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All About Color Space Cadet (Color Codes, Meaning and Pairings)

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All About Color Space Cadet (Color Codes, Meaning and Pairings)

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Explore the depths of the deep navy blue of Space Cadet, its meaning, and how it fits into the realm of design and color theory.

Let's set course on a journey through the cosmos of color as we explore Space Cadet, a shade that is a profound blend of blue and violet, with a dash of gray. The label 'space cadet' is fitting for such a deep and mysterious shade, which carries a presence of introspection and depth; the space cadet hex color code is #1D2951.

As a metaphor, space cadet represents someone who is seemingly lost in their thoughts or, by extension, a person out of touch with reality, evoking a sense of wandering through the nebulous infinity of the cosmos.

In the palette of an artist, to attain this enigmatic shade, a blend of deep blue, a hint of violet, and a touch of gray is required.

Pairing Space Cadet, you could consider these colors that go well with it,

  • Pearl Aqua
  • Spanish Pink
  • Sky Blue
  • Moccasin
  • Pale Silver

To find parallels in the vast spectrum of color, seek out,

  • Midnight Blue
  • Oxford Blue
  • Indigo Dye
  • Black Coral
  • Dark Midnight Blue

Space Cadet Color Information (Hex Code #1D2951)

The fascinating shade of Space Cadet is encapsulated in the hexadecimal color code #1D2951. Unraveling this code, we find RGB values of 29 for Red, 41 for Green, and 81 for Blue. Translating this into the CMYK color model, we get values of 64 for Cyan, 49 for Magenta, 0 for Yellow, and 68 for Key (Black). Lastly, in the HSL model, Space Cadet corresponds to a Hue of 226.2 degrees, Saturation of 47.3%, and Lightness of 21.6%.

Space Cadet Color Code Conversion

The hexadecimal color of space cadet is #1D2951. This specific shade has various representations in different color models, as evident in the following table:

Hex 1D2951 #1D2951
RGB Decimal 29, 41, 81 rgb(29,41,81)
RGB Percent 11.4, 16.1, 31.8 rgb(11.4%,16.1%,31.8%)
CMYK 64, 49, 0, 68
HSL 226.2°, 47.3, 21.6 hsl(226.2,47.3%,21.6%)
HSV 226.2°, 64.2, 31.8
Web Safe 333366 #333366
CIE-LAB 17.65, 9.095, -26.127
XYZ 2.785, 2.441, 8.109
CIE-LCH 17.65, 27.665, 289.193
CIE-LUV 17.65, -5.291, -28.357
Hunter-Lab 15.624, 4.471, -19.834
Binary 00011101, 00101001, 01010001
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