mature palette, perfect for a sophisticated setting or design.

Chocolate Cosmos + Burgundy + Claret + Raspberry Rose + Pale Dogwood Color Palette


2. Maroon + Dark Maroon Color Palette

Maroon and Dark Maroon Color Palette

Hex Codes: #330006, #4E0506, #900000, #B70000, #DF0000

Playing with shades of the same color can result in an attractively monochromatic scheme. A maroon and dark maroon pairing adds dimension without straying from the core color's essence.

Black Bean + Chocolate Cosmos + Dark Red + Engineering Orange + Red (Cmyk) Color Palette


3. Maroon + Black Color Palette

Maroon and Black Color Palette

Hex Codes: #190101, #40060B, #641920, #87262E, #A02935

The alliance of maroon and black offers a dramatic and intense color palette, resonating with power and elegance, ideal for a modern, high-end look.

Licorice + Black Bean + Chocolate Cosmos + Burgundy + Auburn Color Palette


4. Maroon + Brown Color Palette

Maroon and Brown Color Palette

Hex Codes: #660710, #921709, #CF9B84, #995631, #6F3417

Maroon and brown blend seamlessly, creating a warm, earthy palette reminiscent of autumn hues, offering a comforting and homely feel.

Rosewood + Penn Red + Buff + Raw Umber + Seal Brown Color Palette


5. Maroon + Yellow Color Palette

Maroon and Yellow Color Palette

Hex Codes: #4D1414, #7F0404, #C46B02, #F4BB00, #FDDE54

A combination of maroon and yellow sparks a sense of creativity and excitement. The bright cheeriness of yellow balances the depth of maroon, creating a balanced and attention-grabbing palette.

Chocolate Cosmos + Maroon + Tiger’S Eye + Amber + Mustard Color Palette


6. Maroon + Wine Color Palette


Hex Codes: #211306, #510000, #9B2E41, #E3CBBF, #BEA18E

When maroon meets wine, a palette steeped in luxury and sophistication is born. This pairing is perfect for evoking elegance and depth, often associated with fine dining or classic fashion.

Licorice + Rosewood + Amaranth Purple + Pale Dogwood + Khaki Color Palette


7. Maroon + Gold Color Palette


Hex Codes: #350200, #6C0200, #900500, #BD953E, #D4B356

The combination of maroon and gold evokes a royal and opulent feel. Gold adds a layer of richness to the deep, solid maroon, making this a popular combination for luxury branding and formal events.

Black Bean + Blood Red + Dark Red + Satin Sheen Gold + Gold (Metallic) Color Palette


8. Maroon + Green Color Palette


Hex Codes: #45191C, #861933, #84AB7A, #507858, #284C3B

Maroon and green create an unexpected but harmonious blend. The freshness of green balances the strength of maroon, ideal for designs seeking to convey growth and vitality.

Chocolate Cosmos + Claret + Asparagus + Fern Green + Brunswick Green Color Palette


9. Maroon + Pink Color Palette


Hex Codes: #A00F14, #CE2742, #FF798F, #FF999E, #F0DCE0

A maroon and pink palette speaks to both strength and delicacy. The softness of pink mitigates the intensity of maroon, resulting in a balanced, feminine, and inviting color scheme.

Penn Red + Cardinal + Bright Pink (Crayola) + Salmon Pink + Misty Rose Color Palette


10. Maroon + Grey Color Palette


Hex Codes: #4C0A0A, #631111, #923534, #4E4842, #2A2723

A partnership between maroon and grey yields a modern, sophisticated color palette. The neutrality of grey allows maroon's depth to take center stage, creating a striking, contemporary look.

Black Bean + Rosewood + Auburn + Walnut Brown + Eerie Black Color Palette


11. Maroon + Teal Color Palette


Hex Codes: #83181D, #A82228, #257963, #074333, #826B5D

Maroon and teal combine to form a palette full of contrast and intrigue. The cool teal offsets the warmth of maroon, resulting in a unique and visually engaging color pairing.

Falu Red + Auburn + Viridian + Brunswick Green + Coyote Color Palette


12. Maroon + Blue Color Palette


Hex Codes: #560007, #B70000, #01213A, #005A8E, #74A2C1

Pairing maroon with blue can result in a versatile palette. Depending on the specific blue shade, this combination can evoke feelings of reliability (with navy blue), creativity (with royal blue), or calmness (with baby blue).

Rosewood + Engineering Orange + Oxford Blue + Lapis Lazuli + Air Superiority Blue Color Palette


13. Maroon + Red Color Palette


Hex Codes: #3C1217, #690212, #C6012E, #DF184F, #E66169

Maroon and red together create a dynamic, energized palette. The vibrancy of red enhances the depth of maroon, making this combination ideal for bold, stimulating designs.

