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Best & Worst Time to Visit Denver in 2024

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Best & Worst Time to Visit Denver in 2024

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Denver, Colorado, beckons travelers with its breathtaking mountain backdrop, dynamic arts, and culinary scene, and a calendar bustling with events. Best time to visit Denver often hinges on what one expects from their travel experience.

The city's high-altitude climate shapes seasons that each offer their own unique allure—a snow-dappled winter that transforms the city into a gateway to ski resorts or the warm embrace of summer perfect for outdoor concerts and Rockies games.

Understanding Denver's varied seasonal landscapes is key to planning a memorable visit. Spring and fall present milder weather and colorful transitions, making them ideal for those seeking to explore the city's outdoor spaces without the extremes of summer heat or winter chill.

For enthusiasts of cultural events and festivities, aligning a visit with Denver's robust schedule of events can enhance the urban adventure, encompassing everything from beer festivals to art shows.

    Seasonal Overview

    Seasonal Overview

    Denver's varied seasons each offer distinct experiences, from warm summer activities to the snowy charm of winter. Knowing the typical weather patterns can help travelers plan their visit according to the activities and climate they prefer.


    In Denver, summer brings warm temperatures and plenty of sunshine, making it a peak season for outdoor concerts and hiking. It is the perfect time to enjoy outdoor concerts at venues such as the Red Rocks Amphitheater. Temperatures typically range from the mid-60s to high 80s Fahrenheit, and while the days are hot, the low humidity keeps it comfortable.


    Fall in Denver is characterized by cool, pleasant weather and vibrant foliage. September and October are particularly ideal, offering comfortable temperatures with fewer tourists, according to U.S. News Travel. The crisp air and lower precipitation levels make it an excellent time for exploring the city and the nearby mountain trails.


    Winter in Denver invites travelers with glittering snow ideal for skiing and snowboarding in the nearby Rocky Mountains. This season sees colder temperatures, often dropping below freezing, and higher chances of snowfall. Although it can be quite cold, the city seldom experiences the extreme humidity or wind, creating picturesque winter settings.


    During spring, Denver transitions with milder temperatures and a mix of sunny and wet days. April and May often have temperatures ranging from the 40s to the 60s Fahrenheit. Travelers can experience intermittent rainfall, which helps to nurture the state's colorful blooms and greenery, making it a beautiful season for those who appreciate the renewal of nature. 

    Weather Patterns and Outdoor Activities

    Weather Patterns and Outdoor Activities

    Denver's climate offers distinct opportunities for outdoor activities each season, from sunny hikes to powder-filled ski adventures. The city's elevation promises more than 300 days of sunshine annually, which pairs pleasantly with its varying seasonal weather patterns conducive to a myriad of experiences.

    Summer Activities

    During the summer months, Denver becomes a haven for hikers and bikers with its clear skies and comfortable weather. The city boasts access to numerous trails in the Rocky Mountains ideal for daytime explorations. Activities around Cherry Creek and the Denver Botanic Gardens flourish under the sunny conditions, with limited rain disrupting outdoor fun.

    Winter Sports

    Winter in Denver is synonymous with snow, turning the nearby Rocky Mountain National Park and various ski resorts into a white playground. Skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts revel in the snowy slopes, with world-renowned resorts just a short drive away from the city. One can experience high-quality snow sports from late November through March.

    Spring Explorations

    As snow melts in the spring, paths clear for biking and hiking adventures. Occasional rain helps the natural landscape to flourish, making it an ideal time to visit Denver's parks and open spaces. The temperate weather coupled with fewer tourists provides a calm environment for exploring the great outdoors.

    Autumn Adventures

    Autumn marks a dramatic transformation in Denver with its vibrant foliage and cool yet sunny days. This period is prime for witnessing the golden aspens in the Rocky Mountains, and catching various festivals that celebrate the culture and the season. Outdoor events proceed comfortably amidst the mild temperature, making it a favorite time for many to visit.

    Cultural Events and Festivities 

    Denver boasts a vibrant calendar of events year-round, capturing the city’s love for culture, celebration, and the arts. Whether you’re keen to explore music and art festivals, indulge in food and drink celebrations, or engage in sports and recreation, the Mile High City offers a diverse lineup of events that cater to a wide array of interests and passions.

    Music and Art Festivals

    Cherry Creek Arts Festival: A premier event held annually in the summer, it showcases international visual, culinary, and performing arts. With free admission, visitors can enjoy art demos, music performances, and interactive activities fit for the whole family.

    Denver Arts Festival: Celebrating Colorado's vibrant art scene, this festival features the work of local and national artists. It’s an excellent opportunity to view and purchase fine art and enjoy the creative atmosphere.

    Food and Drink Celebrations

    Great American Beer Fest: Taking place each fall, this renowned festival pours thousands of different American craft beers, offering a taste experience that goes unmatched across the nation.

    • A Taste of Colorado: This Labor Day weekend event delights the palate with offerings from local restaurants, food trucks, and chefs, complemented by live music and entertainment.
    • Oktoberfest: Channeling Denver’s German roots, this festive event marks the arrival of autumn with live music, traditional foods, and, of course, a generous selection of beers.
    • Juneteenth Music Festival: Celebrating African-American culture, this event features soul food and live performances, making it a meaningful and jubilant occasion every June.
    • Cinco de Mayo: Each May, Denver comes alive with one of the largest Cinco de Mayo celebrations in the United States, complete with Mariachi bands, folklorico dancers, and savory Mexican cuisine.

