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All About Color Slate Blue (Codes, Meaning and Pairings)

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All About Color Slate Blue (Codes, Meaning and Pairings)

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Immerse yourself in the calm and serene depths of the color Slate Blue in this comprehensive blog post, exploring its history, meaning, and various applications.

Slate Blue, a color that sparks curiosity and intrigue for its unique blend of hues, is more than just a color. It's an embodiment of calm and tranquility, combined with the weighty significance of history.

This blog post is dedicated to exploring Slate Blue in all its beauty and depth. We will delve into its history, decode its color representation, and discuss its wide-ranging implications. Join us on this captivating journey to unlock the mysteries of Slate Blue and embrace the subtle allure it holds.

What Color is Slate Blue?

Slate Blue, as its name suggests, is a medium-dark shade of azure, deriving its unique character from the cool grays mixed into its predominantly blue base. The Slate Blue hex color code is #5B7C99, a coded language for the unique blend that creates this fascinating color.

This color captures a delicate balance between the calming energy of blue and the neutral, grounding tones of gray, offering a sense of stability and tranquility. Slate Blue's hue is akin to the color of the ocean during a peaceful morning, where the sea meets the sky, creating a soothing visual experience.

The Slate Blue hex color code, #5B7C99, is a universal language understood by artists, designers, and color enthusiasts worldwide. This color code ensures that wherever you are, whatever platform you're working on, you can capture the precise shade of Slate Blue.

The History of Slate Blue

Rooted in natural elements, Slate Blue derives its name from the natural rock, slate, that has a bluish-gray tinge. The color's representation in historical and art contexts, however, extends beyond this simplistic interpretation.

In the modern context, Slate Blue continues to be a color of choice for designers and artists due to its versatility and timeless appeal. It represents the harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, making it relevant and enduring in the ever-evolving world of design.

The Meaning of the Color Slate Blue

The color Slate Blue, with its balanced composition of blue and gray, carries significant psychological and cultural meanings. The blue component is universally associated with feelings of calmness and serenity, while the gray brings an element of stability, sophistication, and timeless elegance.

In the realm of color psychology, Slate Blue can be associated with reliability, trust, and maturity. Its soft, muted tone suggests introspection and thoughtfulness. In business and branding, Slate Blue is often used to convey a sense of reliability, trustworthiness, and professionalism.

How to Use Slate Blue?

As a versatile color with a wide range of applications, Slate Blue is popular in different areas of life. In interior design, it is often used as a calming backdrop, offering a tranquil vibe to any living space. When used in textiles, like curtains, rugs, or throw pillows, it can add an elegant touch to your home décor.

In fashion, Slate Blue is a favorite choice for formal wear due to its sophisticated and timeless appeal. It's a perfect color for business suits, ties, or elegant evening dresses.

In the digital world, Slate Blue is commonly found in website design and digital marketing materials. It provides a calm and stable environment for online users, which is critical in a world characterized by information overload.

Slate Blue is also often used in branding and logo design, as it's associated with trust, reliability, and maturity. Therefore, businesses looking to establish a strong brand identity can benefit from incorporating Slate Blue in their color scheme.

Similar Colors to Slate Blue

Slate Blue is part of a broader color family, and there are several other hues that share its calm, sophisticated vibe. Here's a list of five similar colors that are worth exploring:

  1. Cadet Blue
  2. Light Steel Blue
  3. Sky Blue
  4. Powder Blue
  5. Light Slate Gray

What Colors Go with Slate Blue?

Combining colors is an art form, and Slate Blue is a versatile color that can pair beautifully with a variety of shades. Here are five colors that complement Slate Blue wonderfully:

  1. Cream
  2. Dusty Rose
  3. Light Gray
  4. Soft Gold
  5. Deep Teal

Slate Blue Color Information (Hex Code #5B7C99)

Let's take a deeper dive into the technical aspects of the color Slate Blue. The hex code of Slate Blue is #5B7C99, which translates to an RGB decimal representation of 91, 124, 153. The RGB percentage equivalent of Slate Blue is 35.7%, 48.6%, 60%.

In the world of print, the CMYK values of Slate Blue are 41, 19, 0, 40, providing the perfect formula for recreating this color using cyan, magenta, yellow, and black inks. In terms of hue, saturation, and lightness, the HSL values for Slate Blue are 208.1°, 25.4, 47.8. These values provide key insights into the color characteristics of Slate Blue, demonstrating its unique position in the color spectrum.

Slate Blue Color Code Conversion

The hexadecimal color of Slate Blue is #5B7C99. Let's explore the various ways this color is represented in different color spaces.

Hex #5B7C99
RGB Decimal 91, 124, 153 rgb(91,124,153)
RGB Percentage 35.7, 48.6, 60 rgb(35.7%,48.6%,60%)
CMYK 41, 19, 0, 40
HSL 208.1°, 25.4, 47.8 hsl(208.1,25.4%,47.8%)
HSV 208.1°, 40.5, 60
Web Safe 666699 #666699
CIE-LAB 50.615, -3.936, -19.327
XYZ 17.27, 18.939, 32.881
CIE-LCH 50.615, 19.724, 258.489
CIE-LUV 50.615, -16.537, -27.773
Hunter-Lab 43.519, -5.319, -14.334
Binary 01011011, 01111100, 10011001

Slate Blue Color FAQ

What colors make slate blue?

Slate Blue is a mixture of blue and gray, with the blue color being more dominant. It can be created by mixing standard blue with a touch of gray.

How to make slate blue color?

To make Slate Blue using traditional paint or dye, you would start with a primary blue color and add in gray. The exact proportions will vary depending on the specific shade of Slate Blue you wish to achieve.

What color shoes to wear with slate blue dress?

Nude, black, or silver shoes would pair beautifully with a slate blue dress. For a more adventurous look, consider rose gold or a complementary shade of peach.

What colors go well with slate blue?

Slate Blue pairs well with soft neutrals like cream or taupe, as well as warmer colors like dusty rose or soft gold. It also looks great with different shades of blue for a monochromatic look.

What does the color slate blue look like?

Slate Blue is a medium-dark shade of blue with a touch of gray. It looks like the color of the sea under an overcast sky or a calm morning sea.

What is the hex code of slate blue?

The hex code of Slate Blue is #5B7C99.


In conclusion, Slate Blue is a color steeped in history, embraced for its calming effects, and celebrated for its versatility. From the world of art and design to digital media, fashion, and beyond, Slate Blue continues to inspire with its timeless appeal.

Understanding its meaning and applications can open new horizons of creativity and design, inviting us to see the world in new shades of blue. In the end, the world of color is a journey, and every color is a destination waiting to be explored. So, the next time you see Slate Blue, remember, it's more than just a color – it's an experience.

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