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10 Best Helicopter Tours & Rides in Vancouver, Canada (Check Today's Price!)

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10 Best Helicopter Tours & Rides in Vancouver, Canada (Check Today's Price!)

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Are you looking for the best helicopter tour in Vancouver? Soaring above the city’s skyline, you’ll experience breathtaking aerial views that are second to none.

We have created a list of the best helicopter tours in Vancouver, Canada, to guide you through the skies. Discover the beauty of British Columbia from a bird’s-eye view, as you glide over iconic landmarks and scenic landscapes.

Each tour offers a unique adventure, showcasing the natural beauty and urban elegance of the region. Get ready for an unforgettable journey above one of the most picturesque cities on the West Coast.

Best Helicopter Tours in Vancouver

1. Helicopter Tour over Vancouver (Vancouver/Pitt Meadows)

1. Helicopter Tour over Vancouver (Vancouver/Pitt Meadows)

Experience Vancouver like never before with the Vancouver/Pitt Meadows helicopter tour. Gliding through the skies, guests enjoy an exclusive perspective of downtown Vancouver, complemented by the luxury of champagne in flight.

Starting from either Vancouver or Pitt Meadows, this tour is a 30-minute whirlwind of scenic delights. Marvel at the Vancouver Lookout, the bustling port, and the majestic Lions Gate Bridge from your unique vantage point in the sky.

Sights such as Simon Fraser University, Deep Cove, the Indian Arm fjord, and the city’s port unfurl below, providing an unparalleled panoramic experience. Your expert pilot enhances the journey with informative commentary, revealing fascinating details about the landmarks below.

This private helicopter ride ensures you feel like a celebrity, with awe-inspiring views of the Northshore Mountains, English Bay, Stanley Park, and downtown’s shimmering towers, concluding with a smooth return to your chosen starting point.

What's Included

  • 30-minute helicopter flight
  • Professional pilot
  • Live commentary during the flight
  • In-flight champagne service
  • Meeting points in Vancouver or Pitt Meadows

"Absolutely incredible views that you can't get any other way. The pilot was knowledgeable and made the experience very special. It was the highlight of our Vancouver trip, and we can't recommend it enough. An absolute must-do!" - Read more reviews

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2. Vancouver BC Backcountry Helicopter Tour

2. Vancouver BC Backcountry Helicopter Tour

Experience the breathtaking landscapes of British Columbia's west coast on a thrilling 30-minute helicopter tour. As you take to the skies, marvel at the diverse terrain below - from towering mountain peaks to misty forests and meandering glacier streams.

This tour is your key to accessing the awe-inspiring vistas normally reserved for seasoned hikers and climbers. With your knowledgeable pilot providing engaging commentary, capture panoramic photos of the coast's mountainous beauty, and gain a new perspective on this pristine wilderness.

Perfect for adventurers and sightseers alike, this tour offers an unforgettable way to explore the heart of Canada's natural splendor from a vantage point like no other.

What's included:

  • 30-minute backcountry helicopter flight
  • Customized tour based on daily conditions
  • Pilot's narrative of the tour

"Absolute 5-stars from start to finish. Robin - the shuttle driver - picked us up from the hotel and provided interesting commentary about Vancouver all the way out to the hangar. The helicopters were ready, waiting and super clean. Our pilot gave us a safety briefing and we were off. The mountains and lakes are beyond beautiful, and our pilot seemed completely calm and comfortable the whole time. I absolutely recommend this experience to anyone of any age." - See more reviews

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3. Vancouver Coastal Mountain Helicopter Tour with One Landing

3. Vancouver Coastal Mountain Helicopter Tour with One Landing

Take to the skies for an unforgettable helicopter tour over the stunning Coast Mountains of British Columbia. This adventure begins at the SKY Hangar terminal, where you'll be whisked away for a breathtaking 46-minute journey.

The tour offers a blend of adrenaline and awe as you soar past beautiful blueberry farms, golf courses, and the vast Pitt Lake. Revel in the magnificence of cascading waterfalls, snow-covered peaks, and serene alpine lakes.

Perhaps the highlight of the trip is the 15-minute landing atop an alpine expanse, where you can step out, fill your lungs with the crisp mountain air, and take in panoramic views that will linger in your memory long after you've returned to the ground.

What's Included in the Tour:

  • 30-minute helicopter flight
  • 15-minute alpine landing
  • Knowledgeable pilot guide
  • Use of noise-canceling aviation headsets

"Amazing! Beautiful views, friendly and knowledgeable staff, the experience was just perfect from the second I called until the end of the trip. This tour is a must. There’s nothing like landing on top of a mountain and flying over lakes hidden on top. Will for sure be going again." — Read more reviews

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4. Discovery Helicopter Tour w/ 10AM Hotel Pickup

4. Discovery Helicopter Tour w/ 10AM Hotel Pickup

Experience the thrill of flight and the awe of seeing Vancouver from above with the Discovery Helicopter Tour. This excursion is designed for those who have never set foot in a helicopter and are eager for an introduction to the skies.

