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16 Best Greige Paint Colors to Buy in 2024 (For Interior & Exterior)

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16 Best Greige Paint Colors to Buy in 2024 (For Interior & Exterior)

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In the world of interior design, greige paint colors are steadily claiming their rightful spot as the go-to wall color for timeless elegance.

I've always believed that the magic of greige lies in its ability to bring both warmth and sophistication to any space. Its adaptable nature makes it an impeccable choice for any living room, blending the best of both gray and beige.

I've seen countless shades and variations of greige, but only a select few have left a lasting impression on me.

Today, I'll be sharing my personal favorites in the best greige paint colors that promise to transform any room into a sanctuary of style. Join me, and let's bring those walls to life!


1. Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter HC-172 LRV: 55.05

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter HC-172

Benjamin Moore Revere PewterHC-172
LRV: 55.05
RGB: 203, 198, 184
Use in: Interior/Exterior

Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter is a harmonious blend of gray and beige, embodying the very essence of what makes greige paint colors so enticing. It strikes a delicate balance, neither too cold nor too warm. In spaces like the living room, it offers a refined backdrop, allowing for a seamless integration of different decorative elements. Revere Pewter has a grounding presence that's especially striking in open-concept spaces where you crave cohesion.
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2. Sherwin-Williams Agreeable Gray SW 7029 LRV: 60

Sherwin-Williams Agreeable Gray SW 7029

Sherwin-Williams Agreeable GraySW 7029
LRV: 60
RGB: 209, 203, 193
Use in: Interior/Exterior

Sherwin-Williams' Agreeable Gray is aptly named. This wall color radiates a comforting vibe, leaning slightly more into the gray spectrum, yet retains the softness of beige. It's an impeccable choice for spaces where relaxation is paramount. Think of cozy reading nooks, serene bedrooms, or even welcoming entryways. The beauty of Agreeable Gray lies in its adaptability – it's a color that complements both modern minimalistic designs and more traditional settings with equal finesse.
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3. Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray HC-173 LRV: 63.09

Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray HC-173

Benjamin Moore Edgecomb GrayHC-173
LRV: 63.09
HEX: #D9D3C4
RGB: 217, 211, 196
Use in: Interior/Exterior

Benjamin Moore's Edgecomb Gray takes the best greige paint colors to an elevated level of sophistication. A whisper lighter than its counterparts, this shade exudes a soft luminosity. Perfect for spaces that require a hint of brightness without the starkness of pure white. Its subtle nature makes it an ideal canvas for artworks or as a complement to rich textiles and furnishings in a living room. Edgecomb Gray's versatility also extends to kitchens and bathrooms, where it pairs beautifully with marble or wooden accents, adding depth without overshadowing the room's core elements.
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4. Sherwin-Williams Repose Gray SW 7015 LRV: 58

Sherwin-Williams Repose Gray SW 7015

Sherwin-Williams Repose GraySW 7015
LRV: 58
RGB: 204, 201, 192
Use in: Interior/Exterior

Sherwin-Williams' Repose Gray is an embodiment of tranquility. It navigates the delicate line between gray and beige with a graceful fluidity that's truly noteworthy. The resultant ambiance is one of understated elegance. Imagine it gracing the walls of a home office, fostering an environment of focus and serenity, or setting the stage in a living room where it harmonizes effortlessly with diverse palettes, from deep jewel tones to softer pastels. Repose Gray's muted brilliance beckons those in search of a neutral that promises both character and versatility.
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5. Benjamin Moore Pale Oak OC-20 LRV: 68.64

Benjamin Moore Pale Oak OC-20

Benjamin Moore Pale OakOC-20
LRV: 68.64
RGB: 222, 217, 206
Use in: Interior/Exterior

Benjamin Moore's Pale Oak takes the softer side of greige, exuding a dreamy and airy quality. It's like a gentle embrace for your walls, reminiscent of a misty morning where everything feels fresh and full of potential. Perfect for spaces that need a touch of calm and rejuvenation, like bedrooms or meditation corners. In a living room setting, Pale Oak works wonders when paired with plush textiles and natural wooden elements, crafting a space that feels both expansive and intimately comforting.
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6. Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist OC-27 LRV: 65.53

Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist OC-27

Benjamin Moore Balboa MistOC-27
LRV: 65.53
RGB: 219, 214, 204
Use in: Interior/Exterior

Benjamin Moore's Balboa Mist is a dance of light and shadow. It possesses a touch more depth compared to the typical greige paint colors, making it a star player in spaces that crave a bit more drama without the boldness of darker shades. Think of a sophisticated dining room setting where Balboa Mist sets the backdrop for elegant dinner parties. Alternatively, in hallways and staircases, it offers a guiding presence, adding layers of visual interest. The innate adaptability of Balboa Mist ensures it resonates with both contemporary and classic interior styles, becoming a favorite for those seeking a touch of timeless allure.
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7. Sherwin-Williams Anew Gray SW 7030 LRV: 47

Sherwin-Williams Anew Gray SW 7030

Sherwin-Williams Anew GraySW 7030
LRV: 47
RGB: 191, 182, 170
Use in: Interior/Exterior

Sherwin-Williams' Anew Gray brings a refreshing take on greige that feels both modern and timeless. As a wall color, it has a robust depth, ensuring that even larger spaces don't feel overwhelming. Whether used in a spacious living room or a compact study, Anew Gray sets a tone of relaxed sophistication. Its ability to transition effortlessly from bold statement pieces to delicate decor elements makes it a favorite among homeowners seeking versatility and elegance in tandem.
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8. Benjamin Moore Classic Gray OC-23 LRV: 73.67

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray OC-23

Benjamin Moore Classic GrayOC-23
LRV: 73.67
HEX: #E2E0D7
RGB: 226, 224, 215
Use in: Interior/Exterior

Benjamin Moore's Classic Gray is the epitome of understated luxury. Leaner on the gray spectrum, it presents a softness that instantly warms up any room. Perfect for spaces where you desire a gentle ambiance, such as a nursery or a romantic bedroom. Yet, in a living room, Classic Gray acts as the ideal backdrop, allowing brighter colors and patterns to truly shine. Its neutral demeanor ensures that it pairs seamlessly with most furnishings, making redecoration projects a breeze.
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9. Sherwin-Williams Mindful Gray SW 7016 LRV: 48

Sherwin-Williams Mindful Gray SW 7016

Sherwin-Williams Mindful GraySW 7016
LRV: 48
RGB: 188, 183, 173
Use in: Interior/Exterior

Sherwin-Williams' Mindful Gray lives up to its evocative name, offering a shade that encourages reflection and serenity. Slightly deeper in tone, it provides the perfect counterbalance in rooms adorned with lighter furnishings or textiles. In a home library or an intimate sitting area, Mindful Gray lends itself beautifully to the creation of a contemplative space. Moreover, in settings like dining rooms, its inherent richness uplifts the ambiance, making every meal feel like a special occasion. Its poised elegance makes Mindful Gray a go-to for those looking to infuse their homes with a sense of graceful balance.
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10. Benjamin Moore Nimbus 1465 LRV: 59.4

Benjamin Moore Nimbus 1465

Benjamin Moore Nimbus1465
LRV: 59.4
RGB: 207, 204, 196
Use in: Interior/Exterior

Benjamin Moore's Nimbus casts an ethereal lightness reminiscent of drifting clouds on a serene day. This wall color leans towards a cooler interpretation of greige, giving rooms a breezy and open feel. Nimbus shines in spaces like sunrooms or conservatories, where its airy quality is accentuated by natural light. When used in a living room, it fosters an environment of relaxation and conversation, inviting guests to sit back and enjoy the soothing surroundings. Paired with minimalist designs or bohemian decors, Nimbus stands out, ensuring the space feels both modern and welcoming.
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11. Sherwin-Williams Worldly Gray SW 7043 LRV: 57

Sherwin-Williams Worldly Gray SW 7043

Sherwin-Williams Worldly GraySW 7043
LRV: 57
RGB: 206, 198, 187
Use in: Interior/Exterior

