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BTU to MJ (Megajoules) - Online Conversion Calculator

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BTU to MJ (Megajoules) - Online Conversion Calculator

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BTU (British thermal unit) to MJ (megajoules) online conversion calculator for energy & power conversions. With this tool, you can convert BTU to megajoules. Enter the BTU value that you want to convert into megajoules. This converter will automatically give you the results and also works backwards.

BTU to MJ (megajoules)

Conversion Calculator


What is BTU?

A BTU, or British Thermal Unit, is a measure of energy used to describe the amount of heat that is needed to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit. One BTU is equivalent to the amount of energy required to heat one cubic foot of natural gas, or about 1055 joules (1055 joules = 1 BTU).

What is MJ (megajoules)?

MJ, or megajoules, is a measure of energy used to describe the amount of heat or work required to raise the temperature of one kilogram of water by one degree Celsius. One MJ is equivalent to 0.92 pounds (0.92 lbs).

How do BTU and MJ compare?

Although there are different ways to measure energy, both the British Thermal Unit (BTU) and the megajoule (MJ) are commonly used to measure the amount of heat needed for everyday tasks like cooking or heating a room. Both units are often used interchangeably in these contexts and are often used to describe the amount of energy required to complete certain tasks, such as heating up a room or driving a car. For example, it would take around 100 MJ to drive an average car for one hour at 60 MPH.

Despite the similarities between these two units, there are a few key distinctions. The BTU is often used when measuring larger quantities of energy, such as the amount consumed by entire buildings or factories. The MJ is often preferred for smaller tasks, like cooking food or heating water. In addition, BTUs tend to be more accurate when measuring larger amounts of energy, while MJs are a better standard when measuring smaller quantities. Ultimately, both units can be used to describe or quantify the same amount of energy and heat in different contexts or situations.

BTU to MJ Conversion Chart/Table

BTU (British Thermal Units) MJ (megajoules)
1000 BTU 1.05505585262 MJ
2000 BTU 2.11011170524 MJ
3000 BTU 3.16516755786 MJ
4000 BTU 4.22022341048 MJ
5000 BTU 5.2752792631 MJ
6000 BTU 6.33033511572 MJ
7000 BTU 7.38539096834 MJ
8000 BTU 8.44044682096 MJ
9000 BTU 9.49550267358 MJ
10000 BTU 10.5505585262 MJ
11000 BTU 11.60561437882 MJ
12000 BTU 12.66067023144 MJ
13000 BTU 13.71572608406 MJ
14000 BTU 14.77078193668 MJ
15000 BTU 15.8258377893 MJ
16000 BTU 16.88089364192 MJ
17000 BTU 17.93594949454 MJ
18000 BTU 18.99100534716 MJ
19000 BTU 20.04606119978 MJ
20000 BTU 21.1011170524 MJ
21000 BTU 22.15617290502 MJ
22000 BTU 23.21122875764 MJ
23000 BTU 24.26628461026 MJ
24000 BTU 25.32134046288 MJ
25000 BTU 26.3763963155 MJ
26000 BTU 27.43145216812 MJ
27000 BTU 28.48650802074 MJ
28000 BTU 29.54156387336 MJ
29000 BTU 30.59661972598 MJ
30000 BTU 31.6516755786 MJ
31000 BTU 32.70673143122 MJ
32000 BTU 33.76178728384 MJ
33000 BTU 34.81684313646 MJ
34000 BTU 35.87189898908 MJ
35000 BTU 36.9269548417 MJ
36000 BTU 37.98201069432 MJ
37000 BTU 39.03706654694 MJ
38000 BTU 40.09212239956 MJ
39000 BTU 41.14717825218 MJ
40000 BTU 42.2022341048 MJ
41000 BTU 43.25728995742 MJ
42000 BTU 44.31234581004 MJ
43000 BTU 45.36740166266 MJ
44000 BTU 46.42245751528 MJ
45000 BTU 47.4775133679 MJ
46000 BTU 48.53256922052 MJ
47000 BTU 49.58762507314 MJ
48000 BTU 50.64268092576 MJ
49000 BTU 51.69773677838 MJ
50000 BTU 52.752792631 MJ

BTU to MJ Formula

BTU to MJ is calculated by multiplying the BTU with 0.00105505585262:

MJ = BTU * 0.00105505585262


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