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All about the color Rust: Rust Hex #B7410E, Meaning & Combination

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All about the color Rust: Rust Hex #B7410E, Meaning & Combination

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In this post, we dive deep into the world of rust, a color reminiscent of iron oxide, discussing its history, meaning, how to create it, and its compatibility with other hues.

Journey with us as we delve into the fascinating history of rust, a color mirroring the orange-brown of iron oxide. This unique tint has its roots in the theater, used frequently in stage lighting due to its resemblance to the warm glow of photographic safelights when paired with a standard tungsten light source.

Named after the natural phenomenon of iron oxidation, the term "rust" can trace its origins back to the Proto-Germanic word rusta (, meaning "redness." Rust first graced the English language as a color term in 1692, adding depth and warmth to our color lexicon.

rust in metal board

The rust hex color code is #B7410E. Beyond its historical roots, rust carries significant symbolic weight, resonating with feelings of warmth, comfort, and a nostalgic connection to the earth and nature. It represents the passing of time, the beauty of aging, and an inherent sense of stability. To create this robust shade, you blend red, orange, and a touch of brown.

For a richer, deeper tone, you can layer more brown into the mix. Paired strategically, rust can create a dynamic aesthetic.

Complementary colors include,

  • Navy blue
  • Olive green
  • Cream
  • Pale yellow
  • Charcoal gray

Shades reminiscent of rust include,

  • Copper
  • Terracotta
  • Sienna
  • Burnt orange
  • Autumn leaf

Rust Color Information (Hex Code #B7410E)

With the hexadecimal triplet of B7410E, rust is a vibrant blend of color codes, which include RGB decimal (183, 65, 14), RGB percent (71.8%, 25.5%, 5.5%), CMYK (0, 64, 92, 28), and HSL (18.1°, 85.8, 38.6). Each code is a distinct representation of this robust and warm color, encapsulating its richness and depth.

Rust Color Code Conversion

The hexadecimal color of rust is #B7410E. This rich color comes to life in various ways based on different color systems.

Hex B7410E #B7410E
RGB Decimal 183, 65, 14 rgb(183,65,14)
RGB Percent 71.8%, 25.5%, 5.5% rgb(71.8%,25.5%,5.5%)
CMYK 0, 64, 92, 28
HSL 18.1°, 85.8, 38.6 hsl(18.1,85.8%,38.6%)
HSV 18.1°, 92.3, 71.8
Web Safe CC3300 #CC3300
CIE-LAB 44.063, 45.754, 51.116
XYZ 21.499, 13.882, 1.963
CIE-LCH 44.063, 68.602, 48.168
CIE-LUV 44.063, 95.742, 35.47
Hunter-Lab 37.259, 37.796, 22.957
Binary 10110111, 01000001, 00001110


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