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15+ Best Unique Romantic Getaways in Ontario for Couples (Resorts, Hotels, Spas & Tours)

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15+ Best Unique Romantic Getaways in Ontario for Couples (Resorts, Hotels, Spas & Tours)

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Are you looking for the best romantic getaways for couples in Ontario? Ontario offers a plethora of charming destinations, from serene lakeside resorts to luxurious urban retreats.

For couples seeking something extraordinary, a stay in the province can be as idyllic or adventurous as you desire.

We have created a list of the best unique romantic getaways for couples in Ontario. This curated collection includes cozy resorts, modern hotels, rejuvenating spas, and exhilarating tours.

Pack your bags and get ready to make lasting memories with your significant other in these incredible locations!

Best Romantic Getaways in Ontario for Couples

1. Langdon Hall Country House Hotel & Spa

1. Langdon Hall Country House Hotel & Spa

Best for: Couples looking for luxurious retreat to rekindle their romance.

  • Located in: Cambridge, ON
  • Best time to travel: Year-round
  • Price: Check current price

Langdon Hall Country House Hotel & Spa stands out as an exquisite romantic getaway in Ontario for couples. Located in the picturesque city of Cambridge, it offers an idyllic setting for those wanting to escape the daily grind and revel in each other's company.

The hotel boasts amenities that are bound to make your stay unforgettable. With an on-site health club, sauna, and an array of recreational activities, couples can choose to be as active or relaxed as they wish. The presence of a family-friendly environment ensures that even couples with children can enjoy a perfect blend of romance and family fun.

This getaway is an epitome of luxury and relaxation, offering an ambiance that encourages couples to reconnect and create precious memories together.

"The experience at Langdon Hall was exceptional. The service, ambiance, and amenities were top-notch, making our stay truly memorable. The romantic setting was just what we needed to celebrate our anniversary." - Read more reviews

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2. Niagara Falls Canada Helicopter Tour

2. Niagara Falls Canada Helicopter Tour

Best for: Couples looking for an awe-inspiring aerial perspective of one of nature's most breathtaking wonders.

  • Located in: Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
  • Best time to travel: Year-round (Operating hours 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM, Monday - Sunday)
  • Price: From CA$39.49

Niagara Falls has long been a favored destination for romantic getaways, offering couples unparalleled views of natural beauty. This helicopter tour takes the experience to new heights, literally. As couples soar above the Niagara River, they are granted panoramic views of the American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, and the iconic Horseshoe Falls.

This journey, lasting approximately 10 minutes in flight, is accentuated by educational commentary delivered via individual headsets, enriching the experience. Beyond the falls, the tour also highlights engineering marvels like the generating plant and Rainbow Bridge.

It's a unique and memorable way for couples to bond and share a special moment, all while basking in the majesty of Niagara Falls from the sky.

"It was an amazing trip. Loved every minute of it!!! Beautiful views and so much fun!!! I would do it again." - Jacob_F, Read more reviews

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3. Wander the Resort

3. Wander the Resort

Best for: Couples looking for a romantic and luxurious getaway.

  • Located in: Prince Edward, ON.
  • Best time to travel: Year-round, with a seasonal outdoor pool open from April 30 - November 01.
  • Price: From CA $695.

Wander the Resort is the epitome of romantic getaways. Designed for couples seeking a serene escape, the resort offers an ideal setting where lovebirds can relish in the beauty of its surroundings. Located on a private beach in Prince Edward, the resort promises exclusivity and privacy.

With a spa tub, couples can unwind and soak in the romantic ambiance. The exceptional reviews the resort boasts underline its dedication to providing an unparalleled experience for its guests. Additionally, with amenities like a hot tub, pool, free WiFi, and air conditioning, couples can experience both relaxation and modern comforts.

The nearby attractions, such as Wellington Main Street Park and Huff Estates Winery, offer opportunities for couples to explore and create cherished memories.

"The resort is gorgeous- from the entry to the clubhouse to the bed styling, no details are missed. If you are looking for a luxurious stay with cozy vibes, this property is the perfect fit." - Martha Anne, Read more reviews

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4. Prince of Wales Hotel

4. Prince of Wales Hotel

Best for: Couples seeking an impressive view of Waterton Lake, combined with historic charm.

  • Located in: Waterton Park
  • Best time to travel: Year-round
  • Price: From CAD 12 per day (parking fee as the exact room price is not provided)

Nestled in the heart of Waterton Park, the Prince of Wales Hotel provides an idyllic romantic getaway for couples. Overlooking the breathtaking Waterton Lake, this historic property showcases incredible views, with mountain and lake vistas available from many guest rooms.

