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25+ Best Colors That Go With Orange (Color Palettes)

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25+ Best Colors That Go With Orange (Color Palettes)

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What if we told you that orange, with its vibrant, uplifting, and vivacious persona, holds a secret key to transforming any space? Yes, you heard it right.

Often underrated, the color orange, bursting with energy and warmth, is a daring yet surprisingly versatile hue that pairs wonderfully with a multitude of other colors.

Remember the last time you were utterly captivated by the spectacle of a breathtaking sunset, where the brilliant orange hues danced harmoniously with everything from deep purples and vibrant pinks to calm blues and muted grays?

Or think about the autumn foliage, where orange leaves create a splendid tableau with brown trunks and green landscapes. This is the magic of orange!

In this blog post, we will go on a delightful journey, unlocking the potential of the color orange, exploring stunning color combinations that range from classic and elegant to unexpected and whimsical.

Whether you're thinking about redecorating your home, rebranding your business, or planning your wedding colors, there's an orange-based palette waiting to transform your project.

Colors That Go With Orange

1. Yellow and Orange

Yellow and Orange Color Palette

Orange (Pantone) + Orange Peel + Canary

Hex Codes: #FF5A00, #FF9A00, #FFE808

These warm and vibrant colors have an inherent compatibility, both reflecting elements of the sun, flame, and autumnal hues. They create an ambiance of energy, cheerfulness, and comfort. In a real-world scenario, yellow and orange can be used in a kitchen or dining space, which brings about a sense of warmth, nourishment and joyful conversation, encouraging appetite and conviviality.

2. Red and Orange

Red and Orange Color Palette

Engineering Orange + Persimmon + Princeton Orange

Hex Codes: #D00000, #E85D04, #F48C06

Red and orange, two strikingly bold and fiery colors, create a blend that is evocative of excitement, energy, and dynamism. This intense color palette can be ideal for spaces where high energy and creativity are desired, such as an advertising agency's creative department. The vigor of these colors can help stimulate innovative ideas and energetic discussions.

3. Brown and Orange

Brown and Orange Color Palette

Seal Brown + Russet + Alloy Orange

Hex Codes: #562A0E, #78380C, #C8691C

Brown and orange together form a combination that's simultaneously earthy and warm. This palette, reminiscent of an autumn landscape, brings comfort and familiarity. In interior design, this color combo can be used to create a cozy reading nook, with brown for the furniture and orange as a highlight for cushions or decor.

4. Teal and Orange

Teal and Orange Color Palette

Persian Green + Sandy Brown + Saffron

Hex Codes: #2A9D8F, #F4A261, #E9C46A

As complementary colors, teal and orange create a vibrant yet balanced look. Teal's coolness tempers the warmth of orange, creating an engaging and dynamic visual contrast. These colors could be used in event design, like in a beach-themed party, with teal representing the sea and orange symbolizing the sunset.

5. Purple and Orange

Purple and Orange Color Palette

Zaffre + Royal Purple + Orange (Wheel)

Hex Codes: #471CA8, #884AB2, #FF8008

Purple and orange, when used together, offer a striking blend of warmth and coolness, creating an eclectic, bohemian vibe. In fashion, these colors can be combined in an outfit to create a striking, bold look, perhaps in a fun, patterned dress for a summer festival.

6. Creamy White and Orange

Creamy White and Orange Color Palette

Orange Peel + Hunyadi Yellow + Beige

Hex Codes: #FF9F1C, #FFBF69, #FFFEE7

Creamy white provides a gentle contrast to the vibrancy of orange, offering a softer, more soothing palette. These colors could be used in a bedroom design, where creamy white walls provide a peaceful backdrop to orange accents in linens, curtains, or decorative items, creating a restful yet uplifting atmosphere.

7. Mint Green and Orange

Mint Green and Orange Color Palette

Princeton Orange + Honeydew + Mint

Hex Codes: #F48C06, #EDFFEC, #50C99A

Mint green and orange are an unexpected but pleasing combination. The refreshing coolness of mint green provides balance to the warmth and vibrancy of orange. For example, in packaging design for a tropical-themed product line, this color combination could evoke feelings of a refreshing breeze on a warm beach day.

8. Light Gray and Orange

Light Gray and Orange Color Palette

Ut Orange + Ash Gray + Platinum

Hex Codes: #FF8500, #CCDAD1, #E0E6E2

Light gray's neutral subtlety provides a canvas that allows the vivaciousness of orange to shine, creating a sophisticated, modern palette. This combination can be seen in professional web design, where light gray serves as a sleek background and orange is used for call-to-action buttons, drawing attention without overwhelming the viewer.

