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All About Color Salmon (Color Codes, Meaning and Pairings)

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All About Color Salmon (Color Codes, Meaning and Pairings)

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Delve into the alluring world of the color salmon, a soft blend of pink and orange that offers comfort, energy, and a touch of the exotic.

Step into the realm of color and immerse yourself in the gentle warmth of salmon. This remarkable shade, a perfect harmony of pink and orange, wraps itself around us with a sense of soothing comfort and subtle vitality.

Salmon presents a vibrant tableau of elegance and serenity, holding a special place in the artistic, fashion, and interior design world. In today's discourse, let's explore the history, meaning, and use of this color, and find out what colors pair well with it.

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What Color is Salmon?

Delving deeper into the world of colors, one may ask, what color is salmon, really? Evocative of the delicate hues found in nature, salmon is a light pink color, with a subtle orange undertone. If you're looking for an exact digital match, the salmon hex color code is #FA8072.

This particular code corresponds to a specific blend of red, green, and blue light, creating the appealing warmth that is associated with salmon. The harmonious blend of pink and orange in salmon brings forth a sense of calm and vitality, making it an alluring choice for various applications.

The History of Salmon

The first recorded use of salmon as a color name in English dates back to 1776. Interestingly, the color salmon got its name from the color of salmon flesh, which ranges from almost white to light orange. The varied color of the salmon flesh can be attributed to their diet—rich in krill and shrimp—that affects the levels of the carotenoid astaxanthin in their bodies.

For salmon raised on fish farms, their diet is often supplemented with non-synthetic or artificial coloring to achieve the desired hue. Over the centuries, the color salmon has not only been a descriptive term for the fish but has also carved out its identity in the realm of art, design, and fashion.

The Meaning of the Color Salmon

Salmon isn't just a pretty color—it holds a wealth of symbolic meaning, too. As a blend of the warmth of orange and the softness of pink, salmon invokes feelings of harmony, love, and optimism. It is often associated with femininity, health, and youthfulness due to its light and soft appearance. In some cultures, it is also seen as a color of good luck and fortune. Its soothing qualities make it a popular choice in the realm of design and fashion.

How to Use Salmon?

Salmon is a versatile color that can be used in various contexts and scenarios. In interior design, it is often used to create a warm, comforting, and inviting atmosphere. Whether it's a salmon-colored accent wall in your living room or a plush salmon rug in your bedroom, this color can work wonders in creating a welcoming ambiance.

In the fashion world, salmon-colored clothes and accessories can bring a fresh and lively touch to your outfit. It's a fabulous choice for spring and summer wardrobes due to its cheerful and light quality. Moreover, in graphic design and marketing, the color salmon can be used to evoke feelings of warmth, happiness, and creativity.

Similar Colors to Salmon

Salmon shares its soothing and warm qualities with many other shades. Among these are:

  1. Coral
  2. Peach
  3. Tangerine
  4. Rose Gold
  5. Apricot

What Colors Go with Salmon?

Pairing salmon with other colors can bring out its unique qualities. Here are five colors that harmonize beautifully with salmon:

  1. Teal
  2. Grey
  3. White
  4. Olive Green
  5. Navy Blue

Salmon Color Information (Hex Code #FA8072)

To understand the color salmon in the digital world, we must familiarize ourselves with its specific codes, such as its hex code, RGB code, CMYK code, and HSL code. The salmon hex color code is #FA8072, which translates to an RGB decimal code of 250, 128, 114. In terms of CMYK values, salmon has a configuration of 0, 49, 54, 2. Lastly, its HSL value stands at 6.2°, 93.2, 71.4.

Salmon Color Code Conversion

The hexadecimal color of salmon is #FA8072. This code is just one of many ways to represent the color salmon. Let's delve deeper into the diverse color codes of salmon.

Hex FA8072 #FA8072
RGB Decimal 250, 128, 114 rgb(250,128,114)
RGB Percentage 98, 50.2, 44.7 rgb(98%,50.2%,44.7%)
CMYK 0, 49, 54, 2
HSL 6.2°, 93.2, 71.4 hsl(6.2,93.2%,71.4%)
HSV 6.2°, 54.4, 98
Web Safe ff9966 #ff9966
CIE-LAB 67.263, 45.224, 29.088
XYZ 50.182, 36.981, 20.414
CIE-LCH 67.263, 53.771, 32.75
CIE-LUV 67.263, 90.492, 27.372
Hunter-Lab 60.812, 40.875, 22.666
Binary 11111010, 10000000, 01110010

Salmon Color Schemes

Discover various ways to incorporate salmon into your color palettes:











High Contrast


Salmon Color FAQ

Is salmon a color?

Yes, salmon is a recognized color. It is a light shade of pink with a slight orange undertone, reminiscent of the color of salmon flesh.

What color is salmon?

Salmon is a light pink color with a hint of orange. In the digital world, it is represented by the hex color code #FA8072.

Is salmon color orange or pink?

Salmon is primarily a shade of pink, but it has a slight orange undertone that gives it its unique warmth and vibrancy.

What colors go with salmon?

Many colors go well with salmon. Among these are teal, grey, white, olive green, and navy blue.

How do you mix salmon color?

In painting, you can mix salmon color by combining red and white for a pink base, then adding a small amount of yellow and orange to bring out the warm undertone.

What color shirt goes with salmon shorts?

A white or light grey shirt would go very well with salmon shorts. These colors bring out the soft, warm tones of salmon without overpowering it.

What is the color code for salmon color?

The hex color code for salmon is #FA8072.


The color salmon, a soft blend of pink and orange, is a heartwarming shade that sparks feelings of comfort, warmth, and vitality. Its history, symbolism, and the many ways it can be used highlight the depth and diversity of this hue. Whether in fashion, interior design, or digital art, salmon's captivating appeal shines through, making it a versatile and always relevant color choice. Explore the world of salmon, and let it inspire your creative journey!

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