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15+ Best Teal Color Palettes (Colors that Go with Teal)

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15+ Best Teal Color Palettes (Colors that Go with Teal)

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Teal is a fantastic color that adds vibrancy to any home, wardrobe or design project. It's a bold blend of blue and green that create beautiful hues in different shades - from light teal to dark teal. If you're looking to make an impact with your next palette, then our 15+ Best Teal Color Palettes will provide all the inspiration you need.

When it comes selecting colors that go with teal there are many options available like purple, pink, and black – each shade creating its own unique mood while still working harmoniously together.

To help inspire your creativity we have put together this collection of our favorite palettes featuring various tones of gorgeous turquoise as well as bright pops of orange alongside deep greens which work wonderfully when combined.

Whatever style or combination you choose; being able to mix multiple amazing tints such as muted blues and vibrant yellows can add depth and character to any room or outfit. So let's experiment until finding the right one for your needs.

What Color is Teal?

Teal (hex code #008080) is a turquoise-styled blue-green color that radiates vibrancy and a strong air of confidence. It is an eye-catching hue whose brilliance makes it stand out in any room. Teal stands bold on the color wheel, between blue and green hues - both cool colors with properties of being calming, tranquil yet also lively.

When talking about teal's tone or shade, it is truly a unique one as its range has several possibilities ranging from lighter shades close to turquoise to deeper tones like peacock blue. This means you can find teal for many preferences. However all have the same passion for life in them.

Teal may seem modern but actually, this brightness has been associated with strength since ancient times by some cultures who believed it brought luck when used inside homes or worn as jewelry pieces such as necklaces.

Teal makes it easy to create color combinations that work well together. Its boldness helps it fit in with almost any color scheme, adding a bit of energy and sparkle to the mix.

Best Teal Color Palettes

Here's our list of the best teal color palettes. These schemes include colors that go best with teal color. The shades of teal used in these palettes range from soft and muted to bright and bold.

We have included a variety of color combinations that will help you create beautiful, harmonious interior designs with teal as the main hue. Whether it's dark greenish-blue or more turquoise tones, there is something for everyone here!

1. Teal and Purple



Hex Codes: #5C63B2, #3CBAC4, #8349B7, #149DA1, #B85CD9

Teal is a bold, vibrant shade of blue-green that pairs beautifully with the equally eye-catching hue of purple. The deep blues in teal contrast perfectly with the dusky purples to create an incredibly rich and alluring palette. Teal can be used as the main accent color while purple serves as the perfect complementary shade. Together, they bring out each other's intensity and make any project or design more striking.

2. Teal and Orange



Hex Codes: #9E3900, #F44900, #09E6DE, #00CFC5, #FF6E1E

Using their opposite sides on the color wheel creates a strong yet calming effect when pairing orange against teal blue hues. Against its softness are pops of energy from oranges living within it this palette - making it suitable for anything from websites to product designs to look lively without being overwhelming. Washed-down tones will keep things exciting but still balanced.

3. Teal and Black



Hex Codes: #00100F, #072F2E, #017481, #0092A2, #85B7B6

If you are looking for a classic yet modern way to mix your color theme, the teal and black palette comes highly recommended. The energetic, seafoam-like energy of this bright blue-green shade is beautifully contrasted against the boldness of black, which can be used as an accent or main color – depending on what kind of result you want to create. Its modern yet timeless look makes it a great choice on many occasions.

4. Teal and Pink



Hex Codes: #012638, #008195, #03AAC2, #FB6793, #FF9A5

Soft, feminine pinks combined with the invigorating blue-green tones of teal create an enchanting color theme. With its lovely hues, this palette can be used to achieve a subtle yet playful look that works great for web designs or apps – especially when combined with delicate fonts and cute illustrations. The intensity of bright colors will capture people's attention without being too overwhelming.

5. Teal and Green



Hex Codes: #0D313A, #0E7F6C, #45AD82, #367583, #3D8794

Combining a type of green with teal will give you an earthy and natural feel. Any shade from aqua to olive could be used as the main color, while complementary tones in shades of turquoise or sage would complete the look. This combo can add life and freshness to any project - no matter if it's digital or print related.

6. Teal and Gold



Hex Codes: #004443, #01615F, #188F8B, #D4AA3A, #DCBF57

A harmonious blend of teal with warm golden tones makes for an incredibly luxurious color theme. The depth of the blue-greenish shades will be complemented by the richness of gold to create a look that’s truly enchanting. This palette can also be used as part of branding or packaging designs, adding elegance and luxury to any project.

