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25+ Best Colors That Go With Blue (Color Palettes)

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25+ Best Colors That Go With Blue (Color Palettes)

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Do you want to know how to use blue in your home like an expert designer? Are you stuck trying to come up with the perfect blue color palette for a big event or project, but not sure which colors go best with blue?

In this blog post, we'll explore all of the wonderful shades and hues that look amazing when paired together with beautiful shades of blues. From classic combos like grey and white, to more daring pairings such as turquoise and coral - get ready for some inspiration!

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Colors That Go With Blue

Here's our list of the best colors that match with the color blue. Includes color palettes, hex codes and color names. Color blue means calm and trust so it's fun to see how other colors affect its purpose.

1. Silver Grey and Blue

Silver Grey and Blue Color Palette

Yinmn Blue + Battleship Gray + Anti-Flash White

Hex Codes: #274C77, #8B8C89, #E7ECEF

This combination emanates a crisp and clean vibe, mirroring the serenity of a quiet, overcast beach day. Silver Grey brings out the cool undertones of Blue, creating a balanced and calming atmosphere. This pair is ideal for creating a minimalist, modern living room or a sophisticated business suit.

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2. Coral and Blue

Coral and Blue Color Palette

Savoy Blue + Misty Rose + Coral

Hex Codes: #3B60C6, #FEDFD4, #FF8D64

Coral, with its vibrant and warm undertones, offers a striking contrast to cool Blue, resembling a tropical sunset over a calm sea. It's perfect for summer wardrobes, bright and cheerful interior decor, or striking marketing materials.

3. Cream and Blue

Cream and Blue Color Palette

Cream + Steel Blue + Yinmn Blue

Hex Codes: #F1FEC6, #497FAB, #25537E

This classic pairing invokes images of clouds floating across a clear blue sky, creating a serene, tranquil effect. Ideal for bedroom decor, wedding color themes, or casual yet chic apparel.

4. Mint Green and Blue

Mint Green and Blue Color Palette

Mint + Persian Blue + Melon

Hex Codes: #3EB489, #1737C9, #FFBFB7

This combination feels fresh, crisp, and invigorating, reminiscent of a cool sea breeze on a summer day. It's great for a calming bedroom theme, rejuvenating wellness clinic interiors, or a youthful clothing collection.

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5. Chocolate Brown and Blue

Chocolate Brown and Blue Color Palette

Chamoisee + Royal Blue (Traditional) + Linen

Hex Codes: #996F51, #072768, #F7EFE8

The earthy undertones of Chocolate Brown grounds the ethereal essence of Blue, creating a natural, grounded appeal. This pair is perfect for rustic interior design, earthy pottery creations, or casual denim and leather ensembles.

6. Burnt Orange and Blue

Burnt Orange and Blue Color Palette

International Klein Blue + Lavender (Web) + Burnt Orange

Hex Codes: #2B2B9F, #D8D4F2, #C2570B

This dramatic combination is reminiscent of a fiery sunset against a deep blue sky. It's ideal for vibrant artwork, attention-grabbing event posters, or an expressive personal wardrobe.

7. Lavender and Blue

Lavender and Blue Color Palette

Royal Purple + Savoy Blue + Lavender (Web)

Hex Codes: #6C4EB4, #5065CE, #E6E6FA

Lavender adds a soothing, romantic touch to the calming presence of Blue. This pair would work wonderfully for a calming situation, a dreamy bedroom, or feminine apparel.

8. Mustard Yellow and Blue

Mustard Yellow and Blue Color Palette

Mustard + Oxford Blue + Anti-Flash White

Hex Codes: #F5D04C, #001D3D, #EBEBEB

Mustard Yellow provides a bold, energetic contrast to Blue, echoing the vibrancy of a sunny beach day. Perfect for a lively kitchen decor, unique stationery design, or standout streetwear.

9. Teal and Blue

Teal and Blue Color Palette

Verdigris + Polynesian Blue + Icterine

Hex Codes: #50C5B7, #044389, #F0F465

This combination blends beautifully to create a cool, oceanic vibe. Ideal for an aquatic-themed bedroom, a stylish swimwear line, or a calming spa interior.

10. Raspberry Red and Blue

Raspberry Red and Blue Color Palette

Argentinian Blue + Lavender Pink + Persian Pink

Hex Codes: #5EAFF2, #FCABD8, #F877B1

This pairing is striking and vibrant, like a bowl of fresh berries on a summer day. It's excellent for a standout makeup palette, an eye-catching website, or a bold party dress.

11. Turquoise and Blue

Turquoise and Blue Color Palette

Blue (Crayola) + Ivory + Aquamarine

Hex Codes: #5C7AFF, #F5F4E5, #73FBD3

Turquoise enhances the cool, calming vibe of Blue, creating an atmosphere of tropical tranquility. It's perfect for beach-inspired home decor, refreshing beverage packaging, or a vacation-ready wardrobe.

12. Champagne and Blue

Champagne and Blue Color Palette

Prussian Blue + Cool Gray + Champagne

Hex Codes: #00233B, #9590A8, #F7E7CE

This luxe combo exudes elegance and sophistication, much like an upscale event. This combination would be fitting for a glamorous wedding theme, a high-end fashion line, or a posh restaurant interior.

13. Olive Green and Blue

Olive Green and Blue Color Palette

Berkeley Blue + Beige + Dark Moss Green

Hex Codes: #052F5F, #E9EDDE, #52682D

The earthy tones of Olive Green beautifully complements Blue, creating a serene and natural palette. It's great for a cozy cabin interior, a nature-inspired art project, or casual outdoor wear.

