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25+ Best Colors That Go With Yellow (Color Palettes)

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25+ Best Colors That Go With Yellow (Color Palettes)

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Are you ready to dive into a world bursting with cheerfulness, warmth, and the unmistakable energy of yellow? Welcome to our vibrant exploration, "Colors That Go With Yellow"!

Yellow, the color of sunshine and joy, has a magic all its own. But when paired with the right colors, its true potential can truly shine. It's like a dance - when yellow finds its perfect match, they whirl together in a symphony of color, creating stunning visual harmony that can bring any space, outfit, or design to life.

From the sophisticated contrast of black and yellow, to the serene blend of blue and yellow, and even the subtle, earthy mix of brown and yellow, there's a world of combinations waiting to be discovered.

So, are you ready to let the sunshine in and explore these dazzling duos? Let's embark on this colorful journey and uncover the perfect partners for the uplifting hue of yellow. Hold on tight, because it's about to get brilliantly bright!

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Colors That Go with Yellow

A variety of colors can be used to create a fashionable ensemble with yellow. Here are some popular color combinations and their respective hex codes and names:

1. Black and Yellow

Black and Yellow Color Palette

Rich Black + Mikado Yellow + Cornsilk

Hex Codes: #000814, #FFC300, #FFF8E0

There's an irresistible energy when black meets yellow; a dazzling blend of stark contrasts that's both powerful and stimulating. Black, with its depth and mystery, provides a strong, robust background that allows yellow to shine in its full vibrant glory. Together, they create a balance that's as elegant as a moonlit night and as cheerful as a sunflower in full bloom.

Consider this pairing for a modern living room decor; a bold black sofa adorned with sunny yellow cushions can be both inviting and stunning. Alternatively, in a graphic design context, yellow text on a black background is not only eye-catching but also emphasizes the information.

Black and yellow as a combination is our #1 choice for the best yellow color palette.

2. Gray and Yellow

Gray and Yellow Color Palette

Davy'S Gray + Battleship Gray + Mustard

Hex Codes: #515151, #8C908C, #FFDC41

Gray and yellow together offer a beautiful blend of calm and excitement. Gray brings a sense of sophisticated tranquility and modern neutrality, making it the perfect foil for yellow's exuberant optimism. Yellow, with its innate warmth and cheerfulness, brings gray’s understated elegance to life, creating a harmonious and uplifting palette.

This duo works splendidly in a contemporary kitchen; gray cabinets accented with bright yellow appliances or accessories. It could also be used in a minimalist office space with sleek gray furniture and vibrant yellow accents to inspire creativity.

3. Blue and Yellow

Blue and Yellow Color Palette

Royal Blue (Traditional) + Gold + Anti-Flash White

Hex Codes: #00296B, #FFD500, #EAEBEB

Blue and yellow is a timeless combination, echoing the simplicity of nature - the clear blue sky touched by the golden sun. Blue, with its tranquility and depth, complements yellow’s vivacity, resulting in a refreshing and invigorating mix.

In a bedroom setting, imagine soothing blue walls with a pop of sunny yellow in the form of bedding or curtains. This color pairing can also be effective in branding, with a bright yellow logo on a calming blue background, communicating both reliability and innovation.

4. Green and Yellow

Green and Yellow Color Palette

Shamrock Green + Mustard + Dutch White

Hex Codes: #549D5F, #FFE047, #FFF0CB

Green and yellow are two colors that breathe life and energy. They're a nod to the great outdoors, reminding us of sun-kissed meadows and spring's awakening. Green, representing growth and renewal, works beautifully with yellow’s sunny disposition, producing a lively, rejuvenating ambiance.

These colors would work wonderfully in a sunroom, with green indoor plants against yellow walls, creating a space that's refreshing and bright. Similarly, in fashion, a lemon yellow top paired with green pants can make for a truly eye-catching outfit.

5. White and Yellow

White and Yellow Color Palette

Saffron + Naples Yellow + Cornsilk

Hex Codes: #F5C639, #F9DC5C, #FDF8E1

White and yellow together produce a sense of purity and joy. White's crisp, clean aura makes a splendid canvas for yellow's cheerful enthusiasm. The result is a palette that feels fresh, radiant, and optimistic.

