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The Best Free Fonts for Graphic Designers

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best free fonts for graphic designers - new for 2018

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Best Free Fonts for Your Next Graphic Design Project

Take a look at these best free fonts for any new design project you have ahead of you in the year 2018. This blog post includes a great variety of script fonts, sans serif fonts and display fonts. If you're looking for more script fonts, check out the previous post best free cool handwriting fonts.

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These fonts are fully gathered from the best new freebie website, Pixelify. They offer top-notch free script fonts, display fonts and sans serif fonts.

    These fonts are made by individual font designers all over the world. Set yourself for the future with these bullet-proof fonts that will get the party started! Check out also all the best free fonts listed on CreativeBooster and new blog posts listed on free fonts -category.

    01. Sunydale Font Duo by sizimon

    Introducing our latest product the Sunydale Font Duo! Classy, contemporary pair of script and serif fonts. It is free-flowing, feminine, fashionable and friendly. Sunydale is perfect for fashion, e-commerce brands, trend blogs, or any business that wants to appear classy and chic.

    02. Black Drama by bombastype

    A Beautiful and Elegant font combination. It’s contains 2 display serif fonts with clean & rough style, regular & slant version for both of them. The main font is a display serif with flourish shape element. It also includes many alternates characters, ligatures, and discretionary ligatures. 

    03. Crumble by Subqi Std

    An elegant and classy script with signature style on it. May called ‘Crumble’ but this font has been made very carefully to get the best movement flow. This font will perfect for some Diplay pupose like: Logotype, Make some quotes, Poster, Wedding Invitation, etc. Even can work as well for your body text.

    04. Meetha Script by fadeline

    Meetha Script is modern calligraphy script font. This is a beautiful script font with italic style. Made gently and danced to give the character of modern writing that is sweet, simple, stylish and firm.

    05. Evolve Sans by MadeType

    free sans serif font

    MADE Evolve is a modern and futuristic sans serif font family. The combination of futuristic and geometric elements renders a modern design.

    06. Shella Font Trio by Mas Anis

    best free fonts - script font Shella

    Shella Clean font combines with the Shella sans or Shella rough font to make each word unique. Suitable for any design needs, modern invitation design, branding, stationery design, blog design, modern advertising design and invitation.

    07. Autumn Chant by Roland Huse 

    free font download

    AUTUMN CHANT is a casual handwritten script.

    08. Better Together by Misti Hammers

    better together - free script font

    Introducing the lovely Better Together script font. This is a demo and only free for personal use.

    09. Tahu - Free Script Font by Syaf Rizal

    tahu free script font

    Introducing you to a clean and professional modern script font, Tahu! Use it for ads, logos, branding or anything that that you’ll need. This is free for commercial use so feel free to use it to prosper!

    10. Kiona Font Family (2 Free Weights) by Ellen Luff

    kiona font family free sans serif

    KIONA is simple but significant, and defined by its crisp edges and modern touches. It is designed for optimal legibility. An all caps sans-serif, KIONA makes a statement without making a scene.

    11. Rosetica Smooth Script by fadeline

    rosetica smooth free script font

    This is a smooth script font with handwriting style. This time made soft so it gives the character of handwriting very simple, real and sweet.

    12. Sacred Bridge - Free Display Font by bombastype

    free display font sacred bridge

    Sacred Bridge is an old fashioned typeface ,come up with clean and letterpress style, regular and italic with extra ornaments and symbols. Sacred Bridge is great for any kind of display purpose from branding, emblem, advertising , t-shirt , etc you name it.

    13. So Lovely Script by Emily Spadoni

    so lovely free script font

    The combination and contrast of bold curves with super-fine lines trailing as if your hand just barely lifted from the paper. So Lovely doesn’t miss a single detail, alternate characters are hastily cut short as a quickly moving hand ordinarily would.

    14. Batriysh - Free Handwritten Font by soti brother

    free handwritten font

    Batriysh is a bold script trash typeface created by Sotibrother,This unique typeface hat will be perfect for any design project such as logos & branding, invitation, stationery, wedding designs, social media posts, advertisements, product packaging, product designs, label, photography, watermark, special events or anything that need that authentic handwriting taste.

    15. Seascape Script Free by Anna Markovets

    seascape script free

    This font includes ligatures and full set of lowercase alternates to make your text as close to a natural handwritten script as possible. It’s perfect for branding, wedding invites and cards, headings, signatures, product packaging, quotes, greeting cards, logos, overlays and much more.

    16. Rumble Brave Typeface by Alit Suarnegara

    rumble brave typeface free display font

    This font is free for just Personal use. Amazing free display font by Alit Suarnegara.

    17. Yolan Unique Font by fadeline

    yolan unique free font

    This is a new font script with a unique and thin style. Not only unique, the font is made in detail also has an elegant style, sweet, simple and firm character. With a unique style that dancing, this font can make your design more alive. When you use this font sometimes you do not need to use other fonts pairing, this font can be used in single, but still as you wish!

    18. Munich - Modern Free Sans Serif Font by Eldertype Studio

    munich modern free sans serif font

    MUNICH FONT is a beautiful font, with a tint weight perfect for adding some romance and charm to your designs. This font functions most strongly as a display or headline font. suitable for logo, logotype, branding,wedding, fashion, label, book cover, t-shirt, instagram post, and other.

    19. Bison Font Family by Ellen Luff

    bison font family free sans serif

    Bison is a strong fontfamily and sophisticated sans serif. Inspired by the animal, it’s sturdy uncompromising style is felt through the controlled letterforms and modern touches. A balance of hard lines and smooth curves. Each font in the family can stand on its own, dynamic and authoritative in their own right.

    20. Stay Classy Font Free by Solid Type

    stay classy - free script font

    Stay Classy is a gorgeous and simple handwritten script font; contemporary and fashionable, Stay Classy looks great for a large range of project types. This elegant font is legible and looks great as a headline or in body text. This font will perfect for many different project for blogging, social media, branding, wedding invites, cards etc.

    21. Marchell Script Font by Bangkit Tri Setiadi

    marchell script font

    Marchell Script is a copperplate style font that looks classic, vintage and retro but still looks elegant, luxurious and georgeous.

    22. Kimberly Wedding Script Font by Rachma

    kimberly free script font

    Kimberly Script is one of the most perfect free fonts for wedding invitations and other girly feminine designs you might have on your desk!

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