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How Much Are Hotels in San Antonio Riverwalk: Hotel Prices in San Antonio Riverwalk

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How Much Are Hotels in San Antonio Riverwalk: Hotel Prices in San Antonio Riverwalk

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The San Antonio Riverwalk, known for its picturesque waterway, lively atmosphere, and array of dining, shopping, and entertainment options, is a top destination for travelers worldwide.

Choosing the right hotel can significantly enhance your experience, but it often comes down to one crucial question: How much are hotels in San Antonio Riverwalk? In this post, we'll explore the various hotel options available along the Riverwalk and what you can expect to pay for each.

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Here's a table of the hotel prices in San Antonio Riverwalk:

Hotel Name Price
San Antonio Marriott Rivercenter on the River Walk From $264
Mokara Hotel & Spa San Antonio From $285
Grand Hyatt San Antonio River Walk From $242
Marriott San Antonio Riverwalk From $265
Hyatt Regency San Antonio Riverwalk From $235
Canopy by Hilton San Antonio Riverwalk From $199
Hotel Valencia Riverwalk From $238
The Westin Riverwalk, San Antonio From $232
Omni La Mansion del Rio From $237
Thompson San Antonio – Riverwalk, part of Hyatt From $289
TownePlace Suites From $137
Hilton Palacio Del Rio From $192
Menger Hotel From $152
Hotel Contessa From $249
Drury Inn & Suites San Antonio Riverwalk From $225
Embassy Suites San Antonio Riverwalk-Downtown From $193

Overview of Hotel Prices in San Antonio Riverwalk

Hotel prices along the Riverwalk vary, ranging from luxurious stays to budget-friendly options. Several factors influence the cost, including the time of year, specific location along the Riverwalk, and the amenities offered.

Generally, you can expect to pay anywhere from just under $200 to well over $250 per night, depending on the level of luxury and service you desire.

Luxury Hotels: Features and Pricing

For those seeking a lavish experience, the Riverwalk doesn't disappoint. Let’s look at some of the best hotels in San Antonio Riverwalk:

  1. San Antonio Marriott Rivercenter on the River Walk – Starting at $264, this upscale property offers luxury right in the heart of the action, steps away from popular attractions.

  2. Mokara Hotel & Spa San Antonio – With prices beginning at $285, Mokara is the epitome of elegance, boasting a renowned spa and exquisite dining.

  3. The Westin Riverwalk, San Antonio – From $232, this hotel combines comfort and convenience, featuring stunning river views and a serene ambiance.

These hotels, among others, offer an array of amenities including gourmet restaurants, spas, and breathtaking river views. The higher price tags not only pay for a room but an entire experience that includes top-notch service and access to some of the best features of the Riverwalk.

Mid-Range Hotels: Comfort at a Moderate Price

For those who desire a balance between luxury and affordability, the Riverwalk offers several mid-range hotels that don't skimp on comfort or location:

  1. Grand Hyatt San Antonio River Walk – Starting from $242, this hotel provides a sophisticated experience with easy access to local attractions and comfortable, modern rooms.

  2. Marriott San Antonio Riverwalk – With prices beginning at $265, expect a blend of convenience and comfort, plus stunning views of the Riverwalk and cityscape.

  3. Hyatt Regency San Antonio Riverwalk – Priced from $235, this hotel offers a prime location with amenities like a rooftop pool and on-site dining.

These hotels are perfect for those seeking a quality stay without the ultra-luxury price tag. They offer excellent amenities like pools, fitness centers, and in-house restaurants, all while being steps away from the Riverwalk’s vibrant atmosphere.

Budget-Friendly Options: Affordable Comfort

Traveling on a budget? The Riverwalk has got you covered with hotels that offer great value:

  1. TownePlace Suites – From just $137, this hotel offers a cozy stay with all the essential amenities, making it ideal for longer visits or those who prefer simple, efficient lodging.

  2. Menger Hotel – Starting at $152, it provides a unique historic charm combined with modern conveniences, all within a budget-friendly price range.

  3. Drury Inn & Suites San Antonio Riverwalk – Priced from $225, it offers a great mix of value and comfort, complete with complimentary breakfast and an inviting pool.

