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27 Best Blue Color Palettes with Names & Hex Codes

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27 Best Blue Color Palettes with Names & Hex Codes

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When you close your eyes and think of a sky on a clear summer's day or the depth of a serene ocean, you'll likely picture a color similar to blue. Synonymous with tranquility and harmony, blue is a color that has pervaded our culture, fashion, and art throughout the ages.

In this guide, you'll find more than 25 blue color palettes that include the best colors that match blue, ranging from delicate pastels to rich, deep tones, offers an exciting journey of exploration. Let's delve into the world of blue, its variants, and the meaning behind its enchanting palettes.

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Best Blue Color Palettes and Combinations


The versatility of blue lets it blend seamlessly into various color palettes, creating diverse atmospheres and moods.

1. Blue and Green Color Palette


Color names & hex codes:

  • Yale Blue: #01377d
  • Blue Green: #009dd1
  • Non Photo blue: #97e7f5
  • SGBUS green: #7ed348
  • Jade: #26b170

Think of earth meeting sky, a calming walk in a forest under a clear, blue sky. The blue and green color palette draws inspiration from nature's very own color scheme, delivering freshness and tranquility.

Blue and Green Color Palette Blue-and-Green-Color-Palette-25-Blue-Color-Palettes-with-with-Hex-Codes
Blue-and-Green-Color-Palette-25-Blue-Color-Palettes-with-with-Hex-Codes-Pinterest-Tall Blue-and-Green-Color-Palette-with-Hex-Codes-Pinterest-Tall-White
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2. Blue and Yellow Color Palette


Color names & hex codes:

  • Oxford Blue: #001840
  • Royal blue (traditional): #102a71
  • Jonquil: #f5c400
  • Mustard: #ffdc5f
  • Ivory: #fffdf0

Blue combined with yellow sparks memories of warm summer days, creating a happy, sunny disposition. The blue and yellow color palette is cheery and bright, resonating positivity and energy.

3. Blue and Grey Color Palette


Color names & hex codes:

  • YInMn Blue: #395a7f
  • Air superiority blue: #6e9fc1
  • Uranian Blue: #a3cae9
  • Anti-flash white: #e9ecee
  • Silver: #acacac

Blue and grey color palette resonates with sophistication and modernity, creating a soothing yet stylish ambiance. It brings together the calm of blue and the neutrality of grey in an elegant mix.

4. Blue and Purple Color Palette


Color names & hex codes:

  • Chrysler blue: #560bad
  • Grape: #7209b7
  • Fandango: #b5179e
  • Chefchaouen Blue: #4895ef
  • Palatinate blue: #3f37c9

The blue and purple color palette speaks to the mysteries of the night sky. It's a palette that's both royal and mystical, merging the cool tranquility of blue with the profound depth of purple.

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5. Blue and Orange Color Palette


Color names & hex codes:

  • Light red: #fd7979
  • Atomic tangerine: #ffa77f
  • Sunset: #ffcc8f
  • Maya blue: #7dc9ff
  • Ruddy Blue: #68a8f1

Contrasting yet harmonious, the blue and orange color palette is bold and dynamic. Evocative of a picturesque sunset, it's a balance of warmth and coolness.

6. Blue and Brown Color Palette


Color names & hex codes:

  • Lapis Lazuli: #016180
  • Air Force blue: #4a8cb0
  • Linen: #f8ede5
  • Raw umber: #8c5c47
  • Café noir: #4c2c17

The blue and brown color palette feels grounded and reliable, reminiscent of earth and sky. This palette provides a comforting, cozy, and trustworthy ambiance.

7. Blue and Red Color Palette


Color names & hex codes:

  • Federal blue: #06065d
  • Cobalt blue: #0e49b5
  • Non Photo blue: #a2dae0
  • Off Red (RGB): #ed0101
  • Turkey red: #a70107

Blue and red create a palette that is stimulating yet trustworthy. This palette conveys a sense of power and reliability, making it an appealing choice for corporate designs.