14. Peach and Blue

Peach and Blue Color Palette

Maya Blue + Earth Yellow + Atomic Tangerine

Hex Codes: #7BC6FC, #FCC27B, #FCA37B

Peach adds a warm, soft touch to the coolness of Blue, creating a balanced, gentle palette. This duo would be suitable for a welcoming nursery, a spring-inspired fashion collection, or charming bakery branding.

15. Copper and Blue

Copper and Blue Color Palette

Copper + Berkeley Blue + Cadet Gray

Hex Codes: #B87333, #002B59, #8DA1B9

Copper brings out the richness in Blue, creating a sophisticated, vintage vibe. Perfect for a luxurious bedroom decor, an antique jewelry line, or an elegant event poster.

16. Pale Pink and Blue

Pale Pink and Blue Color Palette

Medium Slate Blue + Tropical Indigo + Mauve

Hex Codes: #696EFF, #B18DFF, #F8ACFF

This sweet and soft pair exudes a calming, youthful charm, reminiscent of a candyfloss sky. It's ideal for a chic baby shower, a trendy beauty product packaging, or a feminine clothing line.

17. Indigo and Blue

Indigo and Blue Color Palette

Indigo + Blue + Ice Blue

Hex Codes: #4B0082, #2F11F5, #7EFCF4

Indigo deepens the intensity of Blue, creating a palette that is soothing yet profound. It's great for a minimalist home decor, a contemporary art gallery, or a stylish denim outfit.

18. Jade Green and Blue

Jade Green and Blue Color Palette

Prussian Blue + Malachite + Jade

Hex Codes: #003855, #67E26D, #00A36C

Jade Green enhances the cool, relaxing vibe of Blue, resembling a hidden lagoon in a tropical forest. It's perfect for a meditation room, a health product packaging, or a relaxing resort wear.

19. Beige and Blue

Beige and Blue Color Palette

Beige + Cadet Gray + Indigo Dye

Hex Codes: #F5F5DC, #7B9EAA, #004777

The neutral, sandy tones of Beige provide a gentle contrast to Blue, creating an airy, beachy vibe. This combination is ideal for a minimalist living room, a casual yet stylish fashion ensemble, or a beach-themed website.

20. Maroon and Blue

Maroon and Blue Color Palette

Prussian Blue + Maroon + Papaya Whip

Hex Codes: #003049, #800000, #FDF0D5

The deep, rich tones of Maroon combined with Blue conjure up a feeling of elegance and drama. This duo would work wonderfully for a luxurious dining room, a sophisticated fall wardrobe, or a dramatic theatre poster.

21. Emerald Green and Blue

Emerald Green and Blue Color Palette

Midnight Green + Emerald + Platinum

Hex Codes: #004E64, #50C878, #E4E4E4

The rich, jewel-like Emerald Green adds depth and elegance to the coolness of Blue, resembling a sparkling gemstone. It's perfect for a majestic event decor, an upscale jewelry line, or a stylish holiday outfit.

22. Slate Grey and Blue

Slate Grey and Blue Color Palette

Slate Gray + Ghost White + Non Photo Blue

Hex Codes: #708090, #F2F4FF, #97E6F7

Slate Grey enhances the cool undertones of Blue, creating a contemporary, sleek palette. It's ideal for a modern office decor, a minimalist website design, or a chic urban wardrobe.

23. Lilac and Blue

Lilac and Blue Color Palette

Federal Blue + Lilac + Pale Azure

Hex Codes: #121051, #C8A2C8, #97DFFC

Lilac adds a soft, dreamy touch to the soothing vibes of Blue, invoking images of spring blossoms. This pair is perfect for a tranquil bedroom theme, a romantic wedding color scheme, or a feminine spring fashion collection.

24. Gold and Blue

Gold and Blue Color Palette

Yale Blue + Gold + Chamoisee

Hex Codes: #003566, #FFD60A, #A57548

Gold adds warmth and elegance to the coolness of Blue, creating a royal, luxurious palette. This combination is great for a majestic event theme, a premium product packaging, or a glamorous evening gown.

25. Black and Blue

Black and Blue Color Palette

Rich Black + Oxford Blue + Tiffany Blue

Hex Codes: #000814, #001D3D, #84DCCF

Black deepens the intensity of Blue, creating a palette that is bold yet serene. It's perfect for a modern kitchen decor, a professional business suit, or an elegant book cover design.

26. Seafoam Green and Blue

Seafoam Green and Blue Color Palette

Midnight Green + Aquamarine + Persian Green

Hex Codes: #004E64, #9FFFCB, #25A18E

Seafoam Green softens the coolness of Blue, creating a calming, oceanic palette. This duo is ideal for a soothing bathroom decor, a relaxing wellness spa interior, or a light summer outfit.

27. Sand and Blue

Sand and Blue Color Palette

Blue (Ncs) + Robin Egg Blue + Timberwolf

Hex Codes: #0487B7, #05C0C9, #E6DDD5

The neutral, earthy tones of Sand complement Blue beautifully, invoking images of a tranquil beach. This combination is great for a beach house interior, a casual yet chic summer wardrobe, or a natural skincare packaging.

What Colors Go With Blue?


Colors that go well with blue are vast and depend on the shade of blue you’re starting from. Generally, a lighter or brighter shade works best when paired with other bold colors to create contrast or can be styled side by side with softer neutrals like greys and whites for a clean look. Here is an extensive list of colors that coordinate nicely with many shades of blues:

  • White
  • Cream
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Red
  • Purple

Similar Colors to Blue

Every blue shade has a unique hue that can create amazing contrast when put together – from deep blues like navy or steel, to lighter pastel tones such as baby or sky – the options are endless. Here are some popular shades of blue:

  • Azure
  • Cobalt
  • Royal blue
  • Baby blue
  • Navy blue
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