Sherwin-Williams' Worldly Gray offers a worldly sophistication that resonates with those who seek a color both grounding and expansive. As its name suggests, this greige paint color brings a cosmopolitan flair, making it perfect for rooms adorned with eclectic artifacts or travel mementos. Its balanced depth creates a compelling canvas in a study or a den, where the richness of literature and art can be displayed against its refined backdrop. In communal spaces like dining rooms or open-plan living areas, Worldly Gray anchors the room, allowing for a harmonious blend of diverse design elements.
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12. Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan HC-81 LRV: 63.24

Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan HC-81

Benjamin Moore Manchester TanHC-81
LRV: 63.24
RGB: 219, 210, 189
Use in: Interior/Exterior

Benjamin Moore's Manchester Tan is a delightful deviation from the conventional greige, bringing in a warmer undertone that oozes charm. Ideal for spaces where a touch of coziness is desired, Manchester Tan transforms bedrooms into restful retreats and kitchens into heartwarming hubs of activity. When showcased in a living room, its comforting essence makes even the coldest days feel snug. Paired with rustic elements or chic metallic accents, Manchester Tan ensures the space emanates a radiant warmth that's truly inviting.
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13. Behr Wheat Bread 720C-3 LRV: 56

Behr Wheat Bread 720C-3

Behr Wheat Bread720C-3
LRV: 56
RGB: 204, 196, 182
Use in: Interior

Behr's Wheat Bread offers a delicate balance that's reminiscent of a sunlit field of grains swaying gently in the breeze. This wall color is a comforting shade that provides a wholesome feeling to any space it graces. Especially striking in communal areas like the kitchen, where family gatherings are frequent, Wheat Bread sets a nurturing ambiance. Its neutral warmth also makes it a delightful choice for living rooms, where it pairs beautifully with soft textures and organic materials, creating an environment that feels both grounded and uplifting.
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14. Sherwin-Williams Alpaca SW 7022 LRV: 57

Sherwin-Williams Alpaca SW 7022

Sherwin-Williams AlpacaSW 7022
LRV: 57
RGB: 204, 197, 189
Use in: Interior/Exterior

Sherwin-Williams' Alpaca weaves a tale of sophisticated simplicity. This greige paint color combines the coolness of gray with the earthiness of beige in a manner that feels both refined and organic. Imagine it in a serene bedroom setting, where it promotes restful slumbers, or in a minimalist living room, where its unobtrusive elegance allows statement pieces to take center stage. Alpaca's muted beauty resonates with lovers of Scandinavian designs, effortlessly blending functionality with aesthetic appeal.
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15. Sherwin-Williams Amazing Gray SW 7044 LRV: 47

Sherwin-Williams Amazing Gray SW 7044

Sherwin-Williams Amazing GraySW 7044
LRV: 47
RGB: 190, 181, 169
Use in: Interior/Exterior

Sherwin-Williams' Amazing Gray truly lives up to its name, delivering a dynamic blend that feels both contemporary and timeless. This shade brings depth without overpowering, making it a fantastic option for rooms that need a dash of character. Picture it in a home theater or media room, where its depth enhances the cinematic experience. In more formal settings, like dining rooms or executive home offices, Amazing Gray provides a dignified backdrop that complements both sleek modern furnishings and classic wooden pieces, ensuring every space feels both stylish and approachable.
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16. Sherwin-Williams Colonnade Gray SW 7641 LRV: 53

Sherwin-Williams Colonnade Gray SW 7641

Sherwin-Williams Colonnade GraySW 7641
LRV: 53
HEX: #C6C0B6
RGB: 198, 192, 182
Use in: Interior/Exterior

Sherwin-Williams' Colonnade Gray is a masterclass in restrained elegance. This greige paint color skillfully straddles the line between the warmth of beige and the cool sophistication of gray. Envision it gracing the walls of a grand entrance hall, making a subtle statement to visitors as they step into your home. In a living room, its nuanced tone acts as the perfect backdrop for lively gatherings, setting a mood of refined conviviality. Colonnade Gray's versatility shines when paired with both avant-garde art pieces and vintage treasures, solidifying its place as a top pick for those in search of a neutral with depth, character, and timeless appeal.
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