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All About the Color Sapphire Blue (Hex Code #0F52BA)

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All About the Color Sapphire Blue (Hex Code #0F52BA)

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In this guide, we delve into the mesmerizing depth of sapphire blue, exploring its rich history, meaning, representation, complementary colors, and color code conversions.

The majestic sapphire blue, a saturated shade named after the gemstone sapphire, comes with a history as deep as its hue. Although sapphires can manifest in various colors, they are most renowned for their varying blue shades, leading to the birth of the term "sapphire blue".

This vibrant color was first recorded as an English color name in 1430, underscoring its enduring appeal throughout the ages. Delving into the psychology of colors, the sapphire blue hex color code is #0F52BA and it exudes an air of tranquility and wisdom. Simultaneously, it symbolizes intuition and spiritual realization, alluding to the expansive night sky and the mysterious depths of the ocean.

To create sapphire blue, you'd need to mix a dominant proportion of blue with a subtle addition of violet and a minimal amount of green. However, achieving the exact sapphire blue shade can prove a challenge without precision in proportions.

When styling with sapphire blue, it harmonizes well with,

  • Light pink
  • Soft lavender
  • Ssilver
  • Crisp white
  • Warm gold

Meanwhile, similar colors to sapphire blue include,

  • Royal blue
  • Cobalt blue
  • Azure
  • Lapis lazuli
  • Persian blue

Sapphire Blue Color Information (Hex Code #0F52BA)

The hex code for sapphire blue is #0F52BA. It is decoded into the RGB decimal values of 15, 82, and 186. When it comes to the CMYK model, the values stand at 92, 56, 0, and 27, suggesting a heavy presence of Cyan and Magenta. In terms of HSL values, sapphire blue carries 216.5° for Hue, 85.1% for Saturation, and 39.4% for Lightness, lending it a strong, saturated blue appearance.

Sapphire Blue Color Code Conversion

The hexadecimal color of sapphire blue is #0F52BA. This vibrant hue can be described in many ways, depending on the color model used.​

Hex 0f52ba #0f52ba
RGB Decimal 15, 82, 186 rgb(15,82,186)
RGB Percent 5.9, 32.2, 72.9 rgb(5.9%,32.2%,72.9%)
CMYK 92, 56, 0, 27
HSL 216.5°, 85.1, 39.4 hsl(216.5,85.1%,39.4%)
HSV 216.5°, 91.9, 72.9
Web Safe 0066cc #0066cc
CIE-LAB 37.262, 21.777, -60.048
XYZ 12.075, 9.68, 47.684
CIE-LCH 37.262, 63.875, 289.934
CIE-LUV 37.262, -17.93, -86.345
Hunter-Lab 31.113, 14.829, -69.088
Binary 00001111, 01010010, 10111010
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