The journey begins with a luxury van pickup from your hotel, ensuring a seamless start to your adventure. You'll receive a narrated guide as you travel to the state-of-the-art SKY Hangar, readying you for the exhilarating experience ahead.

Once airborne, the 30-minute scenic flight offers a panorama of the breathtaking landscapes that make up Metro Vancouver and the surrounding Fraser Valley. As you glide over the region, the pilot will provide insight into the spectacular natural features below, making for an informative and unforgettable flight.

What's included in this tour:

  • Hotel pickup and drop-off
  • Narrative commentary en route to SKY Hangar
  • 30-minute helicopter flight with personalized route based on daily conditions
  • Engaging tour narrative from your guide and pilot

"So awesome. Being close to the trees and mountain tops was just a different experience that you don't get to experience on a seaplane or a commercial airplane. The scenery was so close and majestic." - Souhail, Canada, Read more reviews

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5. Pre/Post Cruise Helicopter BC Backcountry Tour with Hotel Pickup

5. Pre/Post Cruise Helicopter BC Backcountry Tour with Hotel Pickup

The Pre/Post Cruise Helicopter BC Backcountry Tour is a thrilling aerial adventure that gives you a unique perspective of British Columbia's pristine backcountry. Approximately 96% of the province remains undeveloped, offering a rare opportunity to experience untouched Canadian wilderness.

During the 30-minute helicopter tour, you will witness the majestic beauty of mighty rivers, cascading waterfalls, rugged mountain peaks, and vibrant glacial lakes whose colors are unforgettable. Your journey starts with a convenient hotel pickup from downtown Vancouver, where you will be escorted to the state-of-the-art SKY Hangar.

Here, you will embark on your flight, soaring over landscapes that few have the chance to see up close. After the tour, the service includes drop-off at your downtown hotel, the cruise terminal, or the Vancouver International Airport, making it a perfect activity for travelers.

What's Included:

  • Fuel surcharge
  • Landing and facility fees
  • Complimentary hotel pickup and drop-off for all downtown Vancouver hotels
  • Luggage handling

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6. Vancouver Backcountry Helicopter Tour w/ 10AM Hotel Pickup

6. Vancouver Backcountry Helicopter Tour w/ 10AM Hotel Pickup

Explore British Columbia's breathtaking landscapes from the sky on the Backcountry Helicopter Tour. Beginning with a luxurious van ride from your Downtown Vancouver hotel to the SKY Hangar, this experience allows you to appreciate the natural beauty of the west coast without the need for hiking or mountaineering gear.

With 2.5 hours of discovery, the helicopter tour showcases steep mountain ranges, lush evergreen forests, and the intricate network of rivers and streams.

Marvel from above at the jaw-dropping coast mountain views, picturesque waterfalls, alpine lakes, and snow-capped peaks. Learn from your knowledgeable pilot about the untouched and diverse ecosystems while capturing memories and snapshots that will last a lifetime.

This curated adventure promises not just sights but an educational journey through the grandeur of British Columbia's wilderness.

What's included:

  • Hotel pickup and drop-off service
  • 30-minute scenic helicopter flight over the backcountry
  • Customized tour experience based on daily weather conditions
  • Engaging narrative by both the driver and pilot
  • Expert pilot to guide your journey

Here's a glimpse of what participants are saying:

"This was a once in a lifetime experience. I surprised my wife with the BC Backcountry tour (with our two young daughters, ages 4 and 7). We were unable to fly on our scheduled day due to weather conditions, but everyone at Sky was extremely accommodating. Our flight was magical and we even got to land at Widgeon Lake up in the mountains for some rock throwing for the girls! Would highly recommend and we can’t wait to visit again and fly with Sky!" - GetYourGuide traveler – United States

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7. Helicopter Tour of Vancouver City (Depart YPK)

7. Helicopter Tour of Vancouver City (Depart YPK)

Discovering Vancouver from the skies offers a unique perspective of this picturesque city, renowned for its urban architecture and natural beauty. A helicopter tour allows you to soar above the cityscape, providing a bird's-eye view of iconic landmarks and the stunning natural environment that surrounds them.

The Helicopter Tour of Vancouver City starts from the conveniently located PITT MEADOWS REGIONAL AIRPORT, taking you on a 30-minute flight that showcases the city's downtown core, the famous Lions Gate Bridge, the expansive Stanley Park, and the bustling Cruise Terminal.

The contrast of the urban environment, bordered by the North Shore Mountains and the adjacent beaches, makes for a visually striking experience. Remember to bring your camera as the vistas from the helicopter will afford you countless photographic opportunities.

What's Included:

  • Fuel surcharge
  • Landing and facility fees

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8. Vancouver City & Mountains 30-Min Helicopter Tour

8. Vancouver City & Mountains 30-Min Helicopter Tour

Discover an exhilarating perspective of Vancouver's beautiful scenery with the Vancouver: City & Mountains 30-Min Helicopter Tour. SKY Helicopters presents a thrilling opportunity to soar over the bustling harbor, taking in the sights of the cityscape before venturing towards the majestic coastal mountain ranges.

