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BTU to Tons - Online Conversion Calculator

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BTU to Tons - Online Conversion Calculator

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BTU (British thermal unit) to Tons online conversion calculator for energy & power conversions. With this tool, you can convert BTU to tons. Enter the BTU value that you want to convert into tons. This converter will automatically give you the results and also works backwards.

BTU to Tons

Conversion Calculator


What is BTU?

A BTU, or British thermal unit, is a standard measurement for energy and electrical power. One BTU is approximately equal to 0.00029307107 kilowatt hours (kWh). The metric equivalent of the BTU is the joule.

What is Tons?

A ton is a unit of measure that is used to describe the weight or mass of objects. The term "ton" can be used to describe both larger, heavier objects as well as smaller, lighter ones. One ton is equal to 2,000 pounds in the United States and 2,240 pounds in Britain.

How do BTU and Tons compare?

BTU and tons are two common terms that are frequently heard in the heating and cooling industries. While these two measures are often used interchangeably, there is actually a difference between them.

BTU is short for British Thermal Unit, a unit of measurement for thermal energy. This term is used to describe the amount of heat required to raise one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit at sea level. For example, if you wanted to calculate how much heat was required to warm up your home on a cold day, you would have to look up the number of BTUs needed for your specific home.

On the other hand, ton is a unit of measurement for mass, which is often used to describe the amount of weight that an object weighs. This term is most commonly used when referring to refrigeration units and air conditioning units. For example, if you wanted to calculate how much refrigerant was needed for your home’s air conditioning system, you would have to look up the number of tons that were required.

BTU to Tons Conversion Chart/Table

BTU (British Thermal Units) Tons
1 BTU/hr 0.0000833333 Tons
5 BTU/hr 0.0004166667 Tons
10 BTU/hr 0.000833333 Tons
50 BTU/hr 0.004166667 Tons
100 BTU/hr 0.00833333 Tons
200 BTU/hr 0.01666667 Tons
300 BTU/hr 0.025 Tons
500 BTU/hr 0.04166667 Tons
1000 BTU/hr 0.0833333 Tons
2000 BTU/hr 0.1666667 Tons
3000 BTU/hr 0.25 Tons
4000 BTU/hr 0.3333333 Tons
5000 BTU/hr 0.4166667 Tons
6000 BTU/hr 0.5 Tons
7000 BTU/hr 0.5833333 Tons
8000 BTU/hr 0.6666667 Tons
9000 BTU/hr 0.75 Tons
10000 BTU/hr 0.833333 Tons
11000 BTU/hr 0.9166667 Tons
12000 BTU/hr 1 Ton
13000 BTU/hr 1.0833333 Tons
14000 BTU/hr 1.1666667 Tons
15000 BTU/hr 1.25 Tons
16000 BTU/hr 1.3333333 Tons
17000 BTU/hr 1.4166667 Tons
18000 BTU/hr 1.5 Tons
19000 BTU/hr 1.5833333 Tons
20000 BTU/hr 1.6666667 Tons
21000 BTU/hr 1.75 Tons
22000 BTU/hr 1.8333333 Tons
23000 BTU/hr 1.9166667 Tons
24000 BTU/hr 2 Tons
25000 BTU/hr 2.0833333 Tons
26000 BTU/hr 2.166667 Tons
27000 BTU/hr 2.25 Tons
28000 BTU/hr 2.3333333 Tons
29000 BTU/hr 2.416667 Tons
30000 BTU/hr 2.5 Tons
31000 BTU/hr 2.5833333 Tons
32000 BTU/hr 2.6666667 Tons
33000 BTU/hr 2.75 Tons
34000 BTU/hr 2.8333333 Tons
35000 BTU/hr 2.9166667 Tons
36000 BTU/hr 3 Tons
37000 BTU/hr 3.0833333 Tons
38000 BTU/hr 3.1666667 Tons
39000 BTU/hr 3.25 Tons
40000 BTU/hr 3.3333333 Tons
41000 BTU/hr 3.4166667 Tons
42000 BTU/hr 3.5 Tons
43000 BTU/hr 3.5833333 Tons
44000 BTU/hr 3.6666667 Tons
45000 BTU/hr 3.75 Tons
46000 BTU/hr 3.8333333 Tons
47000 BTU/hr 3.9166667 Tons
48000 BTU/hr 4 Tons
49000 BTU/hr 4.0833333 Tons
50000 BTU/hr 4.1666667 Tons

BTU to Tons Formula

BTU to Tons is calculated by dividing the BTU/hr with 12,000:

Ton = BTU/hr / 12,000

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