8. Blue and Pink Color Palette


Color names & hex codes:

  • Silver Lake Blue: #4e8bc4
  • Light Sky Blue: #96cbfc
  • Uranian Blue: #c2e1fc
  • Orchid pink: #ffc2d9
  • Amaranth pink: #ff99be

A blend of the cool blue with tender pink can create a palette that's sweet and sentimental. The blue and pink color palette exudes softness and femininity, perfect for expressing tenderness and affection.

9. Blue and Teal Color Palette


Color names & hex codes:

  • Palatinate blue: #3333cc
  • Tropical indigo: #9999ff
  • Uranian Blue: #c0dfff
  • Moonstone: #60b0c0
  • Teal: #008080

The blue and teal palette resonates with tranquility and balance. Inspired by sea and sky, it evokes a refreshing and serene atmosphere.

10. Blue and Gold Color Palette


Color names & hex codes:

  • Phthalo blue: #000985
  • International Klein Blue: #162db0
  • Goldenrod: #d8a900
  • Jonquil: #f5cc00
  • Anti-flash white: #ebebeb

The blue and gold color palette carries an air of luxury and richness. It combines the calmness of blue with the opulence of gold, offering a lavish and elegant ambiance.

11. Blue Autumn Color Palette


Color names & hex codes:

  • Dark cyan: #0a9396
  • Tiffany Blue: #94d2bd
  • Vanilla: #e9d8a6
  • Alloy orange: #ca6702
  • Rust: #bb3e03

The blue autumn color palette combines blue's tranquility with the warm, earthy tones of autumn, creating a cozy, nostalgic feel.

12. Navy Blue Color Palette


Color names & hex codes:

  • Navy blue: #12086f
  • Persian blue: #2b35af
  • Neon blue: #4361ee
  • Chefchaouen Blue: #4895ef
  • Vivid sky blue: #4cc9f0

The navy blue color palette exudes depth and sophistication. It's a palette associated with power, elegance, and formality.

13. Light Blue Color Palette


Color names & hex codes:

  • Alice Blue: #dff2ff
  • Light Sky Blue: #a3d5ff
  • Maya blue: #75bfec
  • Vista Blue: #6f9cde
  • Glaucous: #6879d0

Soft and serene, the light blue color palette brings to mind clear skies and calm waters, perfect for creating a soothing, peaceful atmosphere.

14. Royal Blue Color Palette


Color names & hex codes:

  • Federal blue: #031273
  • Dark blue: #0504aa
  • Persian blue: #2337c6
  • Royal Blue (web color): #4169e1
  • Vivid sky blue: #4cc9f0

The royal blue color palette signifies majesty and wealth, symbolizing nobility and luxury. It's a rich, impressive palette suitable for conveying importance and confidence.

15. Dusty Blue Color Palette


Color names & hex codes:

  • Platinum: #e7e7e9
  • Periwinkle: #c4c4df
  • Powder blue: #9cadd8
  • Vista Blue: #7793c2
  • Payne's gray: #5a6484

The dusty blue color palette offers a muted, understated elegance. It’s perfect for creating a serene, timeless, and classy atmosphere.

16. Shades of Blue Color Palette


Color names & hex codes:

  • Federal blue: #03045e
  • Honolulu Blue: #0077b6
  • Pacific cyan: #00b4d8
  • Non Photo blue: #90e0ef
  • Light cyan: #caf0f8

Exploring the shades of blue color palette, one can find a range of emotions - from the light-heartedness of baby blue to the depth of navy blue. It offers an array of choices for any mood or theme.

17. Baby Blue Color Palette


Color names & hex codes:

  • Ruddy Blue: #6caeed
  • Baby blue: #89cff0
  • Uranian Blue: #bde0fe
  • Alice Blue: #ddeefa
  • Baby powder: #fcfbf5

The baby blue color palette is soft and tender, exuding a sense of comfort and calmness. This palette is ideal for evoking feelings of innocence and tranquility.

