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BTU to kWh (Kilowatt-hours) - Online Conversion Calculator

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BTU to kWh (Kilowatt-hours) - Online Conversion Calculator

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BTU (British thermal unit) to kWh (Kilowatt-kours) online conversion calculator for energy & power conversions. With this tool, you can convert BTU to Kilowatt-hours. Enter the BTU value that you want to convert into kWh. This converter will automatically give you the results and also works backwards.

BTU to kWh (Kilowatt-hours)

Conversion Calculator


What is BTU

BTU stands for British thermal unit and is a measure used to describe the amount of heat energy required to increase the temperature of one pound of liquid water by one degree Fahrenheit. BTUs are commonly used in heating and cooling systems, as well as cooking stoves, fireplaces, and other household appliances that involve some form of burning fuel. The use of BTUs helps to provide a standard way to compare the heating or cooling capacity of different appliances and heating or air conditioning systems.

What is kWh (Kilowatt-hours)

Kilowatt-hours (kWh) is a unit of energy equivalent to 1000 watt-hours. It is commonly used by electric utilities and consumers to measure and pay for the electrical energy consumed. Most households use kilowatt-hours per month to determine their electricity bill, which allows them to compare different electricity plans over time. A kilowatt-hour is equal to the energy produced by a 1000-watt device when it runs for one hour.

How do BTU and kWh compare?

The energy measurement units BTU and kWh are used to describe different forms of energy. While the BTU is typically used to measure the amount of heat in an object, the kWh measures electricity consumption over time. Both types of measurements can be useful depending on what you’re trying to assess or monitor.

To compare BTUs and kWh, it’s important to understand their different measurements. A BTU measures the energy needed to raise one pound of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit. Because this is a measure of heat, it’s typically used to assess things like heating and cooling equipment or appliances in a home. On the other hand, a kWh measures the amount of electricity used over a period of time. Since electricity is primarily used to power appliances and other devices in the home, a kWh measurement is commonly used to monitor energy consumption.

When it comes to comparing BTUs and kWh, there are some factors that need to be considered. One major consideration is how quickly these measurements relate back to one another. For example, it takes 3,414 BTUs to equal 1 kWh. However, since most households don’t use exactly the same amount of electricity every day, there are some other considerations to keep in mind. In general, if you want a more precise comparison between these two measurements, it can be helpful to look at average daily usage or the amount of electricity used over a certain number of days or months.

BTU to kWh Conversion Chart/Table

BTU (British Thermal Units) kWh (Kilowatt-hours)
1 BTU 0.00029307107017 kWh
5 BTU 0.00146535535085 kWh
10 BTU 0.0029307107017 kWh
50 BTU 0.0146535535085 kWh
100 BTU 0.029307107017 kWh
200 BTU 0.058614214034 kWh
300 BTU 0.087921321051 kWh
500 BTU 0.146535535085 kWh
1000 BTU 0.29307107017 kWh
2000 BTU 0.58614214034 kWh
3000 BTU 0.87921321051 kWh
4000 BTU 1.17228428068 kWh
5000 BTU 1.46535535085 kWh
6000 BTU 1.75842642102 kWh
7000 BTU 2.05149749119 kWh
8000 BTU 2.34456856136 kWh
9000 BTU 2.63763963153 kWh
10000 BTU 2.9307107017 kWh
11000 BTU 3.22378177187 kWh
12000 BTU 3.51685284204 kWh
13000 BTU 3.80992391221 kWh
14000 BTU 4.10299498238 kWh
15000 BTU 4.39606605255 kWh
16000 BTU 4.68913712272 kWh
17000 BTU 4.98220819289 kWh
18000 BTU 5.27527926306 kWh
19000 BTU 5.56835033323 kWh
20000 BTU 5.8614214034 kWh
21000 BTU 6.15449247357 kWh
22000 BTU 6.44756354374 kWh
23000 BTU 6.74063461391 kWh
24000 BTU 7.03370568408 kWh
25000 BTU 7.32677675425 kWh
26000 BTU 7.61984782442 kWh
27000 BTU 7.91291889459 kWh
28000 BTU 8.20598996476 kWh
29000 BTU 8.49906103493 kWh
30000 BTU 8.7921321051 kWh
31000 BTU 9.08520317527 kWh
32000 BTU 9.37827424544 kWh
33000 BTU 9.67134531561 kWh
34000 BTU 9.96441638578 kWh
35000 BTU 10.25748745595 kWh
36000 BTU 10.55055852612 kWh
37000 BTU 10.84362959629 kWh
38000 BTU 11.13670066646 kWh
39000 BTU 11.42977173663 kWh
40000 BTU 11.7228428068 kWh
41000 BTU 12.01591387697 kWh
42000 BTU 12.30898494714 kWh
43000 BTU 12.60205601731 kWh
44000 BTU 12.89512708748 kWh
45000 BTU 13.18819815765 kWh
46000 BTU 13.48126922782 kWh
47000 BTU 13.77434029799 kWh
48000 BTU 14.06741136816 kWh
49000 BTU 14.36048243833 kWh
50000 BTU 14.6535535085 kWh

BTU to kWh Formula

BTU to kWh is calculated by multiplying the BTU with 0.00029307107017:

kWh = BTU * 0.00029307107017


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