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Best & Worst Time to Visit Seattle in 2024

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Best & Worst Time to Visit Seattle in 2024

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The best time to visit Seattle is during the late spring through early fall, specifically from late May to early September. This period offers the most favorable weather, with mild temperatures and relatively low rainfall.

Seattle is famous for its frequent rain, but during these months, the city experiences its driest and sunniest days. The temperatures typically range from the high 60s to mid-70s Fahrenheit, providing a comfortable climate for exploring the outdoors.

This time is ideal for enjoying Seattle's abundant natural beauty and outdoor activities. Visitors can take leisurely walks through Pike Place Market, enjoy the lush landscapes of the Washington Park Arboretum, or take a ferry ride to admire the stunning views of Puget Sound.

The longer daylight hours provide ample opportunity for sightseeing and experiencing the city's vibrant culture.

Additionally, numerous festivals and events take place in Seattle during this season, adding to the city's lively atmosphere.

From the famous Seattle International Film Festival to the lively Bumbershoot music and arts festival, there's a wide range of activities that cater to diverse interests.

While this period may be the peak tourist season, resulting in larger crowds and higher prices, the combination of pleasant weather and a plethora of events makes it the most rewarding time for a memorable visit to Seattle.

What Month is the Best to Visit Seattle

What Month is the Best to Visit Seattle

Visiting Seattle in January

January in Seattle greets visitors with its trademark cooler temperatures and frequent rain. It's a time for those who enjoy a quieter city experience, as tourist crowds are minimal.

The city's indoor attractions, like the renowned Seattle Art Museum and the interactive Museum of Pop Culture, offer warm refuges from the damp weather. It's also an excellent month for coffee enthusiasts to explore Seattle's famed coffee culture, with cozy cafes offering a perfect escape from the brisk outside air.

Visiting Seattle in February

February in Seattle continues the winter trend with chilly and wet weather. However, this month brings a unique charm to the city. The Seattle Asian Art Museum often features special exhibits in celebration of Lunar New Year.

Outdoor enthusiasts might find the nearby snow-covered mountains ideal for skiing or snowboarding. The city's indoor music and theatre scene is also vibrant during this time, making it a great month for those seeking cultural experiences away from the rain.

Visiting Seattle in March

March sees the gradual arrival of spring in Seattle. While rain showers are still common, the city begins to awaken with the blooming of cherry blossoms, especially at the University of Washington Quad. This month offers a blend of indoor and outdoor activities.

The Seattle International Film Festival often starts in late March, drawing film buffs from all over. For those willing to brave the unpredictable weather, strolling through Pike Place Market can be a delightful experience.

Visiting Seattle in April

April in Seattle is a transitional month where you can witness the city's transformation. With spring in full bloom, places like the Washington Park Arboretum become a haven for those who appreciate flora and fauna.

The weather remains a mix of rain and emerging sunny days, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor adventures.

The city's food scene starts to buzz, with various food festivals showcasing local and international cuisine, offering a taste of Seattle's diverse culinary landscape.

Visiting Seattle in May

May is when Seattle truly begins to shine. The weather becomes significantly warmer and drier, perfect for outdoor activities. It's an ideal time to visit the iconic Space Needle and enjoy its panoramic views without the hindrance of rain.

Outdoor markets, like the Ballard Farmers Market, become lively hubs of activity. May also marks the start of the cruise season, offering picturesque voyages to Alaska directly from Seattle's ports.

Visiting Seattle in June

June in Seattle is a delight with long, light-filled days and milder temperatures. It's the onset of the city's peak tourist season. Outdoor concerts and festivals, such as the Fremont Solstice Parade, add a vibrant energy to the city.

It's an excellent time for outdoor enthusiasts to explore the numerous hiking trails in the surrounding areas. Additionally, the famous Pike Place Market is in full swing, offering fresh local produce and artisanal products.

Visiting Seattle in July

July is one of the most popular months to visit Seattle, offering warm, sunny days with very little rain. The city's outdoor attractions, like the Seattle Waterfront and Green Lake Park, are particularly enjoyable during this time. T

he famous Seafair Festival, with its boat races and air shows, is a major highlight. For food lovers, July is ideal for savoring fresh seafood at waterfront restaurants.

This month's clear skies also provide stunning views of Mount Rainier, encouraging day trips for hiking and sightseeing.

Visiting Seattle in August

August continues the trend of warm, sunny weather in Seattle, making it perfect for exploring the city's natural beauty.

Outdoor activities like kayaking in Lake Union or visiting the blooming gardens at Volunteer Park are highly recommended. The city's vibrant culture is on full display with numerous street fairs and music festivals, including the popular Bumbershoot at the end of the month.

It's also an excellent time for whale watching tours in the Puget Sound.

Visiting Seattle in September

September in Seattle is often considered the hidden gem of the year. The weather remains warm, but the summer crowds start to thin out, offering a more relaxed atmosphere.