Couples can savor daily dining experiences at the Royal Stewart Dining Room or relax at the Windsor Lounge. For those looking to venture out, the Waterton Lake boat cruises are a mere 20-minute walk away.

Moreover, the Mountain View Horse Riding Center offers an opportunity for couples to enjoy nature's beauty together. The hotel's setting, combined with its unique charm and amenities, make it a top choice for those desiring a memorable romantic escape in Ontario.

"Historic hotel in a stunning location overlooking the lake and the charming town of Waterton. Friendly, informative staff. Impeccable service. Delicious food and cocktails. Loved the historical talks in the evenings." - Jan, United States of America, Read more reviews

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5. JW Marriott The Rosseau Muskoka Resort & Spa

5. JW Marriott The Rosseau Muskoka Resort & Spa

Best for: Couples seeking a getaway surrounded by nature and luxurious amenities.

  • Located in: Minett, Ontario, Canada
  • Best time to travel: Year-round
  • Price: From CAD 403

Overlooking the pristine shores of Minett, the JW Marriott The Rosseau Muskoka Resort & Spa offers couples an idyllic romantic retreat in Ontario. Boasting a full-service spa and a unique swim-through indoor/outdoor pool, guests can expect to experience unmatched relaxation.

The spacious rooms come with cozy fireplaces and fully-equipped kitchenettes, setting the tone for intimate evenings. Couples can enjoy canoeing, snow-shoeing, and even golf at The Rock Golf Course, a mere 5-minute drive away. The property's location has garnered a notable 9.3 rating for two-person trips, showcasing its appeal for romantic adventures.

With a choice of five on-site restaurants, dining options range from Italian delicacies to wood-fired pizzas, ensuring a memorable culinary journey. The resort's commitment to sustainability further amplifies its appeal, ensuring guests enjoy a getaway that's both romantic and eco-friendly.

"Excellent resort to get away from the city and just relax. Great for business retreats as well. The rooms are nice and what you would expect, wifi worked fine, and the choice of restaurants was excellent." - Ernesto0211, Canada, Read more reviews

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6. St. Anne's Spa

6. St. Anne's Spa

Best for: Couples seeking a tranquil retreat to prioritize their mental well-being in a luxurious setting.

  • Located in: Grafton, Ontario
  • Best time to travel: Year-round
  • Price: From CAD 103

Set in the picturesque landscape of Northumberland's countryside, St. Anne's Spa offers couples a unique romantic getaway. This health and wellness destination spa stands out as a sanctuary that emphasizes mental health and rejuvenation.

Only a mere 90 minutes from Toronto, this 1800’s heritage fieldstone country castle promises a secluded experience. Guests can delight in the old-world charm, indulge in delectable country cuisine, and avail a range of rejuvenating wellness classes and spa treatments.

The accommodation options range from cozy old-world rooms in the Main Inn to spacious private spa cottages. With over 500 acres of sprawling countryside to explore and top-notch amenities, it's an ideal location for couples looking for a romantic escape.

"A most nourishing experience. Loved the grounds, the staff, and the treatments. Felt like pudding and energized at the same time. Such a treat! I will return many times to this beautiful magically created healing garden." — Cherin7, Brockville, Canada, Read more reviews

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7. Old Mill Toronto Hotel

7. Old Mill Toronto Hotel

Best for: Couples seeking a retreat in the heart of Toronto.

  • Located in: Toronto, Canada
  • Best time to travel: Year-round
  • Price: From CAD 446

Nestling on the edge of scenic Humber Valley, the Old Mill Toronto Hotel is a romantic haven for couples looking to escape the city's hustle and bustle. Its proximity to the Old Mill Subway Station, a mere 820 feet away, ensures guests have quick access to downtown Toronto and Pearson International Airport.

With room features like an all-season fireplace, whirlpool tub, and views of the beautiful surroundings, couples can anticipate a getaway filled with warmth and relaxation.

Adding to the allure is the historic Old Mill Restaurant, which offers a delightful dining experience. Live jazz music at the Home Smith Bar further elevates the ambiance. Those looking for rejuvenation can explore the full-service spa, and outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate the nearby hiking trails and stunning views of the Humber Valley.

The property has received significant accolades from couples, notably for its location, with a rating of 9.0 for two-person trips.

"the ambience and aesthetic - stunning! such a gorgeous location. the hotel did so much to make us feel comfortable - especially appreciated the early check-in due to circumstances not in our control" - Read more reviews

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8. Canoeing The Grand

8. Canoeing The Grand

Best for: Couples looking to experience the nature while paddling through the scenic beauty of Ontario's Grand River.

