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20 Best Free Cool Handwriting Fonts for 2024

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20 Best Free Cool Handwriting Fonts for 2024

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20 Cool Handwriting Fonts for Free

Looking for a cool new handwriting font for your next project? We've got you covered with the absolutely list on 20 coolest free fonts that will definitely rock any cool design project you're about to head into! This collection also includes the super popular Southampton Signature Style and Wilderness Typeface.

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This collection of 20 best free fonts is gathered from two of the best free font websites, Pixelify and Dafont. Pixelify is community-based digital assets sharing site where people can share free fonts, mockups, graphic, templates and more. Dafont is the most legendary free font resource which have a huge catalog of the most beautiful and cool fonts!

These fonts have been authentically handwritten by individual font designers all over the world. Be inspired and amazed by this massive collection of the absolute best hand-lettered fonts! Don't forget to also check out more free fonts listed on CreativeBooster and new blog posts listed on free fonts -category.

01. Shopping Script by Roland Huse 

Shopping Script is a cursive signature style handwritten script made by the talented Roland Huse.

02. Southampton SIgnature Style by Creatype Studio 

Introducing the Southampton, a stylish handwritten free font with signature style. This beautiful script font offers your personal touch to your latest art project with an elegant, classy and modern look.

03. Billy Ohio Typeface by Alit Suarnegara 

Amazing modern and super cool handwriting font for free. Made by ever-talented Alit Suarnegara. Download this type and make your day pop!

04. Paradiso Font Duo by Ade Meiada

Paradiso is a gorgeous rustic font duo in style! A beautifully handmade font with lowercase alternates and ligatures. This free font is perfect for wedding invitations, web ads, logotypes and many more.

05. Malina Script by Paula A.

This free handwritten font is perfect for wedding invitation or your blog. You can create a logo or beautiful frame for your home. Or just use for your small business, book covers, stationery and more.

06. Jelytta Handwriting Font by Creatype Studio

Jelytta is perfect for photography watermark, social media posts, advertisements, logos & branding, invitation, product designs, label, stationery, wedding designs, product packaging, special events or anything that need handwriting taste.

07. Ralph Lanok Typeface by Alit Suarnegara 

Ralph Lanok Free Typeface has an elegant hand lettering brush style on it! It looks naturally handwritten because Raph Lanok family has a ton of features. This font is best used for your design project that has the concept of fun, brave and sporty.

08. Inkland Script by Typhoon Type 

Free handwritten font with super-rare swashes that totally rock your next wedding invitation with style! Also includes splats that make you look more unique.

09. Bromello Typeface by Alit Suarnegara 

The Bromello free typeface is a modern script typeface, using handmade style with a brushed touch. Bromello is useful for a wedding card design, logotype, website header, fashion design and any more.

10. Wild Ones by Dikas Studio

Wild Ones is a hand brushed handwriting script font inspired by modern calligraphy style. It makes the font look so cool, playful and beautiful at the same time. Suitable and applicable for modern cool typography design, christmas card, branding, logos, product packaging, invitation, qoutes, t-shirt, label poster etc.

11. Halimun Script Style by Creatype Studio

Halimun Script style is a new modern and fresh free script font with a handwritten and authentic style that make this font look elegant, natural, stylish and perfect for any awesome projects that needs a handwriting taste.

12. Sweet Hipster by Typhoon Type

Like the name suggest, this sweet free font has a modern hisptery style in it! Looking cooler that north pole with those swashes swirls that you can add infront or at the end of your typography. Design world has been long waiting a free font like this!

13. Wilderness Typeface by Mats-Peter Forss (Me!)


Wilderness Typeface is a new funky handwriting font made with Tombow Fudesunoke brush pen. It’s authentically hand lettered font with lowercase alternates. Designed to work perfectly in multiple designs like wedding invitations, website logos, Instagram posts and many many more.

14. Ananda Script by Billy Argel

The Dafont master Billy Argel has delighted us with a new free handwritten script font called Ananda. Super-perfect for signs or logos you've got on your table. This is one of the coolest fonts for 2018 graphic design work.

15. Rainy Day Font by pixelbypixel 

A beautiful hand painted brush font that looks great for any project that requires an informal look.

16. Stylish Charm Script by Snipecientist 

Presenting the new fashionable "Stylish Charm". It's a chic handwriting script font with 90 pre-made branding logos with stunning textures perfect for any branding in web or print.

17. Bulgatti Luxury Script by Creatype Studio

Bulgatti is a luxurious handwritten script font with a sophisticated style. Inspired by brand and luxury items that make this font looks classy and awesome in any way on your latest project.

18. Beautiful Bloom Font by Mats-Peter Forss (Me!) 

Introducing the new lovely Beautiful Bloom Typeface. It’s authentically hand lettered font with full alternates (upper and lowercase). Designed to work perfectly in multiple designs like wedding invitations, website logos, Instagram posts and many many more!

19. Sophia - Free Script Font by Emily Spadoni

It’s time to introduce you to the amazing free script font Sophia,hand-letteredred script font made by the super-talented Emily Spadoni. This font is cool, saucy, and a little shabby. A new hand-lettered brush style typeface.

20. Back to Black - Free Cool Script Font by Misti's Fonts

Welcoming you to a perfectly cool calligraphic and handwritten font by Misti's Fonts. The potential of this must-have free font is stunning. Keep up creating the best design in the world with this superious font!

21. Market Saturday Script Font by FontBoutique

free market saturday script font

Check out this beautiful free handwritten script font that is perfect for any modern print or digital design! Amaze your followers and take your design to the date with this superb free script font!

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