A white and yellow themed wedding, for example, can exude a charming, joyful atmosphere. In interior design, a white room with yellow accents in the form of cushions, vases or wall art can create a space that is airy, light, and uplifting.

6. Purple and Yellow

Purple and Yellow Color Palette

Veronica + Citrine + Maize

Hex Codes: #A020F0, #F0D337, #F2E95C

Purple and yellow come together to form a delightful combination of grandeur and cheerfulness. Purple, with its royal charm and depth, is beautifully highlighted by yellow's sunny brightness. The pair is a balance between luxury and jubilance, creating a palette that's striking and vivacious.

Imagine this in a lush floral arrangement, where deep purple blooms mingle with bright yellow blossoms, creating a stunning centerpiece. Or consider a graphic design setting where a yellow logo on a deep purple background portrays both creativity and quality.

7. Red and Yellow

Red and Yellow Color Palette

Scarlet + School Bus Yellow + Drab Dark Brown

Hex Codes: #FF290D, #FFDF00, #403700

Red and yellow is a dynamic duo, radiating energy and warmth. Red's boldness paired with yellow's cheer creates a palette that's fiery and vibrant, like a blazing sunset or a festival in full swing.

This combo works great in a child's bedroom or play area, where red and yellow toys and decor inspire active, joyous play. In the culinary world, think of a delicious Spanish paella, where saffron yellow rice is adorned with red peppers and tomatoes, making the dish as visually appealing as it is tasty.

8. Pink and Yellow

Pink and Yellow Color Palette

Hot Pink + Naples Yellow + Tiffany Blue

Hex Codes: #FF65B3, #FFDD63, #82E1DF

Pink and yellow together evoke the soft charm of a warm sunrise or blooming spring garden. Pink's gentle calm beautifully complements yellow's cheerful optimism, resulting in a palette that's both dreamy and uplifting.

This combination could create a whimsical nursery, where soft pink walls host bright yellow accents in the form of toys, bedding, or artwork. Or in the fashion realm, a yellow sundress with pink accessories would be a charming ensemble for a spring day outing.

9. Brown and Yellow

Brown and Yellow Color Palette

Kobicha + Mikado Yellow + Vanilla

Hex Codes: #674019, #FFC800, #FFF4AC

Brown and yellow is an earthy combination that exudes a sense of comfort and warmth. Brown's grounding stability works well with yellow's sunny disposition, creating a palette that feels cozy and inviting.

This duo is perfect for a rustic kitchen where warm yellow walls are complemented by rich brown wooden cabinetry. Or imagine a landscaping scenario where yellow flowers are planted alongside brown earth-toned pavers, establishing a garden that feels warm and welcoming.

10. Navy Blue and Yellow

Navy Blue and Yellow Color Palette

Royal Blue (Traditional) + Mustard + Anti-Flash White

Hex Codes: #11296B, #FFDB57, #EDEDED

Navy blue and yellow is a sophisticated and bold pairing. Navy, with its deep, dignified tones, beautifully offsets yellow's bright vibrancy. This combination brings to mind a night sky studded with gleaming stars.

Consider this duo for a professional setting, such as a navy blue suit accented with a bright yellow tie or pocket square. Or imagine a home study with navy walls and a bold yellow desk, a design that's both stately and stimulating.

11. Orange and Yellow

Orange and Yellow Color Palette

Pumpkin + Jonquil + Eerie Black

Hex Codes: #FF792E, #FFD12F, #191919

Orange and yellow together are a celebration of warmth, like a bright summer's day or a bursting sunrise. Orange, with its vibrant energy, dances beautifully with yellow's cheerful brightness. The result is a palette that is sunny, optimistic, and full of life.

This pair can create a welcoming patio space, where yellow furniture is adorned with orange cushions and decor. In a culinary scenario, a salad with bright orange citrus and sunny yellow bell peppers not only tantalizes the taste buds, but also visually invigorates.

