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Easy Things to Draw (Drawing Ideas When You’re Bored)

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Easy Things to Draw (Drawing Ideas When You’re Bored)

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Drawing is a great way to access that flow state and tap into the boundless world of creativity hidden within you. Whether you’re an amateur or someone who’s simply out of ideas, picking up a pencil and paper can be an excellent medium to not only combat boredom but also to express yourself. With each stroke and shade, you are embarking on a journey of discovery, bringing to life the imaginations that lie dormant in your mind.

If you’ve ever found yourself stuck for easy things to draw, or if you're searching for something simple and fast, you’re in the right place. Drawing shouldn’t be a task; it should be a joy. It's about capturing the essence of an object or idea, not necessarily about perfect lines or dimensions.

Drawing is also a brilliant exercise in observation. Using references can improve your skillset dramatically. It gives you a guideline, a framework, which when coupled with your personal touch, becomes a masterpiece in its own right. No matter how minimalist or detailed, every drawing tells a story.

This list of Easy Things to Draw is not just a set of ideas; it’s an inspirational guide to help you navigate through those moments when you feel uninspired. These drawing suggestions are tailored to be accessible, so you don’t need to be da Vinci to get started. Whether you're looking to sketch something simple, create a fast doodle, or delve into a more detailed reference, these ideas will serve as your muse.

Remember, every artist was once an amateur. It’s all about taking that first step and letting your creativity flow. Embrace these ideas with an open heart and let the magic of drawing take you on an enthralling ride. After all, it’s not just about the end product, but the journey of creation that truly matters. Happy drawing!

A dog


Easy things to draw often start with familiar subjects. A dog offers a delightful blend of curves, textures, and emotions. The floppy ears, wagging tail, and those endearing eyes can be your canvas to experiment with various sketch techniques. Remember, each breed has a unique silhouette; which one will you pick?



There's a reason the rose is symbolic of beauty. Its intricate petals and the spiraling pattern make it one of the cool things to draw. Begin with the bud and slowly expand outwards, allowing each petal to tell its story. Feel the romance with every stroke.



Among the list of cute things to draw, a cat stands out with its graceful feline features. Their mysterious eyes, varied fur patterns, and that curling tail provide an excellent opportunity to practice detailing and shading.



Eyes are windows to the soul. If you're hunting for things to draw when bored, eyes provide an infinite playground. Experiment with emotions, from joy to sorrow, and observe how the play of light changes perception. The intricate details of the iris and the reflection of light can be mesmerizing to recreate.



For those looking for fun things to draw, a flower never disappoints. Beyond the rose, the world of flora is vast and varied. Daisies, sunflowers, tulips — each flower, with its unique shape and color, offers a fresh perspective and a new drawing challenge.



Birds in flight or at rest are simple things to draw and they capture the essence of nature. The delicate feathers, the beak, and their often-vibrant colors offer you a chance to play with textures and hues. Will you draw a majestic eagle or a chirpy sparrow?



Swimming through the deep blue, the dolphin embodies grace and playfulness. Their streamlined body and cheerful demeanor make them one of the most random things to draw. Dive into the aquatic world and let your pencil glide as smoothly as a dolphin in the ocean.



The king of the jungle, the lion, is a majestic subject. With its flowing mane and penetrating gaze, it's certainly one of the funny things to draw, especially if you emphasize its sometimes quirky expressions. Explore the contrast between its fierce disposition and those tender moments when it's caring for its young.



If you're in the mood for something adorable, the waddling penguin is a go-to. Out of all the pretty things to draw, this charming bird, with its stark black and white palette and sometimes comical demeanor, offers a mix of simplicity and character in one sketch.



The gentle flutter of a butterfly is a feast for the eyes. With its symmetrical wings patterned with an array of colors, it's one of the most creative things to draw. Each wing can be your canvas of colors, patterns, and even emotions. And if you're feeling extra playful, consider them as things to draw on your hand for a temporary touch of nature's beauty.


In the end, the realm of drawing is as boundless as one's imagination. From the gentle curve of a petal to the intense gaze of a wild lion, each subject, be it simple or intricate, offers an opportunity to express, experiment, and evolve. It's not just about replicating what's in front of you; it's about capturing the essence, the emotion, and the story behind each subject.

So, the next time you're searching for inspiration, remember this list and let your creativity flow. Whether you're battling boredom or simply seeking a new challenge, there's always a world of inspiration waiting at the tip of your pencil. Happy drawing!

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