Black Bean + Rosewood + Red (Ncs) + Amaranth + Indian Red Color Palette


14. Maroon + Purple Color Palette


Hex Codes: #54083E, #820341, #8F3183, #612283, #96AFE6

Combining maroon and purple forms a palette rich in depth and mystery. This color pairing often conveys a sense of luxury and creativity.

Tyrian Purple + Murrey + Plum + Tekhelet + Jordy Blue Color Palette


15. Maroon + Cream Color Palette


Hex Codes: #620007, #890004, #84473C, #B3967D, #ECDBC7

A maroon and cream palette is a study in contrast - the intensity of maroon is beautifully offset by the soft, soothing cream. This combination is often used in interior design for a cozy and warm atmosphere.

Rosewood + Dark Red + Bole + Lion + Almond Color Palette


16. Maroon + Navy Blue Color Palette


Hex Codes: #672F30, #8D3937, #070856, #0119B8, #B6B5DF

Maroon and navy blue together generate a strong, trustworthy palette. The deep navy complements the robust maroon for a sophisticated and confident color scheme.

Garnet + Cordovan + Federal Blue + Zaffre + Periwinkle Color Palette


17. Maroon + Rose Gold Color Palette


Hex Codes: #8B2729, #C1645C, #E0967E, #F9C58B, #F1DBB6

The combination of maroon and rose gold creates an elegant, luxurious palette. The warm, metallic sheen of rose gold complements the depth of maroon, making it a favorite for festive events and stylish designs.

Ou Crimson + Indian Red + Atomic Tangerine + Sunset + Wheat Color Palette


18. Maroon + Beige Color Palette


Hex Codes: #62191C, #873632, #9E7161, #CAAE9F, #E0CFC2

Maroon and beige form a timeless, versatile palette. Beige softens the maroon, adding a soothing, neutral balance to the intense depth of maroon. It's a popular pairing in interior design for its welcoming and harmonious feel.

Chocolate Cosmos + Burnt Umber + Chamoisee + Desert Sand + Champagne Pink Color Palette


19. Maroon + Tan Color Palette


Hex Codes: #510002, #6F0002, #BC8D65, #976644, #683C1F

The mix of maroon and tan yields a warm, inviting color scheme. This earthy combination, reminiscent of leather and wood, is often seen in rustic designs and vintage themes.

Rosewood + Blood Red + Lion + Raw Umber + Kobicha Color Palette


20. Maroon + Orange Color Palette


Hex Codes: #7A0025, #990926, #CA033E, #DC3C18, #EF6719

A maroon and orange palette offers a vibrant, energetic mix. The brightness of orange provides a striking contrast to the depth of maroon, creating a lively and dynamic visual experience.

Burgundy + Madder + Cardinal + Chili Red + Spanish Orange Color Palette


21. Maroon + Peach Color Palette


Hex Codes: #52080A, #8B201A, #DD4B4D, #FF876D, #FFA471

Maroon and peach together make a soft, warm palette. The soft, pastel quality of peach balances out the bold maroon, resulting in a soothing yet powerful color combination, perfect for spring or summer designs.

Chocolate Cosmos + Ou Crimson + Poppy + Salmon + Atomic Tangerine Color Palette


22. Maroon Shades Color Palette


Hex Codes: #3E0C0C, #5E1219, #701920, #9F212C, #DC364E

Exploring different shades of maroon can offer an intriguing, monochromatic palette. This spectrum, ranging from light to dark maroon, provides an engaging study in contrast and unity.

Black Bean + Chocolate Cosmos + Burgundy + Madder + Amaranth Color Palette


Maroon Color in Branding

Several brands have recognized the power of maroon in their color palette, including:


This iconic British luxury brand uses a rich maroon in its signature check pattern, enhancing the sense of luxury and class.


Known for its luxury chocolates, Godiva employs a deep maroon for a touch of elegance and sophistication in its branding.

Texas A&M University

The university has adopted maroon as one of its official colors, symbolizing pride and tradition in the academic environment.


Australia's largest airline, Qantas, uses a maroon color in its logo to represent its heritage and national pride.

Hershey’s Special Dark

This chocolate brand uses maroon in its packaging to distinguish its 'special dark' range, evoking a sense of depth and indulgence.

Maroon is indeed a versatile color with a rich personality. This exploration into maroon color palettes reveals its ability to pair beautifully with a spectrum of colors, underlining its enduring popularity in design and branding.


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