12. Turquoise and Yellow

Turquoise and Yellow Color Palette

Sunglow + Verdigris + Ghost White

Hex Codes: #FFD13B, #12BAB7, #ECEEF8

Turquoise and yellow is a refreshing combination that's like a tropical getaway. Turquoise's soothing coolness is brilliantly highlighted by yellow's sunny exuberance, creating a palette that's vibrant and calming at the same time.

Consider this combo for a bathroom; turquoise tiles accented by yellow towels and accessories can create a space that's both invigorating and relaxing. Similarly, in the world of fashion, a turquoise sundress paired with yellow accessories would make a stunning summer outfit.

13. Coral and Yellow

Coral and Yellow Color Palette

Bittersweet + Coral + Fawn

Hex Codes: #F25C54, #F4845F, #F7B267

Coral and yellow together form a delightful palette that's sweet and cheerful. Coral, with its pinkish-orange hues, complements yellow's brightness, resulting in a combination that's warm, inviting, and uplifting.

Imagine this duo in a beach-themed bedroom; coral bed linens with yellow accent pillows creating an atmosphere that's as welcoming as a sunny beach day. In a floral arrangement, coral roses mixed with yellow tulips would create a delightful bouquet that's both romantic and joyful.

14. Gold and Yellow

Gold and Yellow Color Palette

Gold + Aureolin + Cream

Hex Codes: #FFD700, #FFEE32, #F2F2CB

Gold and yellow come together to create a luxurious, radiant palette. Gold, with its opulence and glamour, beautifully blends with yellow's cheerfulness. The result is a combination that's rich, warm, and glowing with positivity.

This pair works wonders in a dining room setting, where gold-rimmed dishes are placed on a bright yellow tablecloth, creating a dining experience that feels regal yet welcoming. Alternatively, in jewelry design, a gold necklace with yellow gemstone pendants would be an elegant statement of joy and prosperity.

15. Maroon and Yellow

Maroon and Yellow Color Palette

Maroon + Citrine + Van Dyke

Hex Codes: #850A0A, #F6DE26, #372B2B

Maroon and yellow form a robust combination that's bold and invigorating. Maroon, with its deep, wine-red hues, provides a rich contrast to yellow's sunny brightness, creating a palette that's striking and dynamic.

Consider this combination for a cozy living room, where maroon walls are highlighted by yellow accents in the form of lamps or cushions. In fashion, a maroon sweater paired with a yellow scarf can create a fall outfit that's both stylish and vibrant.

16. Teal and Yellow

Teal and Yellow Color Palette

Teal + School Bus Yellow + Lemon Chiffon

Hex Codes: #06837F, #FED811, #FFF6C4

The combination of teal and yellow brings together a mix of serene, oceanic coolness and sunny warmth. Teal’s calming influence balances yellow’s invigorating energy, crafting a palette that's both harmonious and striking.

This duo would beautifully complement a home office, where a teal accent wall is contrasted with yellow desk accessories, creating a workspace that's both motivating and calming. Alternatively, consider this pairing for a summer dress, where a yellow pattern pops on a teal background, making a fashion statement that's lively yet sophisticated.

17. Mint Green and Yellow

Mint Green and Yellow Color Palette

Mint + Maize + Light Yellow

Hex Codes: #44CE9B, #F3E43B, #F7F7D9

Mint green and yellow form a refreshing and zesty palette. Mint green, with its soothing subtlety, is brilliantly paired with yellow's cheerful vibrancy, evoking a sense of sunny meadows and cool breezes.

Consider this pairing in a kitchen, where mint green cabinetry contrasts with yellow accents such as bar stools or kitchenware. In the realm of event planning, mint green and yellow decorations would create a vibrant yet serene atmosphere for a spring garden party.

18. Lavender and Yellow

Lavender and Yellow Color Palette

School Bus Yellow + Lavender (Web) + Royal Purple

Hex Codes: #F7D52F, #E6E6FA, #744D94

Lavender and yellow together form a combination that's like a dreamy summer evening. Lavender, with its soft, floral tones, beautifully complements yellow's bright optimism, creating a palette that's both whimsical and warm.