This tour is a whirlwind of panoramic views that includes flying past the dramatic cliffs of Howe Sound and the iconic peaks like the Lions in the Coast Mountains. Gaze upon the world-renowned Sea to Sky region from an unparalleled vantage point.

The adventure concludes with a sweep over Vancouver's most recognizable landmarks such as English Bay, Lion's Gate Bridge, Stanley Park, and the downtown skyline, ensuring you've witnessed the city from an angle like no other.

What's included in this tour:

  • 30-minute helicopter flight
  • Expert pilot guide
  • Bose noise-canceling aviation headsets

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9. Vancouver Helicopter Tour with Craft Beer Tasting

9. Vancouver Helicopter Tour with Craft Beer Tasting

Combine the thrill of a helicopter flight with the rich flavors of West Coast craft beers on this unique adventure. The Vancouver: Helicopter Tour with Craft Beer Tasting by SKY Helicopters elevates the experience of exploring British Columbia's pristine Coast Mountains.

Take off on a 30-minute flight that offers a narrative from your pilot, showcasing the region's old-growth forests, stunning mountain ranges, and serene alpine lakes. Following the flight, land in the beautiful backcountry to indulge in a hand-picked selection of craft beers, learning about the local brewing scene and the stories behind each sip.

What's included in this tour:

  • 30-minute backcountry helicopter flight
  • 30-minute landing in the BC wilderness
  • A beer “flight” – sampling 4 unique west coast craft beer selections
  • Tour narrative by the pilot

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10. Pre/Post Cruise Helicopter Vancouver City Tour with Hotel Pickup

10. Pre/Post Cruise Helicopter Vancouver City Tour with Hotel Pickup

Taking to the skies over Vancouver, you get a unique perspective on this picturesque coastal city, surrounded by water and dramatic mountains. The Pre/Post Cruise Helicopter Vancouver City Tour delivers a thrilling 30-minute flight, unveiling aerial views of downtown Vancouver and its adjacent natural landscapes.

From the moment you're picked up from your downtown hotel, your adventure begins with a guided journey to the SKY Hangar. The helicopter experience showcases landmarks such as Stanley Park, Lions Gate Bridge, and the bustling cruise terminals. It’s not just a tour; it’s an experience that offers an unforgettable memory card’s worth of sights.

What's Included

  • Complimentary hotel pick up & drop off from all downtown Vancouver hotels
  • Luggage handling
  • Fuel surcharge
  • Landing and facility fees

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What is a Helicopter Tour in Vancouver?

A helicopter tour in Vancouver is an exciting aerial adventure that offers passengers a bird's-eye view of the city's stunning landscapes, combining urban vistas with natural beauty. When purchasing such a tour, customers should consider the following:

  • Duration: Tours can vary in length, with typical flights lasting from 20 to 30 minutes, providing ample opportunity to capture photos and absorb the panoramic views.
  • Weather: Flight schedules are subject to weather conditions, so flexibility in planning is important. Operators will ensure safety and visibility are optimal before departure.
  • Safety: Reputable companies prioritize safety, providing briefings and adhering to strict safety regulations. Ensure that the operator has a good safety record.
  • Pricing: Tours are priced per person and usually include all fees, such as fuel surcharges and landing fees. It's important to check what is included in the price to avoid unexpected costs.
  • Pickup Service: Many tours offer hotel pickups and drop-offs, so it's worth checking if this service is available for your accommodation.
  • Special Requirements: Weight restrictions and health considerations should be checked in advance to ensure they meet the tour's criteria.
  • Booking and Cancellation Policies: Understanding the terms for cancellations or rescheduling is crucial, especially since weather can cause changes in plans.

People looking to purchase a helicopter tour should also read reviews and ratings of the service providers to choose the best experience for their expectations and comfort level.

Frequently Asked Questions about Helicopter Tour in Vancouver

Are helicopter tours worth it?

Helicopter tours offer a unique perspective on Vancouver's landscape, making them a valuable experience for those seeking extraordinary views and a thrilling adventure. The value is subjective, but many find the experience unforgettable and worth the expense.

How much does it cost to go up in a helicopter?

The cost of a helicopter ride can vary widely, starting from around a few hundred Canadian dollars per person, depending on the length of the flight and the type of tour chosen.

How long is a helicopter ride from Vancouver to Whistler?

A helicopter ride from Vancouver to Whistler typically takes about 30 to 40 minutes, providing swift travel and stunning aerial views of the Sea-to-Sky corridor and the rugged landscape below.

How much is a helicopter from Vancouver to Victoria?

The price for a helicopter flight from Vancouver to Victoria can range significantly but expect to pay several hundred dollars per person, subject to the service provider and the level of luxury of the tour.

What time of day is best for a helicopter tour?

The best time of day for a helicopter tour can depend on the weather and personal preference for views. Morning flights often offer clearer conditions, while late afternoon tours can provide dramatic lighting and sunset views.

Is a doors-off helicopter tour better?

Doors-off helicopter tours provide unobstructed views and an immersive experience, preferred by photographers and thrill-seekers. However, they can be chillier and more intense, so they're not for everyone. Personal comfort and safety preferences should guide your choice.

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