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BTU to Watts - Online Conversion Calculator

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BTU to Watts - Online Conversion Calculator

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BTU (British thermal unit) to Watts online conversion calculator for energy & power conversions. With this tool, you can convert BTU to watts. Enter the BTU value that you want to convert into watts. This converter will automatically give you the results and also works backwards.

BTU to Watts

Conversion Calculator


What is BTU?

BTU is an acronym for British Thermal Unit. It is a measure of energy used to describe the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit. One BTU is equivalent to approximately 1055 Joules, or 252 grams of calories.

Essentially, a BTU measures how much energy it takes to heat a certain amount of water. Although the exact amount required varies depending on factors such as the type of heating method and temperature, most gas furnaces require a BTU rate of between 45,000 - 90,000 for each cubic foot of space in order to heat it adequately.

What is Watts?

Watts are a measurement of power. In the context of electricity and electronics, they refer to how much energy is being consumed or produced at any given time. For example, if an appliance is rated at 1000 watts, that means it consumes energy at the rate of 1000 joules per second. Watts are useful for measuring the output of power plants and electrical generators, as well as the electricity required to run appliances or operate machinery.

The term "watt" is named after James Watt, a Scottish inventor who helped improve the steam engine and revolutionize the process of generating power for industrial use. Despite its origins in the 18th century, watts are still used today as a standard unit for measuring power, especially in electrical engineering and electronics manufacturing. In addition to raw watts, there are also kilowatts (kW) and megawatts (MW), which are used to measure the rate of energy consumption or production on a much larger scale.

How do BTU and Watts compare?

BTU and watts are two different units of measurement, but they both measure energy. BTUs are used for measuring the amount of thermal energy a system or device provides, while watts are used to measure the rate of generating power. The conversion between BTU and watts is dependent on a few factors such as the type of device you're using and the specific purpose you are using it for.

BTU to Watts Conversion Chart/Table

BTU (British Thermal Units) Watts (Power)
1 BTU/hr 0.29307107 Watts
5 BTU/hr 1.46535535 Watts
10 BTU/hr 2.9307107 Watts
50 BTU/hr 14.6535535 Watts
100 BTU/hr 29.307107 Watts
200 BTU/hr 58.614214 Watts
300 BTU/hr 87.921321 Watts
500 BTU/hr 146.535535 Watts
1000 BTU/hr 293.07107 Watts
2000 BTU/hr 586.14214 Watts
3000 BTU/hr 879.21321 Watts
4000 BTU/hr 1172.28428 Watts
5000 BTU/hr 1465.35535 Watts
6000 BTU/hr 1758.42642 Watts
7000 BTU/hr 2051.49749 Watts
8000 BTU/hr 2344.56856 Watts
9000 BTU/hr 2637.63963 Watts
10000 BTU/hr 2930.7107 Watts
11000 BTU/hr 3223.78177 Watts
12000 BTU/hr 3516.85284 Watts
13000 BTU/hr 3809.92391 Watts
14000 BTU/hr 4102.99498 Watts
15000 BTU/hr 4396.06605 Watts
16000 BTU/hr 4689.13712 Watts
17000 BTU/hr 4982.20819 Watts
18000 BTU/hr 5275.27926 Watts
19000 BTU/hr 5568.35033 Watts
20000 BTU/hr 5861.4214 Watts
21000 BTU/hr 6154.49247 Watts
22000 BTU/hr 6447.56354 Watts
23000 BTU/hr 6740.63461 Watts
24000 BTU/hr 7033.70568 Watts
25000 BTU/hr 7326.77675 Watts
26000 BTU/hr 7619.84782 Watts
27000 BTU/hr 7912.91889 Watts
28000 BTU/hr 8205.98996 Watts
29000 BTU/hr 8499.06103 Watts
30000 BTU/hr 8792.1321 Watts
31000 BTU/hr 9085.20317 Watts
32000 BTU/hr 9378.27424 Watts
33000 BTU/hr 9671.34531 Watts
34000 BTU/hr 9964.41638 Watts
35000 BTU/hr 10257.48745 Watts
36000 BTU/hr 10550.55852 Watts
37000 BTU/hr 10843.62959 Watts
38000 BTU/hr 11136.70066 Watts
39000 BTU/hr 11429.77173 Watts
40000 BTU/hr 11722.8428 Watts
41000 BTU/hr 12015.91387 Watts
42000 BTU/hr 12308.98494 Watts
43000 BTU/hr 12602.05601 Watts
44000 BTU/hr 12895.12708 Watts
45000 BTU/hr 13188.19815 Watts
46000 BTU/hr 13481.26922 Watts
47000 BTU/hr 13774.34029 Watts
48000 BTU/hr 14067.41136 Watts
49000 BTU/hr 14360.48243 Watts
50000 BTU/hr 14653.5535 Watts

BTU to Watts Formula

BTU to Watts is calculated by multiplying the BTU/hr with 0.29307107:

Watts = BTU * 0.29307107


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