7. Teal and Red



Hex Codes: #34535E, #2B7B7B, #57A498, #90112F, #CF223B

Warmer tones of red combined with the invigorating shades of teal might seem counterintuitive - but in reality, it creates an amazing color palette. It's perfect for creating any kind of digital design or website as its mix of boldness and vibrancy can attract attention without becoming overwhelming. You’ll have to be careful to not overuse either color.

8. Teal and Turquoise



Hex Codes: #08314A, #005F7B, #00A0A9, #04E4D8, #7FEDDF

This is a palette made for marine-inspired designs. The combination of the teal hue with turquoise creates a refreshing, calming look that’s perfect for recreational websites or apps – especially those related to nature or water sports. Incorporating light blues can further enhance the effect while emphasizing its aquatic qualities.

9. Teal and Yellow



Hex Codes: #006167, #00B7AF, #D7EFDA, #FDD401, #FABF00

These two colors will create an eye-catching but cheerful color theme - if used correctly! Teals act as great base tones, allowing bright yellows to pop out from them without becoming overbearing. These shades are relatively easygoing so it's simple enough to add additional warm hues alongside them like oranges, pinks and purples.

10. Teal and Coral



Hex Codes: #018A8D, #00B6B2, #FF9658, #FD5A19, #F52F04

A combination of teal with beautiful coral shades will create a striking color palette. The balance between these colors can be used to achieve both modern and vintage-style looks, depending on the tones you choose—from bolder pastels that are great for springtime designs or darker versions which offer more sophistication.

11. Teal and Brown



Hex Codes: #005057, #00777E, #4B3217, #785230, #AE9276

Brown is often overlooked but when combined with the right shade of blue-green, it creates an incredibly sophisticated look. This type of color deserves its place in any design scheme – whether digital or paper related - as it adds texture without compromising vibrancy. Use this soothing combo to evoke natural elements such as soil or trees while still being eye-catching.

12. Teal and Grey



Hex Codes: #00BFB4, #008E89, #626869, #949597, #D8D6DC

Using grey against teal hues give off an industrial yet stylish effect perfect for illustrations, websites, apps – virtually anything! Dark grays feel like shadows behind the bright pops from the chosen blues which help make certain areas stand out amongst others — allowing designers to create depth within their works through simple contrasting colors.

13. Teal and Cream



Hex Codes: #00606E, #0093A6, #F9E9E2, #EFD3C8, #E9C3B0

This palette is a classic but beautiful way to mix colors. The deep blues in teal contrast elegantly with the soft, creamy tones of its complementary shades for an enjoyable color theme that’s great for print-based projects such as magazines or posters—or even websites if you choose softer versions.

14. Dark Teal Color Palette



Hex Codes: #070F12, #003B46, #006770, #008C8B, #00A3A9

A moody and unique look can be achieved when going dark with your blue-green hues. This type of palette works especially well within modern designs where lighter accents could cause too much distraction from the darker elements on display. Choose different depths of navy to complete the overall effect – just make sure not everything looks too monochromatic.

15. Teal Blue Color Palette



Hex Codes: #19475F, #318E9F, #3FA6AB, #58C5FE, #41ABFE

Using purer variations will offer slightly more clarity than their deeper brothers - making them ideal choices for digital designs like apps or websites, which need vibrant pops without becoming overwhelming in high saturation levels. Experimenting between warm and cool tones while keeping things close to true turquoise keeps this kind of palette fresh yet elegant.

16. Pastel Teal Palette



Hex Codes: #46A29D, #6BBCB1, #C8BDA9, #D7CEC5, #E4DFDB

A more romantic look can be achieved by using lighter versions of blue-green in conjunction with pastels, making for a softer yet still vibrant palette. This combination is perfect for summertime designs or other occasions where you want to evoke freshness and calm without toning down the vibrancy too much – keep your blues on the brighter side.

Teal Complementary Color


Color teal's complementary color is dark red (hex code #800000). This color palette is made up of two colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel. As such, this combination can be incredibly bold and vibrant when it comes to design. The dark red provides a much-needed contrast against the unique vibrancy of teal while keeping its tone alive with deeper shades like maroon or burgundy.

Teal Complementary Color Palette


This palette adds shades of teal and red to the mix and can be used for a variety of projects. With this combination, teal is accented by its complementary red as well as a shade that gives it options while keeping things light and airy. This provides a nice twist on classic combinations.

Teal Analogous Color Palette


The teal analogous color palette is all about the shades of green. Here, you will find a range of greens in different intensities and tones that complement each other. This can be used to create an eye-catching visual design with hues from olive to lime without distracting from the overall look or feel.

Teal Shades Color Palette


When creating a monochromatic style for your project, the teal shade family is perfect! Choose any variety—from lightest duck egg blue through mid teals right down to deep navy – and mix it up to adding texture and depth. Use this versatile option when you want vivid variations yet still keep within one main hue.

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