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25+ Best Colors That Go With Gold: Gold Color Palettes

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25+ Best Colors That Go With Gold: Gold Color Palettes

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Are you ready to bring glamour and elegance to your home décor or any other design space? Gold is a luxurious color that stands out for its timeless beauty.

In this blog post, we'll explore different colors that go with gold so you can create the perfect ambiance in your space! From subtle pastels to bold hues, discover unique combinations of colors that will make any room look like it's straight from a magazine spread.

With our tips on complementary shades, get inspired by these stunning pairings of gold and other gorgeous tones.

For more reading, our comprehensive guide to over 100+ shades of gold, complete with names and color codes, is the perfect starting point for your color exploration.

Colors That Go with Gold

Here's our list of the best colors that match with the color gold. Includes color palettes, hex codes and color names. Each of these pairings is inspired by our extensive collection of gold color palettes.

1. Rose Gold and Gold

Rose Gold and Gold Color Palette

Tan + Pale Dogwood + Ash Gray

Hex Codes: #DFB885, #E3BFB9, #9AB1AE

The symbiotic union of rose gold and gold produces a captivating allure that few color combinations can match. Gold has an inherent regal feel, its richness sparking thoughts of opulence and magnificence. When paired with rose gold, a shade that exudes warmth, softness, and romanticism, the result is a divine blend that both comforts and dazzles. Picture an upscale boutique hotel, where the gold accents on rose gold furniture fill the space with an inviting glow, radiating luxury and sophistication.

2. Black and Gold

Black and Gold Color Palette

Night + Gold + Cream

Hex Codes: #151515, #FFD700, #F2F4CD

Black and gold offer a striking contrast, embodying a perfect balance of elegance and power. Gold provides an enriching touch, while black delivers a grounding and bold statement. This coupling can be seen in high-end fashion, where gold accessories set against a sleek black gown radiate a timeless class, creating an ensemble that is both stylish and awe-inspiring.

3. Blue and Gold

Blue and Gold Color Palette

Medium Blue + Gold + Anti-Flash White

Hex Codes: #0022CB, #FFD700, #EFEFEF

Blue, with its cool tranquillity, combined with the radiant warmth of gold creates a harmonious and balanced aesthetic. Imagine a beach resort, where a gold sunrise glows against the calming blue sea. This combination reflects serenity and opulence, a perfect balance between the cool calm of nature and the glamour of extravagance.

4. Emerald Green and Gold

Emerald Green and Gold Color Palette

Old Gold + Emerald + Old Lace

Hex Codes: #DDC01C, #37B661, #F8F2E6

Emerald green and gold have a regal allure that speaks of antiquity and grandeur. The depth of emerald green combined with the brilliance of gold can evoke images of a lush forest dotted with golden sunbeams. In a living room setting, this combination on curtains and fixtures could bring a majestic and invigorating feeling.

5. Red and Gold

Red and Gold Color Palette

Cornell Red + Satin Sheen Gold + Dutch White

Hex Codes: #B6021A, #CC9F2D, #F7EAC9

Red and gold represent a vibrant, passionate blend, exuding boldness and enthusiasm. The warmth of gold softens the intensity of red, creating a striking balance. Think of an Asian wedding ceremony, where the bride's rich red dress is adorned with gold embellishments, symbolizing prosperity, luck, and love.

6. Metallic Gold and Gold

Metallic Gold and Gold Color Palette

Dark Goldenrod + Old Gold + Flax

Hex Codes: #AE8528, #D1B657, #F3E786

The pairing of metallic gold with traditional gold results in a monochromatic spectacle of different sheens. The shimmer of metallic gold alongside the classic hue brings a unique depth and texture to spaces. This combination could be beautifully incorporated in a festive table setting, where the metallic gold cutlery dazzles against a gold tablecloth.

7. Purple and Gold

Purple and Gold Color Palette

Tekhelet + Satin Sheen Gold + Alabaster

Hex Codes: #4C2480, #BAA350, #EEE7DA

Purple, a color traditionally associated with royalty, combines splendidly with gold, exuding an air of luxury and nobility. Picture a gourmet chocolate shop, where gold-wrapped dark purple chocolates exhibit a sense of decadence and elegance.

8. Champagne and Gold

Champagne and Gold Color Palette

Gold (Metallic) + Champagne + Light Coral

Hex Codes: #CEB25E, #F7E7CE, #F39091

Champagne and gold have a subdued, elegant appeal. The neutral champagne color allows gold to shine brightly without appearing garish. A champagne and gold themed wedding offers a refined, modern aesthetic with a vintage touch.

9. Pink and Gold

Pink and Gold Color Palette

Cherry Blossom Pink + Earth Yellow + Lavender Blush

Hex Codes: #F3A8AA, #D6A95C, #EEE2E4

Pink, a color denoting tenderness and love, harmonizes beautifully with gold's lavish warmth. Consider a nursery with gold accents on a blush pink wall - it's a sweet, calming space that balances femininity and elegance.

