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All About Color Oxford Blue (Color Codes, Meaning and Pairings)

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All About Color Oxford Blue (Color Codes, Meaning and Pairings)

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In this blog post, we will explore the rich depth and heritage of the color Oxford Blue, its symbolism, how to create it, and its compatibility with other colors.

An inky, deep azure, Oxford Blue finds its roots in the heart of British academia, the University of Oxford. Its hex color code is #002147, which traces back to the university's official branding guidelines and identifies it as Pantone 282. The color was initially chosen by Charles Wordsworth and Thomas Garnier, two rowing crew members in 1829, who borrowed the shade from the Harrow Blue, coining the term 'Dark Blues.'

In the world of color symbolism, Oxford Blue holds a position of power and authority. It embodies stability and wisdom, attributes fitting its university heritage. It signifies a deep sense of trust, loyalty, and intelligence. This midnight shade can be created by a mix of black and azure colors, with a tint of red to add depth.

Oxford Blue shines when paired with the right colors. Here are five that pair exceptionally well:

  • Ivory White
  • Classic Gold
  • Oxford Red
  • Smoky Black
  • Light Gray

It also shares a close resemblance with these five shades:

  • Navy Blue
  • Midnight Blue
  • Prussian Blue
  • Dark Slate Blue
  • Space Cadet

Oxford Blue Color Information (Hex Code #002147)

Oxford Blue has an enticing hex code of #002147, indicative of its RGB values being 0, 33, 71. With 100% Cyan, 54% Magenta, 0% Yellow, and 72% Black, it falls into the CMYK color model. The HSL representation of Oxford Blue is 212.1°, 100, 13.9.

Oxford Blue Color Code Conversion

The hexadecimal color of oxford blue is #002147, a defining element of its unique identity. Here's a tabulated representation of Oxford Blue's diverse color codes:

Hex 002147 #002147
RGB Decimal 0, 33, 71 rgb(0,33,71)
RGB Percent 0, 12.9, 27.8 rgb(0%,12.9%,27.8%)
CMYK 100, 54, 0, 72
HSL 212.1°, 100, 13.9 hsl(212.1,100%,13.9%)
HSV 212.1°, 100, 27.8
Web Safe 003333 #003333
CIE-LAB 12.876, 5.805, -27.034
XYZ 1.681, 1.542, 6.17
CIE-LCH 12.876, 27.65, 282.118
CIE-LUV 12.876, -7.14, -24.762
Hunter-Lab 12.42, 2.424, -20.761
Binary 00000000, 00100001, 01000111

Oxford Blue Color Schemes

Oxford Blue provides a stunning base for various color schemes. Let's explore some of them:











High Contrast


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