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Does JetBlue Fly to Hawaii? (Using JetBlue Points on Hawaii)

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Does JetBlue Fly to Hawaii? (Using JetBlue Points on Hawaii)

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When thinking of flying to Hawaii, one may wonder if JetBlue, renowned for its superior service and comfortable seating, offers flights to the Aloha State. It’s crucial to clarify that while JetBlue itself does not directly operate flights to Hawaii, it has forged a significant partnership with Hawaiian Airlines to ensure its TrueBlue members can still say ‘Aloha’ with ease!

JetBlue and Hawaiian Airlines Partnership

JetBlue and Hawaiian Airlines have a partnership that allows TrueBlue members to earn and redeem TrueBlue points on all qualifying Hawaiian Airlines operated flights. Hawaiian Airlines operates flights to over 30 destinations in more than 8 countries globally, offering TrueBlue members a plethora of options to earn points.

To earn points, TrueBlue members can book through and enter their TrueBlue number or contact JetBlue customer service agents when checking in.

How to Earn and Redeem TrueBlue Points

To earn points, TrueBlue members need to book through, enter their TrueBlue number, contact JetBlue, or get assistance from a JetBlue customer service agent when checking in to add their TrueBlue number.

If booking a Hawaiian Airlines-only flight, one needs to book through and contact Hawaiian Airlines to add their TrueBlue number to their reservation.

TrueBlue members can also redeem their points for Hawaiian Airlines flights by contacting JetBlue to make a reservation. Award tickets are available on all Hawaiian Airlines flights, although award availability may be limited.

FAQ Section

Are JetBlue and Hawaiian Airlines partners?

Yes, JetBlue and Hawaiian Airlines are partners, allowing TrueBlue members to earn and redeem points on Hawaiian Airlines operated flights.

What airlines fly to Hawaii?

Many airlines fly to Hawaii including Hawaiian Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and United Airlines, among others.

Does JetBlue codeshare with Hawaiian Airlines?

The provided information does not specifically mention a codeshare agreement between JetBlue and Hawaiian Airlines but emphasizes the partnership allowing the earning and redeeming of TrueBlue points on Hawaiian Airlines operated flights.


While JetBlue does not fly directly to Hawaii, the partnership with Hawaiian Airlines makes it possible for TrueBlue members to earn and redeem points on flights to Hawaii, enabling them to experience the beauty and culture of the islands seamlessly.

Note to Readers:

Please note that for specific details, availability, terms, and conditions related to the earning and redeeming of TrueBlue points on Hawaiian Airlines flights, it is recommended to directly refer to the official websites of JetBlue and Hawaiian Airlines or contact their customer service.

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