10. Turquoise and Gold

Turquoise and Gold Color Palette

Turquoise + Old Gold + Timberwolf

Hex Codes: #30D5C8, #DAC53E, #DFDBD7

Turquoise, with its tranquil, beachy vibe, contrasts yet complements the rich and warm gold. Picture a vintage gold frame around a stunning turquoise gemstone; it's a bold, eye-catching combination that's both exotic and sophisticated.

11. Dark Green and Gold

Dark Green and Gold Color Palette

Dark Green + Satin Sheen Gold + Alabaster

Hex Codes: #01311F, #B99A49, #F0ECE3

Dark green and gold give off a deep, earthy vibe. The combination brings to mind an old-world study, with gold-rimmed bookcases against dark green walls - a setting that radiates intelligence and refinement.

12. Royal Blue and Gold

Royal Blue and Gold Color Palette

Royal Blue (Traditional) + Old Gold + Pearl

Hex Codes: #002366, #C8AF3A, #E9E0C1

Royal blue and gold is a rich, striking combination that reflects luxury and prestige. This combination is ideal for a grand gala where royal blue tablecloths are adorned with gold centerpieces, exuding an air of opulence.

13. Royal Purple and Gold

Royal Purple and Gold Color Palette

Old Gold + Tekhelet + Misty Rose

Hex Codes: #BAA750, #502883, #F8DBE0

Royal purple and gold echo nobility and extravagance. Think of a royal court, where gold accents pop against royal purple drapes, creating an environment filled with grandeur and majesty.

14. Teal and Gold

Teal and Gold Color Palette

Gold (Metallic) + Teal + Tiffany Blue

Hex Codes: #E2B839, #057C7C, #8ACBBF

Teal, with its understated elegance, pairs wonderfully with gold's glamour. Envision a café with gold light fixtures against teal walls; it's a space that resonates with both warmth and cool sophistication.

15. White and Gold

White and Gold Color Palette

Gold (Metallic) + Jasmine + Seasalt

Hex Codes: #CEA616, #F7DC8B, #F8F8F8

White and gold offer a clean, minimalist aesthetic with a touch of warmth. A white and gold themed kitchen, with gold hardware against a white backdrop, is a vision of modern elegance and simplicity.

16. Brown and Gold

Brown and Gold Color Palette

Kobicha + Satin Sheen Gold + Alabaster

Hex Codes: #624223, #C7AA54, #F0ECDE

Brown and gold exude a comforting, earthy warmth. A cozy lounge, with golden candlelight flickering against brown leather furniture, evokes feelings of security and comfort.

17. Navy Blue and Gold

Navy Blue and Gold Color Palette

Navy Blue + Columbia Blue + Satin Sheen Gold

Hex Codes: #010183, #CADEEE, #D6AB45

Navy blue and gold is a deeply sophisticated combination, exuding an air of refined luxury. Consider a men's fashion store, where gold cufflinks shine against a navy blue suit, projecting confidence and class.

18. Sage Green and Gold

Sage Green and Gold Color Palette

Battleship Gray + Feldgrau + Bone

Hex Codes: #8A988D, #55675A, #E7DFD4

The tranquil essence of sage green meets the opulent glow of gold in a symbiotic blend that's as harmonious as it is captivating. Sage green is soft, embodying a sense of peace and serenity, while gold lends an air of luxury and warmth. The unison creates a balanced, calming aesthetic, making these colors a splendid choice for wellness spaces. Picture a spa, where gold embellishments gracefully ornament sage green walls and furniture. The setting evokes a tranquil environment, perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation.

19. Burgundy and Gold

Burgundy and Gold Color Palette

Burgundy + Gold (Metallic) + Gold

Hex Codes: #800020, #D4AF37, #FFD700

Combining the rich, warm hues of burgundy with the splendid radiance of gold creates a regal, deeply satisfying color scheme. Burgundy offers depth and sophistication, while gold injects an element of luxury. Imagine a high-end restaurant, where gold-trimmed burgundy tablecloths and furnishings set the stage for an atmosphere of opulent elegance. The combination of these colors cultivates a welcoming, warm ambience, perfect for a fine dining experience.

20. Pastel Gold and Gold

Pastel Gold and Gold Color Palette

Ecru + Flax + Vanilla

Hex Codes: #D6B567, #DECB86, #E6E0A5

The pairing of pastel gold with traditional gold results in a soothing yet glamorous palette. Pastel gold brings a softer, more understated elegance, while the classic gold tone adds depth and richness. This palette could work beautifully in a bridal boutique, where a pastel gold backdrop allows gold-embroidered wedding gowns to truly shine. It's a dreamy, romantic atmosphere that's welcoming yet enchanting.

21. Copper and Gold

Copper and Gold Color Palette

Satin Sheen Gold + Copper + Bole

Hex Codes: #C69D3D, #A36F3A, #804036

When the rustic charm of copper meets the brilliance of gold, the result is a warm, earthy, and inviting color palette. Copper brings a vintage charm that beautifully contrasts with the vibrant elegance of gold. Think of a chic coffee shop where the barista brews espresso on a shiny gold machine, against a backdrop of copper walls and fixtures. It's an inviting space that exudes a modern yet cozy charm.

