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25+ Best Colors That Go With Pink: Pink Color Palettes

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25+ Best Colors That Go With Pink: Pink Color Palettes

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Are you looking for modern and unique color combinations to spruce up your design project? Combining colors in the right way can help you create a stunning palette that will make a lasting impression.

In this blog post, we explore the best colors that go with pink - from bold hues to neutral shades. From bright red accents against fresh pastel pinks, to navy tones on blush walls; explore these creative ideas to find out how pink can be integrated into any room or wardrobe.

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Colors That Go with Pink

Here is a list of colors that go well with pink, complete with their color palettes, hex codes and names:

1. Navy Blue and Pink

Navy Blue and Pink Color Palette

Navy Blue + Hot Pink + Pink

Hex Codes: #03017D, #F065AD, #FFC0CB

The navy blue and pink combination exudes luxurious richness, as the deep darkness of the former contrasts pleasingly with light vibrancy of the latter.

This eye-catching blend of masculine and feminine elements can be used in a variety of ways; for example, to furnish a living room or create an exciting ambiance in a teenage girl's bedroom.

With furniture pieces in navy blue coupled with accents that bring out its beautiful hue even more vibrantly - such as pink - any design will look both stylish and bold.

2. Orange and Pink

Orange and Pink Hex Code

Cerise + Burnt Sienna + Gamboge

Hex Codes: #E93B6D, #ED6E52, #F0A037

Using analogous colors from the color wheel, orange and pink blend for a vibrant yet harmonious look. These warm hues create an atmosphere of energy and fun, reminiscent of tropical sunsets or summer fruits. Incorporating these two tones into your party decor or fashion choice adds a modern twist with playful flair.

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3. Teal and Pink

Teal and Pink Color Palette

Dark Cyan + Amaranth Pink + Anti-Flash White

Hex Codes: #028A88, #F39EC7, #E2E7EB

Creating an aesthetically pleasing contrast starts with choosing the right colors. Teal and pink are a great combination when mixed together - teal provides a cool, calming atmosphere while pink adds vibrancy and life to the palette. This pairing is perfect for chic café interiors, where teal would be used as the main color on walls while small accents of pink can be added in through furniture or decorative pieces.

4. Green and Pink

Green and Pink Color Palette

Dark Spring Green + Orchid Pink + Ivory

Hex Codes: #3E764B, #E8B3BC, #F5F5EA

The complementary colors of green and pink evoke a sense of peacefulness and create harmony between vibrant freshness and comforting warmth. Incorporate these two hues in any outdoor or indoor area, such as gardens, sunrooms, or even bedrooms with plants for the greens along with pillows or other accents that are tinged by pinks. This pairing makes an inviting atmosphere wherever it is used.

5. Purple and Pink

Purple and Pink Color Palette

Rebecca Purple + Hollywood Cerise + Brilliant Rose

Hex Codes: #642195, #E62997, #EB61B1

The blend of purple and pink gives off a romantic, mystical ambiance. Perfect for a young girl's bedroom or an enchanting fairytale-themed party, this royal hue combined with the symbol of love creates an awe-inspiring atmosphere that will not soon be forgotten.

6. Gold and Pink

Gold and Pink Color Palette

Ecru + Rosy Brown + Lavender Blush

Hex Codes: #DDBE80, #DC9B97, #EEE2E4

The combination of gold and pink exudes a feeling of glamour and sophistication. The light, romantic hue of the pink blended with the shiny shimmeriness of gold creates a luxurious look that is perfect for any special occasion or decor setting. Whether it's for a lavish wedding palette or to adorn a master bedroom, this color scheme will bring class and elegance into the space.

7. Black and Pink

Black and Pink Color Palette

Black + Magenta + Lavender Pink

Hex Codes: #010A08, #F60588, #F7B2D8

The bold contrast between black and pink makes for a stylish duo that has the perfect balance of darkness and light, edginess, and sweetness. This modern pairing lends to sophistication while remaining fashionable; it could be used as an ideal color scheme in a fashion boutique setting with the dramatic backdrop provided by black complemented by eye-catching pops of pink.