This combination would be beautiful for a child's bedroom, where lavender walls are accented with yellow decor, creating a space that's soothing yet stimulating. Similarly, in a floral arrangement, lavender stems mixed with yellow blooms would create a delightful bouquet that's both tranquil and joyous.

19. Charcoal and Yellow

Charcoal and Yellow Color Palette

Charcoal + Jonquil + Platinum

Hex Codes: #36454F, #FACF36, #E6E8E9

Charcoal and yellow make a stunning contrast, combining deep sophistication with a burst of cheer. Charcoal, with its stylish depth, provides a robust backdrop for yellow's sunny brightness, crafting a palette that's balanced, bold, and striking.

Consider this combination for a modern living room, where charcoal walls are brightened by yellow accents in the form of artwork or cushions. In the realm of typography, a bright yellow font on a charcoal background would not only catch the eye but emphasize the text's importance.

20. Olive Green and Yellow

Olive Green and Yellow Color Palette

Citrine + Jonquil + Moss Green

Hex Codes: #C7C418, #FACF36, #94935C

Olive green and yellow is an earthy combination that exudes warmth and tranquility. Olive green, with its natural, subdued tones, harmonizes perfectly with yellow's bright vitality, evoking a sense of lush meadows basking in the sun.

This pairing would work beautifully in a sunroom, where olive green furniture is adorned with yellow cushions, creating a space that's both relaxing and invigorating. Alternatively, consider this duo for a fall wardrobe, where an olive green coat is complemented by a sunny yellow scarf, offering both comfort and style.

21. Cream and Yellow

Cream and Yellow Color Palette

Icterine + Cream + Celeste

Hex Codes: #FFF985, #FFFDD0, #B8FFED

Cream and yellow together create a palette that's soft, warm, and inviting. Cream, with its subtle, soothing tones, beautifully complements yellow's cheerful brightness, resulting in a combination that feels like a sunny morning with a touch of elegance.

This duo would be ideal for a cozy bedroom, where cream walls provide a gentle backdrop for yellow accents in the form of linens or lamps. In a baking scenario, think of a yellow lemon cake topped with cream frosting, making the dessert visually delightful and appetizing.

22. Beige and Yellow

Beige and Yellow Color Palette

Mindaro + Beige + Dim Gray

Hex Codes: #F7F794, #F5F5DC, #75756A

Beige and yellow form a warm, welcoming pairing that's subtle yet cheerful. Beige, with its neutral, earthy charm, harmonizes perfectly with yellow's radiant optimism, creating a palette that's comforting and uplifting.

This pairing could create a serene living room, where beige furniture is accented by sunny yellow cushions or throws. In fashion, a yellow blouse paired with a beige skirt can create an ensemble that's both professional and vivacious.

23. Lime Green and Yellow

Lime Green and Yellow Color Palette

Lime Green + Lemon Lime + Dark Slate Gray

Hex Codes: #32CD32, #EBF707, #035555

Lime green and yellow together form a vibrant, zesty combination that feels like a burst of citrus freshness. Lime green, with its energetic brightness, beautifully contrasts yellow's sunny warmth, crafting a palette that's stimulating and fresh.

Imagine this duo in a playroom, where lime green walls meet sunny yellow furniture, fostering an environment that's playful and bright. Similarly, in the world of smoothie making, a blend of yellow mangoes and lime could result in a visually exciting and deliciously invigorating drink.

24. Indigo and Yellow

Indigo and Yellow Color Palette

Indigo + Gold + Cream

Hex Codes: #5C0099, #FFD500, #F7F7B9

Indigo and yellow create a stunning, high-contrast pairing. Indigo, with its deep, mysterious hues, is illuminated by yellow's cheerful brightness, resulting in a palette that's both bold and vibrant.

This combination would work beautifully in a study or office, where indigo bookcases against a yellow wall create a space that's both inspiring and serene. In fashion, an indigo dress accessorized with a yellow bag or shoes can make a striking statement.