22. Silver and Gold

Silver and Gold Color Palette

Satin Sheen Gold + Battleship Gray + Timberwolf

Hex Codes: #CCA34F, #909090, #D1D1D1

A combination of silver and gold is a timeless classic, exuding sophistication and luxury. While silver introduces a cool, sleek feeling, gold brings a warm, glamorous touch. This color pairing is often seen in jewelry, where a silver and gold band interwoven ring radiates opulence and style, beautifully encapsulating the allure of both precious metals.

23. Cream and Gold

Cream and Gold Color Palette

Gold (Metallic) + Flax + Cream

Hex Codes: #CEA835, #E2CF7F, #F6F5C9

Cream and gold form a soothing, sophisticated palette that's both calming and luxurious. The softness of cream provides a perfect backdrop for gold's glamorous sheen. Picture a classic, chic kitchen, where gold hardware pops against a backdrop of cream cabinetry. It's a space that radiates elegance and charm, a timeless blend that never fails to impress.

24. Maroon and Gold

Maroon and Gold Color Palette

Falu Red + Hunyadi Yellow + Pale Dogwood

Hex Codes: #881F26, #E6AA3B, #D8B7B3

Maroon and gold create an elegant and stately color palette, exuding richness and depth. Maroon offers a warm, inviting feel, while gold introduces a touch of luxury. Visualize an elegant hotel lobby, where gold accents on maroon leather couches and furnishings create an environment that’s both regal and welcoming.

25. Coral and Gold

Coral and Gold Color Palette

Coral + Saffron + Celeste

Hex Codes: #F57C52, #E7C23A, #AAE5E4

Coral and gold form a delightful color palette that's both vibrant and glamorous. Coral, with its fresh, summery vibe, beautifully complements gold's radiant warmth. Imagine a beach-themed party, where gold lanterns and decorations twinkle against a backdrop of coral drapes and tablecloths. It's a setting that’s both lively and luxurious, perfect for a summer soirée.

26. Beige and Gold

Beige and Gold Color Palette

Gold + Gold (Metallic) + Beige

Hex Codes: #FFD700, #CCA825, #F5F5DC

Beige and gold come together to form a palette that's understated yet chic. Beige, with its minimalist appeal, allows gold to shine without being overpowering. Picture a modern office space, where gold fixtures and accents against a backdrop of beige walls and furnishings create an environment that’s both professional and stylish.

27. Orange and Gold

Orange and Gold Color Palette

Gold + Princeton Orange + Tangelo

Hex Codes: #FFD700, #FA9101, #F54B01

Orange, with its vibrant energy, pairs wonderfully with the warm radiance of gold. The result is a palette that's bold, vivacious, and truly eye-catching. Visualize a vibrant festival, where gold lights sparkle against the backdrop of orange decorations. The pairing symbolizes joy, enthusiasm, and celebration, setting the stage for an unforgettable event.

What Colors go with Gold?


So the gold is all about exuding luxury, warmth and splendor. Is associates with things like a magnificent sunset or dazzling jewels; maybe even the regal gleam of brass door fixtures. Gold has so much to offer in terms of versatility as its presence can greatly elevate any palette.

Pairing gold with the right colors can create an array of moods, from calm and elegant to bold and vibrant. Here are the five top colors to pair gold with:

  • Black: For a classic, sophisticated look, you can't go wrong with black and gold. This duo speaks volumes, echoing a timeless elegance.
  • Emerald Green: Combine gold with emerald green for a regal, rich aesthetic. It’s a perfect blend of earthy depth and shimmering radiance.
  • Navy Blue: The depth of navy blue coupled with gold creates a striking balance that is both luxurious and tranquil.
  • Coral: For a fresh, vibrant look, try coral and gold. This combination is perfect for a summery vibe that's both lively and glamorous.
  • Beige: For a minimalist, chic appeal, beige and gold create a harmonious blend, proving that sometimes, less truly is more.

By picking the perfect colors to pair with gold, one can create an array of atmospheres – from graceful and opulent to energetic and bold.

Similar Colors to Gold

Gold isn't just a single color—it's a treasure trove of stunning variations (shades), each with its own unique charm.

The shades of gold range from soft and subtle to bold and gleaming, creating a versatile palette for any aesthetic:

  • Champagne: This light, almost beige gold, exudes understated elegance. It's the perfect choice for a soft, refined look.
  • Rose Gold: A modern favorite, rose gold blends the warmth of gold with a delicate blush hue, bringing a romantic twist to the traditional gold.
  • Bronze: Darker and more intense, bronze has an earthy richness that can add depth to any palette.
  • Metallic Gold: For that classic, glittering appeal, metallic gold delivers a radiant sheen that truly stands out.
  • Honey Gold: With its rich, warm undertones, honey gold is reminiscent of golden autumn leaves, creating a cozy, inviting vibe.

Next time you use gold color in your designs, get back to our list of the best colors to pair with gold. We'll keep it updated when a new gold color combination comes to our table.

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