    Sports and Recreation

    National Western Stock Show: A staple of Denver's January events, this livestock, rodeo, and horse show is a testament to the city’s western heritage and offers entertainment for all ages.

    • Denver Broncos: Cheering on the Broncos is a favorite fall pastime in Denver, where sports enthusiasm runs high.
    • Festive races: Seasonal races, like the Blossoms of Light festive 5K in winter, combine athletics with seasonal celebrations, allowing participants to enjoy Denver's outdoor beauty and weather.

    Travel Considerations


    When planning a trip to Denver, timing is crucial for a balanced experience, striking the right note between weather conditions and the ebb and flow of tourists. It is essential to consider how seasonal variations and planning ahead can impact your itinerary, especially regarding museum visits, accommodation, and experiencing the city's vibrant life.

    Peak and Off-Peak Seasons

    Denver's tourism peaks from April to May and again from September to October, which are considered the shoulder seasons. T

    hese times offer comfortable average temperatures and fewer tourists, making it easier to wander through destinations like Larimer Square or the esteemed Denver Art Museum without the crowds.

    Conversely, summer is the busiest month, likely due to outdoor activities and events driving up the popularity and cost of accommodations.

    Accommodations and Reservations

    Reservations for hotels and other accommodations should be made well in advance, especially during the peak seasons. Visitors will find a wide range of options from luxury downtown hotels to quaint bed-and-breakfasts.

    The cheapest time to visit for hotel stays is typically outside the busy summer months, when the rates drop alongside the dip in tourism.

    For a comfortable stay, aim for the transitional months where you can still enjoy moderate temps and marginally less bustling streets.

    Exploring the Mile High City

    Denver offers an array of indoor and outdoor attractions. From the renowned restaurants to a plethora of breweries, there's always something to do regardless of the weather. 

    Shopping and dining in Downtown Denver remain constant draws year-round. To get the most out of your visit, considering the city's elevation and average temperature can aid in planning.

    Keep in mind that while the museums and restaurants provide refuge from the chillier days, outdoor excursions may be best reserved for the warmer, sunnier months. 

    Practical Information

    Practical Information

    When planning a trip to Denver, one needs to consider the climate, temperature fluctuations, and seasonal events to optimize their experience.

    Seasonal Temperatures:

    • Winter (December-February):
      • Average highs range from 43°F (6°C) to 47°F (8°C).
      • Average lows dip to around 17°F (-8°C) to 19°F (-7°C).
      • Expect cold conditions, with January as the chilliest month.
    • Spring (March-May):
      • A transitional period with temperatures scaling from 50°F (10°C) in March to 71°F (22°C) by May.
      • The fluctuation between snow and sunshine is common.
    • Summer (June-August):
      • Warm conditions prevail with highs averaging 83°F (28°C) to 89°F (32°C).
      • Evening thunderstorms are frequent in July.
    • Fall (September-November):
      • Comfortable weather with September highs around 76°F (24°C), cooling to 57°F (14°C) by November.

    Tourist Crowds: Denver sees varying levels of tourism throughout the year. The summer months tend to be busier with outdoor enthusiasts and families on vacation.

    If one wishes to avoid larger crowds while enjoying pleasant weather, visits during April through May and September through October are optimal.

    Events and Activities: Noteworthy events take place year-round, yet specific activities may be best enjoyed seasonally:

    • Winter: Skiing and snowboarding in nearby mountains.
    • Spring: Blossoming gardens and ideal for city walks.
    • Summer: Prime hiking, outdoor concerts, and patio dining.
    • Fall: Vibrant foliage, great for biking and photography.

    By considering these practical factors, visitors can effectively plan their itinerary for a pleasant stay in Denver.

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    In planning your trip to Denver, knowing the best times for weather and savings can enrich your experience.

    What are the weather conditions like in Denver during the peak tourist season?

    During April through May and September through October, Denver experiences its peak tourist season with comfortable temperatures and fewer crowds. These months offer a pleasant climate ideal for outdoor activities.

    How does visiting Denver in July compare with other summer months in terms of weather and events?

    July in Denver is warmer and heralds a buzz of activities, including outdoor concerts at places like Red Rocks Amphitheater. Visitors in July should expect higher temperatures and a lively event schedule.

    What are the benefits of visiting the Denver Zoo at different times of year?

    The Denver Zoo presents varying experiences throughout the year, from viewing animals more active in the cooler months to special events and exhibits that coincide with holidays and school vacations.

    How can travelers take advantage of the most cost-effective times to visit Denver?

    Visiting during off-peak periods, typically outside the summer and winter holidays, can lead to savings on accommodations and attractions, with fewer tourists and reduced prices.

    What is the ideal duration for a trip to Denver to experience its major attractions?

    A trip of 3 to 4 days allows enough time to explore Denver's major attractions without feeling rushed, providing a balance between sightseeing, dining, and relaxation.

    What should visitors expect weather-wise when traveling to Denver in the winter months?

    Winter in Denver can be cold with glittering snow, making it a popular time for skiers and winter sports enthusiasts. Travelers should prepare for chilly conditions and potential snowfall.

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