The city celebrates the annual Washington State Fair, attracting visitors and locals alike. It's also a great month for exploring the famous wineries in the nearby Yakima Valley.

Outdoor enthusiasts can still enjoy hiking and biking trails, while the cooler evenings are perfect for experiencing Seattle's thriving dining and nightlife scene.

Visiting Seattle in October

October brings a crisp, autumnal feel to Seattle. The city's parks and neighborhoods are adorned with colorful fall foliage, creating picturesque scenes. It's a quieter month for tourism, making it ideal for those who prefer a more laid-back visit.

The Seattle Film Festival often takes place in October, offering a wide array of independent and international films.

Additionally, pumpkin patches and harvest festivals in the surrounding rural areas provide a quaint and festive experience.

Visiting Seattle in November

November in Seattle is characterized by cooler temperatures and a return to more frequent rainfall. This month offers a unique opportunity to experience the city's cozy side. Coffee shops and bookstores become especially inviting, creating a perfect setting for relaxation.

The cultural scene is vibrant, with various art exhibits and live music performances throughout the city. November also marks the beginning of holiday festivities, with the downtown area starting to light up with seasonal decorations.

Visiting Seattle in December

December in Seattle is a festive and lively time, despite the shorter days and colder, wetter weather.

The city lights up with holiday spirit, featuring dazzling light displays, such as the ones at the Woodland Park Zoo. Seasonal markets and craft fairs offer unique local shopping experiences.

The famous Pike Place Market is adorned with festive decorations, adding to its charm. It's also an excellent time for theater enthusiasts, as many local theaters stage holiday-themed performances.

Seattle Weather Guide

Seattle Weather Guide

Seattle's weather is characterized by its distinct seasonal variations. Summers in Seattle are known for being short, warm, and relatively dry with partly cloudy skies. In contrast, the winters are very cold, wet, and predominantly cloudy.

Throughout the year, temperatures typically range from a low of around 3°C to a high of 26°C, with extremes being rare. The best time for warm-weather activities is usually from early July to late August, when the temperatures are most comfortable for outdoor exploration.

This guide provides a detailed month-by-month breakdown of Seattle's weather, including average high and low temperatures in both Fahrenheit and Celsius, and the number of rainy days you can expect.

Seattle Weather Year Round Table

Month High / Low (°F) High / Low (°C) Rain (Days)
January 48°F / 37°F 9°C / 3°C 14.8 days
February 50°F / 39°F 10°C / 4°C 13.1 days
March 55°F / 41°F 13°C / 5°C 14.8 days
April 61°F / 45°F 16°C / 7°C 11.6 days
May 66°F / 50°F 19°C / 10°C 9.2 days
June 72°F / 55°F 22°C / 13°C 7.2 days
July 77°F / 59°F 25°C / 15°C 3.6 days
August 77°F / 59°F 25°C / 15°C 3.5 days
September 72°F / 54°F 22°C / 12°C 6.3 days
October 61°F / 48°F 16°C / 9°C 12.0 days
November 52°F / 43°F 11°C / 6°C 16.7 days
December 47°F / 37°F 8°C / 3°C 15.8 days

This weather data is provided by Weather Spark.

Seattle Travel Guide and Trip Ideas

Seattle Travel Guide and Trip Ideas

Seattle, a city known for its stunning natural scenery and vibrant urban landscape, offers a wealth of experiences for travelers. From iconic landmarks to hidden gems, this guide will help you discover the best of Seattle, ensuring a trip filled with memorable moments.

Places to Visit in Seattle

Seattle is home to an array of remarkable destinations. Here's a snapshot of the must-visit places:

  • Pike Place Market: An iconic, bustling market offering fresh produce, artisanal goods, and unique local crafts.
  • Space Needle: The city's famous landmark, providing panoramic views of the surrounding area.
  • Chihuly Garden and Glass: A mesmerizing exhibition of Dale Chihuly's glass artworks set in a lush garden.
  • Seattle Art Museum: A haven for art lovers, featuring a diverse collection of artworks from various cultures and periods.
  • The Museum of Flight: An aviation enthusiast's dream, showcasing an extensive array of aircraft and space vehicles.
  • Seattle Aquarium: A window into the marine life of the Pacific Northwest, perfect for families and marine biology enthusiasts.

What to Do in Seattle (Top Things to Do)

Whether you're an outdoor adventurer or a culture seeker, Seattle has activities to suit all tastes:

  • Take a Ferry Ride to Bainbridge Island: Enjoy the scenic beauty of Puget Sound and explore the charming island community.
  • Explore the Fremont Troll: Discover this quirky, large-scale public sculpture hidden under a bridge.
  • Visit the Starbucks Reserve Roastery: Experience a premium coffee journey in the city where Starbucks was born.
  • Walk Through the Olympic Sculpture Park: Admire contemporary sculptures and stunning views of the Elliott Bay.
  • Attend a Show at the Paramount Theatre: Catch a live performance at this historic venue.
  • Explore the Ballard Locks: Watch boats navigate the locks and visit the adjacent botanical gardens.