8. White and Pink

White and Pink Color Palette

Salmon Pink + Pale Dogwood + Isabelline

Hex Codes: #F1879E, #EECFCC, #F5ECEB

White and pink make for a timeless, sophisticated combination. The clean purity of white increases the gracefulness and daintiness of pink. This duo is perfect for bringing peace and tenderness into a nursery or bridal shower.

9. Brown and Pink

Brown and Pink Color Palette

Rose Ebony + Pink + Isabelline

Hex Codes: #533638, #F7B9C4, #F5EDEC

The blend of brown and pink gives off a warm but tender atmosphere. Brown brings equilibrium to the design, while pink adds playfulness. This palette would bring vibrancy to any country-style kitchen, with brown cupboards paired together with blush walls or decorative pieces.

10. Grey and Pink

Grey and Pink Color Palette

Van Dyke + Cherry Blossom Pink + Tickle Me Pink

Hex Codes: #4A4043, #F0B4BF, #EE8EAE

The perfect balance of sophisticated modernity and youthful femininity is achieved with a combination of grey and pink. Perfect for contemporary living spaces, the grey sofas can be accessorized with pretty pink throw pillows to create an inviting atmosphere.

11. Beige and Pink

Beige and Pink Color Palette

Tickle Me Pink + Tea Rose (Red) + Beige

Hex Codes: #F489A6, #F5BFC1, #F5F5DC

Beige and pink create a soothing, inviting atmosphere that is perfect for spaces like home offices or spas. The combination of the warm neutral beige with bright pink tones still keeps its appeal without sacrificing the vibrancy.

12. Burgundy and Pink

Burgundy and Pink Color Palette

Burgundy + Magenta Dye + Rose Pink

Hex Codes: #800020, #B72D6F, #EE5ABD

This romantic palette of deep burgundy and soft pink will bring a passionate touch to any space. Perfect for an intimate dining room or luxurious bedding set, it creates a look that is sure to draw attention.

13. Bright Red and Pink

Bright Red and Pink Color Palette

Red + Bright Pink (Crayola) + Rose Pink

Hex Codes: #FF2A26, #F84E7D, #F171D3

Red and pink, a combination of complementary yet contrasting shades, work together to create an exciting atmosphere full of energy. This daring duo is perfect for when you want to make an impact in any space; whether it be through vibrant advertisements or flashy interior design. The dynamic vibrancy that this pairing emits makes it ideal for anything from edgy fashion campaigns to upbeat venues wanting to draw the attention of younger generations

14. Turquoise and Pink

Turquoise and Pink Color Palette

Turquoise + Amaranth Pink + Pink

Hex Codes: #43DFCF, #F797C5, #F5C0C9

Turquoise and pink make for a playful, sunny color combination that can brighten up any room. This perfect pairing of warm-toned turquoise and vibrant pink is sure to bring an upbeat energy into your home decor or wardrobe. Whether it's used in a beach house or as the basis of a summer clothing collection, this tropical blend will create an atmosphere full of life and vibrancy.

15. Lime Green and Pink

Lime Green and Pink Color Palette

Amaranth Pink + Mint + Feldgrau

Hex Codes: #F195B2, #45C495, #4A5650

The beautiful combination of lime green and pink can create a vibrant, uplifting atmosphere perfect for any space. Whether it be used in the design of a bedroom for children or to bring an upbeat vibe into a café, this duo will always evoke feelings of excitement and joy. The cheerful palette is ideal to help brighten up your home or business while creating an eye-catching contrast that brings out the best in both colors.

16. Lavender and Pink

Lavender and Pink Color Palette

Deep Pink + Persian Pink + Lavender (Web)

Hex Codes: #E43C90, #E591C5, #E6E6FA

The combination of lavender and pink is an enchanting mix, creating a sweet yet dreamy atmosphere. Together the two colors bring out a sense of tranquility while still bringing life to any space. This lovely mixture can be used in nurseries to provide a calming ambiance that'll make anyone feel relaxed and at peace. The magical blend also makes for perfect decorations at baby showers, weddings,or birthday parties – adding just the right touch of brightness without overwhelming guests with too much color.

