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Best Wall Mounted Advertising Billboard Mockups 2024

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Best Wall Mounted Advertising Billboard Mockups 2024

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Wall-mounted advertising billboards can be found all around every city, both  indoors and outdoors. These billboards allow you to advertise your brand to many bystanders. However, for your advertisements and signage to be effective, you must first develop a design that works. Additionally, this design's effectiveness must be evaluated and finalised, which can only be done with an accurate representation of the final product. After all, designers and companies want to ensure your advertisement fulfils your design goals.

This is where wall-mounted advertising billboard mockups can be an excellent tool. They can allow you to put your design on them, enabling you to see how your advertisement will look in real life accurately. As a result, you will effectively save on time and money that you could've lost after getting it put on a board and then changing it. These advertisement mockups can also be used as effective advertising tools for social media as they have a great visual aesthetic. In this article, we have compiled a list of the best wall-mounted advertising billboards to use in 2023. Read on to find out what they are!

Shopping Center Wall Billboard Mockup

This shopping centre wall billboard mockup can be an excellent tool for designers trying to showcase their designs professionally. Additionally, marketers and store owners can use this mockup to understand how their advertisements will look. It features natural lighting alongside a clothing store commonly found in malls. This makes it an incredibly realistic representation of how designs will look in a real-life shopping mall setting. Designers can even get creative with this template, as it is an empty mockup. This mockup is a downloadable free PSD file provided by Freedesignresources.

Building Billboard Mockup

This building billboard can allow graphic designers to showcase their design in a large outdoor setting like a pro. It will also give companies an idea of how their advertisements will look on large building walls from a distance. In this way, they can discern which graphics and text used in their advertisements are visible and readable. This building mockup has natural lighting bouncing off of it, ensuring it is a realistic representation of your design. You can add your design to this mockup from Designbolts, which is available as a free PSD file.

Outdoor Advertising Storefront Billboard

This mockup is an excellent tool for showcasing artistic designs generally found on billboards and signs outside cafes and fancy restaurants. It accurately emulates the mood lighting that can be found outside of these settings. This will allow cafe and restaurant owners to see if the design will thrive on their billboards. This mockup is a free downloadable PSD file by Designbots. You can also add your designs to an empty mockup if you require more creative freedom.

Street Wall Mounted Billboard Mockup

This billboard mockup will allow designers to represent their creative designs in a street setting. Generally, street designs are meant to be more colourful, so this mockup provides the perfect template to showcase such advertisements. This mockup consists of greenery, natural sunlight, and electrical lights alongside the rough edges you'll find on the street. You can download this free PSD file from Designbolts and add your design to this blank template.

Outdoor Street Wall Billboard Mockup

This billboard mockup enables designers to show designs professionally. This setting is in a more sombre street that is characteristic of urban areas in the city. This mockup represents this setting perfectly, with rough textures and drab colours. It can allow designers to showcase how their designs can breathe life into such a monotonous setting and stand out in a crowd. Freemockupzone provides this free downloadable photoshop file, and you can add your own designs as this is a blank mockup.


To conclude, mounted billboard mockups can be excellent tools for a variety of reasons. It allows designers to showcase their designs professionally while allowing companies to see precisely how their advertisements will look in a realistic setting. Additionally, they allow marketers to create unique advertisements that will look fantastic on social media. We have looked at a range of outdoor and indoor mounted billboards in this article. These can accurately represent a range of settings to showcase your advertisement designs in the best way possible. This is due to realistic lighting and textures, suitable for different business owners. You can even add your designs to these free templates, which means you have creative freedom.

We hope this article proves informative and enables you to showcase your mounted billboard advertisements accurately and effectively. Thank you for reading!


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