Where to Stay in Seattle

Seattle offers a range of accommodation options to suit every preference:

  • Downtown Hotels: Stay in the heart of the city, close to major attractions and shopping districts.
  • Boutique Hotels in Capitol Hill: Experience the city's trendy side with unique, stylish lodging options.
  • Waterfront Hotels: Enjoy stunning views and easy access to waterfront activities.
  • Cozy Bed and Breakfasts in Fremont: For a more intimate and local experience.
  • Luxury Accommodations in Bellevue: Indulge in upscale amenities and services.
  • Affordable Hostels Near the University District: Ideal for budget travelers and students.

Best Tours in Seattle

To fully experience the city, consider these engaging tours:

  • Underground History Tour: Discover Seattle's fascinating underground city.
  • Food and Cultural Walking Tour of Pike Place Market: Taste your way through this iconic market.
  • Boat Tours of Puget Sound: See Seattle from a different perspective on the water.
  • Craft Brewery Tour: Explore Seattle's thriving craft beer scene.
  • Guided Hiking Tours in the Nearby Mountains: Experience the natural beauty surrounding Seattle.
  • Architecture and Design Tours: Learn about Seattle's unique architectural landscape.

When is the Best Time to Travel to Seattle


Best Time to Visit Seattle for Sun

The ideal time for sun-seekers to visit Seattle is from July to early September. During these months, the city enjoys its warmest and driest weather, with clear skies and mild temperatures.

This period is perfect for outdoor activities, exploring the city's parks, and enjoying rooftop dining. The pleasant weather also provides great opportunities for sightseeing and photography, with the natural and urban landscapes at their most vibrant.

Best Time to Visit Seattle for Whale Watching

For whale watching enthusiasts, the best time to visit Seattle is from March to May. During this period, gray whales migrate through the Puget Sound, offering a spectacular natural display.

Additionally, orca sightings are more common in these months. Various tours operate from Seattle, providing opportunities to see these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.

The spring season also brings milder weather, making boat trips more enjoyable.

Best Time to Visit Seattle for Hiking

The prime time for hiking around Seattle is from late June to early October. During these months, the trails are mostly dry, and the weather is favorable, with minimal rain and comfortable temperatures.

This is the perfect time to explore the Cascade and Olympic Mountains, offering breathtaking views and diverse landscapes. Hikers can enjoy wildflower meadows in the earlier part of this period and vibrant fall colors later on.

Best Time to Visit Seattle and Vancouver

The optimal time to visit both Seattle and Vancouver is from May to September. This period offers the best balance of pleasant weather and reduced rainfall in both cities.

The summer months are particularly vibrant, with numerous festivals and outdoor events. Traveling between the two cities is easier during this time, with more transportation options and better road conditions.

It's also a great period for exploring the outdoor attractions and urban sights in both locations.

Best Time to Visit Seattle Space Needle

To visit the Seattle Space Needle, the best time is during the summer months, from June to August. This period offers clear, sunny days, ensuring unobstructed views from the observation deck.

The weather is typically warm and dry, making it comfortable to enjoy both the indoor and outdoor viewing areas.

Additionally, longer daylight hours in summer allow for extended visiting times and the chance to witness stunning sunsets over the city skyline.

Worst Time to Visit Seattle

The worst time to visit Seattle is typically from November to January. During these months, the city often experiences its coldest and wettest weather, with frequent rain and overcast skies.

The shorter days and reduced sunlight can limit outdoor activities and sightseeing opportunities. Additionally, this period sees fewer tourist events and attractions, which might detract from the vibrant atmosphere Seattle is known for.

For travelers seeking to explore the city's outdoor beauty or partake in its lively cultural scene, these winter months may offer a more subdued experience compared to the rest of the year.

Best Time to Visit Seattle FAQ

What is the sunniest time of year in Seattle?

What is the sunniest time of year in Seattle?

The sunniest time in Seattle is typically from July to September. During these months, the city enjoys the most prolonged periods of sunshine, with minimal rainfall and clear skies.

When is Seattle's peak tourist season?

Seattle's peak tourist season runs from late June to early September. This period aligns with the city's best weather conditions, hosting numerous outdoor events and festivals.

Can I visit Seattle in winter?

Yes, you can visit Seattle in winter, particularly if you enjoy indoor activities. The city offers various museums, art galleries, and cozy coffee shops to explore during the colder, rainier months.

Is spring a good time for visiting Seattle?

Spring, especially from April to June, can be a delightful time to visit Seattle. The weather starts to warm up, and the city blooms with cherry blossoms and spring flowers, making it ideal for outdoor strolls and botanical garden visits.

Are hotels cheaper in Seattle during a specific time of year?

Hotel prices in Seattle tend to be lower during the off-peak season, which is from November to early March, excluding holidays. This is due to fewer tourists and cooler, wetter weather.

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