17. Champagne and Pink

Champagne and Pink Color Palette

Salmon Pink + Tea Rose (Red) + Champagne

Hex Codes: #EB96A6, #F1BFBA, #F7E7CE

When champagne and pink are combined, it creates an atmosphere of unparalleled sophistication. The muted elegance of the champagne color is highlighted by the vibrant energy of pink; together they bring a breath-taking beauty to any event or décor. From classic weddings to modern salons, incorporating this stunning palette can create an air that radiates class and luxury.

18. Emerald Green and Pink

Emerald Green and Pink Color Palette

Cal Poly Green + Coral Pink + Misty Rose

Hex Codes: #164524, #E89990, #F1DCDA

The combination of emerald green and pink is a sophisticated yet striking choice for any decor. This unique color duo can instantly elevate the atmosphere of your space, from an elegant boutique to a romantic garden wedding setting. It adds depth and warmth to any area, creating an inviting ambiance with its rich tones and subtle contrasts. Whether you decide to incorporate it into wall paint or fabrics, this timeless combination will leave both guests and visitors in awe.

19. Rose Gold and Pink

Rose Gold and Pink Color Palette

Old Rose + Pink + Misty Rose

Hex Codes: #B76E79, #FFC0CB, #FFE0E5

Rose gold and pink is the ultimate feminine color palette for modern styling. This gorgeous pairing brings a touch of sophistication, making it ideal to use in luxury spa décor or high-end fashion boutiques. From soft blush pinks to vibrant rose hues, this chic combination creates a glamorous atmosphere that will have clients coming back again and again. When used together with other metallic shades such as gold, silver or copper, this stunning duo can create an eye-catching look perfect for any space looking to make a statement.

20. Royal Purple and Pink

Royal Purple and Pink Color Palette

Russian Violet + Royal Purple + Fairy Tale

Hex Codes: #3C0158, #7851A9, #FCCBD3

The deep royal purple and light pink pairing creates a lavish look that is perfect for elegant décor. This dramatic combination draws the eye, making it especially suited to dramatic settings such as theater rooms or spaces decorated with bold statement artwork pieces. These regal colors add an air of sophistication and refinement to any room they inhabit, inviting luxurious vibes into each space.

21. Coral and Pink

Coral and Pink Color Palette

Bittersweet + Light Coral + Pink

Hex Codes: #F56762, #F79191, #FCCAD2

Coral and pink create a beautiful harmony, combining to evoke feelings of warmth and comfort. This color combination can be used in various settings for a cheerful atmosphere. For example, coral and pink walls together could brighten up any living room or kitchen with its vibrant energy. It's also perfect as an accent wall in the bedroom or bathroom, giving off an inviting feel that will make it hard to leave your sanctuary.

22. Mint Green and Pink

Mint Green and Pink Color Palette

Mint + Aquamarine + Mimi Pink

Hex Codes: #3EB489, #A4F3D5, #FCD5DC

Mint green and pink are a classic combination of light and sweet colours, perfect for creating an atmosphere that's both fresh and youthful. This romantic palette is ideal for nurseries or boutique bakeries; it brings out feelings of innocence, joy, and delight. Use this versatile colour scheme to bring warmth into any room - from soft pastel walls in the living room to delicate floral accents in the bedroom. You can also add a touch of glamour by incorporating gold details like frames or wall art that will make the space shine.

23. Aquamarine and Pink

Aquamarine and Pink Color Palette

Salmon Pink + Aquamarine + Beige

Hex Codes: #F1889B, #8DE6C4, #F5F3E0

Aquamarine and pink create a beautiful combination perfect for any beach-themed event. This dazzling duo has a feeling of relaxation that will bring the calming, tranquil vibes of the sea into your home or party space. Whether it's outfitting an entire bathroom design with this standout look, or using it to dress up decorations for a special occasion - Aquamarine and pink are sure to bring warmth and charm to wherever they're used.