9. Mustard Yellow and Orange

Mustard Yellow and Orange Color Palette

Orange (Pantone) + Saffron + Mustard

Hex Codes: #FF5A00, #ECBD22, #F7D53D

Mustard yellow and orange bring about an exuberant, zesty vibe, reminiscent of a spicy meal or a summer garden in full bloom. A real-world example of these colors is in a lively café interior, which encourages lively conversation and an inviting atmosphere.

10. Coral Pink and Orange

Coral Pink and Orange Color Palette

Orange Peel + Orange (Wheel) + Coral Pink

Hex Codes: #FF990F, #FC8E44, #F88379

Coral pink and orange together form a palette that's both sweet and vibrant, evoking feelings of a tropical sunrise. This combination could be applied to a summer resort's branding, with coral pink representing the softness of dawn light and orange symbolizing the warmth of the day to come.

11. Peach and Orange

 Peach and Orange Color Palette

Pumpkin + Sandy Brown + Peach

Hex Codes: #FF7A21, #FFB06B, #FFE5B4

This color duo offers a delightful harmony. Both sharing similar undertones, they inspire feelings of warmth, comfort, and tranquility. In a real-world application, a beauty brand could use this palette for a summer makeup collection, offering a fresh and sun-kissed look.

12. Navy Blue and Orange

Navy Blue and Orange Color Palette

Navy Blue + Orange Peel + Ut Orange

Hex Codes: #000080, #FD9E02, #FB8500

As contrasting colors, navy blue and orange create an elegant and sophisticated palette. Navy's deep, calming coolness balances out the vibrant energy of orange. In interior design, navy walls with orange accents can provide a dynamic and mature living room space.

13. Sandy Tan and Orange

Sandy Tan and Orange Color Palette

Carrot Orange + Earth Yellow + Desert Sand

Hex Codes: #E28D25, #E7AE6C, #ECCFB2

Sandy tan and orange create a color combination that is reminiscent of beach scenes - warm, inviting, and soothing. This palette could be perfect for a beachfront vacation rental property's exterior, mirroring the natural tones of the sandy beach and the brilliant sunset.

14. Royal Blue and Orange

Royal Blue and Orange Color Palette

Royal Blue (Traditional) + Coffee + Ut Orange

Hex Codes: #002366, #7E5433, #FB8500

Royal blue and orange are direct complementary colors, providing a visually striking and vibrant contrast. They can be used in graphic design for promotional materials of a sports team where royal blue represents loyalty and power while orange provides a burst of energy and enthusiasm.

15. Pale Green and Orange

Pale Green and Orange Color Palette

Sandy Brown + Pistachio + Celadon

Hex Codes: #F3A668, #87D08D, #B7F0B7

Pale green's soft, calming vibe serves as a perfect foil for the vivacity of orange. This blend is reminiscent of nature in springtime, offering a fresh and revitalizing feel. A gardening or plant shop could utilize this combination to represent growth and vitality.

16. Maroon and Orange

Maroon and Orange Color Palette

Maroon + Sinopia + Orange (Wheel)

Hex Codes: #800000, #C0451C, #FF8A37

Maroon's deep, rich tones paired with the bright warmth of orange creates a balance of sophistication and energy. This palette could be utilized in the branding of a high-end coffee shop where maroon stands for the depth of the coffee and orange symbolizes the warm and inviting atmosphere.

17. Rose Pink and Orange

Rose Pink and Orange Color Palette

Light Red + Atomic Tangerine + Earth Yellow

Hex Codes: #FF828F, #FF9E7B, #FFBA66

Rose pink and orange bring together a sweet, feminine vibe with a dash of energy and vivacity. In the fashion industry, a summer clothing line can use these colors for a collection that's fresh, youthful, and trendy.

18. Fuchsia and Orange

Fuchsia and Orange Color Palette

Fuchsia + Rose + Orange (Pantone)

Hex Codes: #FF00FF, #FF2D80, #FF5900

This vibrant, playful combo of fuchsia and orange exudes a lively and exuberant mood. These colors could be used in a festival poster design, where the combination would stand out, attracting attention and creating an atmosphere of fun and excitement.

19. Turquoise and Orange

Turquoise and Orange Color Palette

Orange (Web) + Pistachio + Turquoise

Hex Codes: #FFA600, #98BE64, #30D5C8

Turquoise's soothing cool tones perfectly balance the vibrant warmth of orange. This combination can be applied in a tropical resort's interior design, invoking the tranquility of turquoise waters and the warmth of a summer sun.