18. Pastel Blue Color Palette


Color names & hex codes:

  • Baby powder: #f6f7f0
  • Non Photo blue: #bff4ff
  • Uranian Blue: #b1e5ff
  • Light Sky Blue: #a3d5ff
  • Carolina blue: #8dbee1

The pastel blue color palette is soft, delicate, and calming. It's a soothing blend that invokes a peaceful, dreamy atmosphere.

19. Dark Blue Color Palette


Color names & hex codes:

  • Oxford Blue: #00072d
  • Penn Blue: #051650
  • Royal blue (traditional): #0a2472
  • Egyptian blue: #123499
  • Violet Blue: #1a43bf

The dark blue color palette signifies depth, power, and credibility. It’s a strong, stable palette that is often associated with knowledge and integrity.

20. Blue Ocean Color Palette


Color names & hex codes:

  • Yale Blue: #02367b
  • Bice blue: #006ca5
  • Blue Green: #0496c7
  • Aero: #04bade
  • Electric blue: #55e2e9

Inspired by the vast ocean, the blue ocean color palette carries the tranquility and depth of the sea. It's a harmonious mix that brings a sense of calmness and expansiveness.

21. Aesthetic Blue Color Palette


Color names & hex codes:

  • Prussian blue: #033047
  • Charcoal: #304c62
  • Payne's gray: #5c677d
  • Platinum: #d9d9d9
  • Isabelline: #f4f3ee

The aesthetic blue color palette blends art, emotion, and creativity. It’s a creative and stylish mix that taps into the inspiring and imaginative side of blue.

22. Sky Blue Color Palette


Color names & hex codes:

  • Picton Blue: #50abe7
  • Maya blue: #6cbde9
  • Sky blue: #87ceeb
  • Columbia blue: #bae0f3
  • Alice Blue: #edf2fb

Just as the sky connects the earth and space, the sky blue color palette offers a harmonious bridge between grounding and ethereal moods. It's a refreshing palette that evokes openness and freedom.

23. Cool Blue Color Palette


Color names & hex codes:

  • Navy blue: #050778
  • Honolulu Blue: #047cbd
  • Aero: #0cbfe2
  • Non Photo blue: #9ce5f1
  • Light cyan: #d1f0f7

The cool blue color palette soothes and revitalizes. It’s an icy blend that evokes the crispness of a winter morning, offering calmness and clarity.

24. Cobalt Blue Color Palette


Color names & hex codes:

  • Cobalt blue: #0047ab
  • Azul: #006fb9
  • Blue Green: #0096c7
  • Aero: #48bbdb
  • Non Photo blue: #90e0ef

With its rich intensity, the cobalt blue color palette is striking and dynamic. It represents a bold, confident blend that demands attention.

25. Midnight Blue Color Palette


Color names & hex codes:

  • Penn Blue: #080838
  • Federal blue: #111154
  • Midnight blue: #191970
  • Resolution Blue: #292c7b
  • Marian blue: #393f86

Deep, thoughtful, and mysterious, the midnight blue color palette brings to mind the serene stillness of the night sky. It's an introspective palette perfect for creating depth and intrigue.

26. Powder Blue Color Palette


Color names & hex codes:

  • Powder blue: #9eb9d4
  • Magnolia: #eff1ff
  • Non Photo blue: #b0e0e6
  • Mimi Pink: #ffd6ff
  • Mauve: #c8b6ff

The powder blue color palette is light and airy. It's a soft, relaxing blend that's reminiscent of a clear, sunny sky, instilling a sense of calm and serenity.

27. Slate Blue Color Palette


Color names & hex codes:

  • Slate blue: #6a5acd
  • Ultra Violet: #4f478c
  • Space cadet: #34344a
  • YInMn Blue: #485872
  • Air Force blue: #5b7c99

The slate blue color palette combines the stability of blue with the subtlety of gray, creating a refined, sophisticated atmosphere that speaks to timeless elegance.

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