24. Light Pink and Pink

Light Pink and Pink Color Palette

Salmon Pink + Cherry Blossom Pink + Misty Rose

Hex Codes: #F1889B, #F0AFBA, #EED5D9

A monochromatic palette of light and dark pink is a beautiful way to create an eye-catching design while maintaining cohesion. This scheme can be used in any space that needs a splash of femininity, from bedrooms to bakeries. The lighter hue adds subtle brightness while the darker shade provides depth; together they make for a visually pleasing composition that won't overwhelm the senses. This color combination is perfect for creating whimsical spaces full of warmth and charm.

25. Dusty Pink and Pink

Dusty Pink and Pink Color Palette

Rosy Brown + Tea Rose (Red) + Myrtle Green

Hex Codes: #CB9DA0, #ECCACA, #437A84

The combination of subtle dusty pink and brighter shades of pink can create a stunning palette for any living space. The delicate tones evoke feelings of nostalgia, while the brightness gives off an airy atmosphere. This romantic color scheme could be used in a master bedroom to convey chicness and sophistication or even as statement pieces at restaurants or cafes where it would add warmth and charm. Not only does this combination lend depth to interior décor but also injects personality into any area with its timeless appeal.

26. Hot Pink and Pink

Hot Pink and Pink Color Palette

Magenta + Hot Pink + Pink

Hex Codes: #E4388E, #FF69B4, #FFC0CB

The combination of hot pink and soft pink creates a unique, vibrant palette that is sure to be attention-grabbing. This playful color combo can add energy to any interior design scheme or fashion line - perfect for modern spaces with an eye towards the future. It's great for interiors featuring fun pop art pieces as well as kids bedrooms that are looking for something bold and bright.

27. Pastel Pink and Pink

Pastel Pink and Pink Color Palette

Pink + Mimi Pink + Lavender Blush

Hex Codes: #FFC0CB, #FFD8DF, #FFF0F3

The subtle combination of pastel pink and a brighter, more vibrant hue creates an air of softness that is ideal for feminine-themed occasions or spaces. This delicate color scheme provides an atmosphere steeped in tranquility and creativity, making it perfect to use at baby showers, weddings, birthday parties or even as the primary feature for decorating a home office space. In any room filled with this harmonious blend of colors you can be sure to find yourself completely enveloped by feelings of peace and delight - truly giving your guests the ultimate sensory experience.

What Colors go with Pink?


The captivating color of pink can evoke diverse emotions and be used in myriad different ways. When blended with other colors, it transcends its traditionally feminine associations to add a unique air of sophistication and style to any design. Pink can provide an unexpected twist that breathes life into the ordinary, creating something truly remarkable.

Let's begin this color journey together, diving into the vibrant world of pink pairings. I've selected five colors that I believe create an absolute visual symphony when matched with pink:

  • Navy Blue
  • Teal, Gold
  • Emerald Green
  • Royal Purple

Each of these pairings resonates with a unique aesthetic and mood, promising to create a memorable impact.

Pink is complemented by a bold contrast with Navy Blue, while Teal adds balance between cool and warm shades. Gold shimmers luxuriously to make pink shine gracefully. Emerald Green creates an intense backdrop for the delicate hue of pink, whereas Royal Purple brings out its delicacy through richness and regality.

Similar Colors to Pink

Let's move further into our exploration of colors and look at shades similar to pink. Not only do these hues offer an alternative to pink, but they also bring their own unique touch while still retaining some of the appeal that makes pink so charming.

  • Baby Pink
  • Rose
  • Salmon
  • Fuchsia
  • Coral

The color of innocence and sweetness, Baby Pink graces the cheeks of cherubs. Rose radiates romance with its deeper tone. Salmon brings a touch of warmth to an amethyst sky at twilight while Fuchsia explodes in depth between pink and purple. Lastly, Coral reflects the vibrancy found within a tropical reef in its beautiful blend of orange and pink tones.

We all have unique stories to tell, and the perfect way to express them is through color. Your palette has no limits — whether you reach for pink or its equally captivating counterparts. Every shade holds its own magic that just needs to be discovere.

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