20. Lavender and Orange

Lavender and Orange Color Palette

Ut Orange + Lavender (Web) + Lavender (Floral)

Hex Codes: #FF923F, #E6DEFF, #C497FF

Lavender and orange create a palette that is both unique and vibrant, providing a nice balance of cool and warm tones. This combo could be used in a bedroom, with lavender walls and orange accents, creating a space that is calming yet uplifting.

21. Dusty Rose and Orange

Dusty Rose and Orange Color Palette

Old Rose + Cherry Blossom Pink + Burnt Sienna

Hex Codes: #BA797D, #DAA3AB, #E07541

This combination presents a gentle, romantic aura with a twist of vibrancy. Dusty rose’s understated elegance mingles well with the energy of orange, creating a warm, inviting, and somewhat nostalgic palette. A floral shop might use this color palette to convey a sense of timeless beauty and to draw attention to their vibrant, fresh blooms.

22. Lime Green and Orange

Lime Green and Orange Color Palette

Dark Orange (Web) + Yellow Green + Pear

Hex Codes: #F78E31, #99CA3C, #CBDB47

Lime green and orange create a zestful and vivacious color combination that exudes a sense of energy and excitement. This could be an ideal palette for a children's playground or a theme park, where the aim is to stimulate joy and activity. The lime green could represent the verdant outdoors, while the orange stimulates fun and enthusiasm.

23. Charcoal Gray and Orange

Charcoal Gray and Orange Color Palette

Pumpkin + Onyx + Davy'S Gray

Hex Codes: #FF7518, #464545, #575656

The depth of charcoal gray serves as an excellent contrast to the vibrancy of orange. The combination of these colors suggests modern sophistication with a lively twist. This palette could be employed in a contemporary kitchen design, with charcoal gray cabinets and vibrant orange backsplashes or accent pieces.

24. Beige and Orange

Beige and Orange Color Palette

Persian Orange + Desert Sand + Beige

Hex Codes: #D19166, #E3C3A1, #F5F5DC

The neutral, earthy tone of beige pairs wonderfully with the lively warmth of orange, providing a balance of tranquility and vitality. A wellness spa might use this color combination to evoke a sense of natural serenity while stimulating positivity and rejuvenation with touches of orange.

25. Crimson Red and Orange

Crimson Red and Orange Color Palette

Penn Red + Prussian Blue + Orange (Pantone)

Hex Codes: #990000, #273043, #F56416

Crimson red and orange together make for a bold and dramatic color combination, inspiring feelings of passion and energy. These colors could be employed in a restaurant setting, where crimson red could stimulate appetite and the lively orange color could foster an engaging and dynamic atmosphere.

26. Apricot Orange and Orange

Apricot Orange and Orange Color Palette

Saffron + Sandy Brown + Burnt Sienna

Hex Codes: #E9C46A, #F4A261, #E76F51

Apricot orange with a more vibrant orange creates a monochromatic palette that is both warm and pleasing to the eye. This color combo could be used in a variety of settings, such as a summer event's decor, invoking the refreshing aura of ripe, juicy fruits.

27. Sage Green and Orange

Sage Green and Orange Color Palette

Sage + Lion + Tiger’S Eye

Hex Codes: #B2AC88, #B78C57, #BC6C25

Sage green, with its muted, earthy quality, offers a delightful contrast to the vivaciousness of orange. The combination creates a balance of tranquility and energy, similar to a peaceful garden with vibrant flowers. This palette could be applied in a home office setting, where sage green instills a sense of calm and focus, while pops of orange stimulate creativity and positivity.

What Colors Go With Orange?


Orange goes best with complementary hues like green, yellow and blue but can also work well alongside neutral tones like black and white.

When combined correctly these colors are able to bring out the orange’s vibrancy without overpowering it. For an energizing palette try pairing bright orange shades with deep yellows or greens for a maximum impact on your design project or interior decorating scheme.

Best colors to pair with orange:

  • Blue
  • White
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Red

Other great combinations include combining muted oranges such as terra cotta or pale peach with pastel pinks and purples for a softer look; using contrasting neutrals like grayish blues together to keep things balanced in between; adding lighter tans along side darker browns – making sure each shade has its own place within the composition of the room space.

Similar Colors to Orange

When selecting complementary shades for use alongside oranges, there are several options available:

  • Peach
  • Ocher
  • Burnt sienna
  • Nectarine
  • Amber
  • Coral
  • Tangelo


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