These hotels prove that staying on the Riverwalk doesn’t have to break the bank. They are excellent choices for families, solo travelers, and anyone looking for a comfortable stay at a reasonable price.

Family-Friendly and Pet-Friendly Hotels

Traveling with family or furry friends? The Riverwalk welcomes all:

  1. For families, look for hotels with spacious rooms, pools, and maybe even special activities for kids. Hotels like the Marriott and the Hyatt Regency are known for their family-oriented accommodations and proximity to child-friendly attractions.

  2. Pet lovers will find solace in hotels like Canopy by Hilton San Antonio Riverwalk and the Grand Hyatt, where pets are not just allowed but welcomed with special amenities.

These hotels understand that family vacations and trips with pets have unique needs and they strive to accommodate those to ensure a pleasant stay for everyone.

Seasonal Variations in Pricing

Timing can significantly impact hotel pricing along the Riverwalk. Here's what to expect:

  1. Peak Season (Spring and Fall): Expect higher prices during these times due to the pleasant weather and popular events. It's a fantastic time to experience the Riverwalk's vibrant energy, but be prepared for higher rates.

  2. Off-Peak Season (Late Summer and Winter): This is when you'll find some of the best deals. Although it might be hotter in summer or cooler in winter, the lower prices and fewer crowds can make for a more relaxed experience.

  3. Special Events: Major events like Fiesta San Antonio can cause a spike in prices due to high demand. Booking well in advance is key during these periods.

Understanding these patterns can help you plan your trip to align with your budget and preferences.

Special Offers and Packages

To maximize value, keep an eye out for special offers and packages. Many Riverwalk hotels provide deals that include dining credits, parking discounts, or tickets to local attractions. For instance, the Hotel Valencia Riverwalk often has packages that enhance the cultural experience of your stay. Additionally, joining loyalty programs of hotel chains can give access to exclusive discounts and perks.

Additional Costs to Consider

When budgeting for your hotel stay, remember to account for additional costs:

  1. Parking Fees: Many hotels charge for parking, which can add a significant amount to your bill. Some hotels offer packages that include parking, so it's worth asking about this.

  2. Resort Fees: These fees cover amenities like the pool, fitness center, and Wi-Fi. Ensure you know what's included in your rate to avoid surprises.

  3. Dining Costs: While some hotels offer complimentary breakfast, others may have on-site restaurants where dining can add up. Plan your meals according to your budget.

Comparative Analysis: Riverwalk vs. Downtown San Antonio Hotels

When deciding between staying on the Riverwalk or in downtown San Antonio, consider the following:

  1. Pricing: Downtown hotels may offer more budget-friendly options compared to Riverwalk hotels, which tend to be pricier due to their prime location and scenic views.

  2. Location and Convenience: Riverwalk hotels put you right in the heart of San Antonio's most iconic attractions, whereas downtown hotels might require a bit more walking or transportation to reach these spots.

  3. Atmosphere: The Riverwalk offers a unique, lively atmosphere with immediate access to restaurants, shops, and entertainment, while downtown provides a more subdued, urban experience.

Both locations have their perks and can cater to different preferences and budgets.


The San Antonio Riverwalk offers a range of hotel options to suit every kind of traveler, from luxury seekers to budget-conscious visitors. Whether you prioritize lavish amenities, value comfort at a moderate price, or need a family-friendly environment, there's a hotel for you.

Seasonal variations in pricing and special offers can also play a big role in what you'll pay for your stay. Remember to consider additional costs like parking and resort fees when budgeting for your trip.


To wrap up, let’s answer some frequently asked questions:

What's the average price for a mid-range hotel on the Riverwalk?

Mid-range hotels typically range from $200 to $265 per night, depending on the season and specific amenities.

Are there all-inclusive hotels on the Riverwalk?

While not traditionally all-inclusive, some hotels offer packages that include dining credits or attraction tickets, adding value to your stay.

Can I find hotels with free cancellation on the Riverwalk?

Yes, many hotels offer flexible cancellation policies, but it’s always best to check the specific terms at the time of booking.

Is the Riverwalk safe at night?

The Riverwalk is generally considered safe, but like any popular tourist area, it's wise to stay aware of your surroundings, especially at night.

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