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Once a week we send out our super popular freebie newsletter where we cover the best premium freebies available. We always reserve the dedicated number #1 spot on that newsletter for freebies that are hosted on our site. This spot ends up grabbing 4,000 - 6,000 clicks each time so it's a really strong spot to promote a freebie. We'll also give you two backlinks on our website and if it's SUPERB freebie, then we'll also add two backlinks in our newsletter!

Co-author Freebies

We've made multiple co-operative freebies with some of the most talented font creators in the world. They have given us a font for free in exchange for massive exposure on our website and newsletter. Sometimes we even end up creating the preview images for their font, if the font is TOP NOTCH. See King Basil for example, we've made all those images for this amazing font by Missy Meyer.

We're always open to feature amazing freebies on our site and newsletter so if you think you've got a freebie that is at the same, or even better quality, that we already have on our site, just send us your freebie for a review :)