25. Magenta and Yellow

Magenta and Yellow Color Palette

Fuchsia + Jonquil + Yellow

Hex Codes: #FF00FF, #FFCE19, #FFFC19

Magenta and yellow together form a passionate, lively palette. Magenta, with its deep, vibrant charm, beautifully contrasts with yellow's radiant cheerfulness, crafting a combination that's both intense and joyful.

Consider this duo for a party decor theme, where magenta balloons and yellow streamers create an environment that's both festive and energetic. Similarly, in a flower arrangement, yellow blooms against magenta flowers would make a visually captivating and romantic display.

26. Peach and Yellow

Peach and Yellow Color Palette

Maize + Papaya Whip + Peach

Hex Codes: #FDE964, #FFECC9, #FFCAA8

Peach and yellow together create a palette that's warm, inviting, and delicately charming. Peach, with its soft, rosy hues, beautifully complements yellow's cheerful brightness, evoking a sense of a blossoming garden at sunrise.

This pair would work wonderfully in a cozy cafe, where peach walls host sunny yellow furniture, creating a space that feels welcoming and vibrant. In the world of makeup, a peach lip color paired with a sunny yellow eyeshadow can create a look that's both playful and alluring.

27. Burgundy and Yellow

Burgundy and Yellow Color Palette

Burgundy + School Bus Yellow + Almond

Hex Codes: #800020, #F7D809, #F7E7D7

Burgundy and yellow come together to form a robust, sophisticated palette. Burgundy, with its deep, wine-like richness, provides a stunning contrast to yellow's sunny brightness. The result is a combination that's both striking and warm.

Imagine this duo in a dining room, where burgundy curtains or upholstery are illuminated by a yellow chandelier, creating an environment that's both grand and inviting. In fashion, a burgundy coat accessorized with a yellow scarf can make a statement that's both chic and bold.

What Colors Go with Yellow?


Here's a quick summary on colors that pair beautifully with the cheerfulness of yellow.

Starting with the drama of Black and Yellow, this duo brings a combination that's both daring and vibrant. Yellow acts as a spot of sunshine against the depth of black, evoking a palette that's both classic and compelling, like a sunflower blooming in the night.

Next up is the tranquility of Gray and Yellow. Yellow adds a spark of brightness to gray's sophisticated calm, creating a balance that's both modern and inviting. It's like a ray of sunshine breaking through a cloudy sky.

The serenity of Blue and Yellow is a combination that's as refreshing as a sunny sky. The cool calmness of blue contrasted with the warmth of yellow produces a palette that's harmonious and lively.

The earthiness of Brown and Yellow is a duo that feels like a warm, comforting embrace. Brown's natural warmth harmonizes beautifully with yellow's sunny disposition, creating an atmosphere that's both cozy and inviting.

And finally, the contrast of Navy Blue and Yellow is striking and sophisticated. Navy blue's depth is illuminated by the brightness of yellow, crafting a combination that's both bold and stylish.

Similar Colors to Yellow

Here are also five shades that are cousins of yellow, each with their own unique charm.

First off, let's talk about Lemon. More vibrant than your standard yellow, lemon bursts onto the scene like a refreshing citrus explosion. It's the perfect shade for adding a fresh, lively touch to your spaces or outfits.

Next, there's Canary Yellow. This shade, named after the cheerful bird, is warmer and richer than your typical yellow, but still retains that wonderful sunniness. Imagine canary yellow as the color of happiness in its most energetic form.

Goldenrod is another yellow shade worth exploring. Deeper and earthier than classic yellow, goldenrod has a touch of rustic charm about it. It's like the feeling of a lazy, warm sunset.

Don't forget about Cream. This muted, soft shade, reminiscent of a warm milky drink, offers a gentler, subtler alternative to bright yellow. It's perfect for creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Finally, let's shine a light on Mustard. This shade of yellow is darker, bolder, and has a slight brownish undertone. It's a trendy choice for those who prefer their yellows with a bit more depth and character.

So, why not stray slightly off the beaten path and discover the myriad shades in the family of yellow? Embrace the spectrum, and let the subtler tones of yellow illuminate your design journey!

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