  • Located in: Kitchener, Ontario
  • Best time to travel: May to November
  • Price: From C$112.00

Canoeing the Grand is not just another romantic escape; it's an invitation for couples to design their unique journey surrounded by the timeless beauty of the Grand River. Renting a range of canoes, kayaks, tubes, and river rafts, this gem has been the go-to spot for aquatic enthusiasts since 1991.

The gentle flow of the river combined with the picturesque surroundings sets the perfect backdrop for those moments of intimate conversations and bonding. While the experience is enticing for all, it's particularly romantic for couples.

The magic is not just in the paddling but in the stories created, shared smiles, and memories crafted against a backdrop of nature's marvel. The idea is simple: they provide the boat, and you craft your tale of romance and adventure.

"Fantastic day!! Awesome staff.....Beautiful experience, highly recommend!" "5 stars!" "Local gem!" , "We do this every year and every year we forget just how much peace it brings our family!" Come make your own memories on our beautiful heritage river!

Read more reviews

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9. Drake Devonshire

9. Drake Devonshire

Best for: Couples seeking a romantic getaway with a touch of luxury and a variety of activities.

  • Located in: Wellington, Prince Edward County
  • Best time to travel: Year-round
  • Price: From CAD 575

Situated in the picturesque town of Wellington in Prince Edward County, the Drake Devonshire offers the perfect romantic escape for couples. With its beachfront location, private beach area, and breathtaking garden views, this hotel encapsulates luxury and relaxation.

Every room comes with the comfort of air conditioning, a seating area, and an ensuite bathroom to ensure that your stay is as comfortable as possible. With a plethora of activities like skiing, golfing, and cycling, couples can indulge in adventurous pursuits or simply relax in the shared lounge.

The on-site restaurant offers a range of local and international dishes, ideal for those romantic dinner dates. If you're a couple seeking an unforgettable experience, the Drake Devonshire should be at the top of your list.

"The location, food, staff was amazing, room were wonderful"
— Catherine, Canada
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10. Couples Resort & Spa

10. Couples Resort & Spa

Best for: This retreat is ideal for couples seeking a secluded, luxurious experience amidst the serene surroundings of Algonquin Park.

  • Located in: Whitney - Algonquin Park, Ontario
  • Best time to travel: Year-round, offering different experiences for each season.
  • Price: From CAD 869

Couples Resort & Spa provides a sanctuary for those looking to spend quality time together. Located near the semi-private Galeairy Lake and on the edge of the famous Algonquin Park, this 5-star luxury resort offers an exclusive and romantic atmosphere perfect for couples. With accommodations that include lakefront private hot tubs, wood-burning fireplaces, and Netflix, the resort ensures an intimate setting for every pair.

Guests can indulge in 1st class gourmet dining experiences, including a classic 5-course dinner and breakfast in bed. The organic spa, awarded among North America's top 50 spas, provides a chance for couples to unwind and rejuvenate. Activities are abundant throughout the year, from cross-country skiing and ice hiking in the winter, to exploring the scenic trails by hiking and biking in warmer seasons.

This environmentally friendly resort has been committed to helping couples create memorable moments for over 50 years. The combination of luxury, romance, and the natural beauty of Algonquin Park make it an unforgettable getaway.

"This place is absolutely amazing for couples looking to disconnect from the world and connect with each other. The food, the service, and the surroundings are all top-notch. Truly a romantic paradise." Read more reviews

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11. Rawhide Horseback Riding Adventures

11. Rawhide Horseback Riding Adventures

Best for: Couples looking for a thrilling yet intimate experience amidst nature.

  • Located in: Mulmur, Ontario
  • Best time to travel: Year-round
  • Price: From $59.92 per adult (price varies by group size)

For couples yearning for a unique romantic experience, Rawhide Adventures in Mulmur, Ontario is an unbeatable choice. Established since 1996, this working horse and cattle ranch has been offering memorable horseback riding adventures. The serene backdrop of the high hills of Mulmur sets the perfect stage for romance.

The private tours, often spanning 2-3 hours, provide an excellent opportunity for couples to bond. The diverse terrains - from uphill climbs to downhill gallops - ensure that every moment is exhilarating. Guided by knowledgeable staff, the experience is further enriched with insights and interesting anecdotes.

But it's not just about the ride; the experience culminates with couples participating in brushing down the horse, symbolizing care, and teamwork. Such an intimate and novel experience is sure to ignite romance and leave couples with unforgettable memories.

"Phenomenal visit. Took the time to match us with great horses, and took us on an awesome 2 hour ride. Covered all types of terrain, up hills, down hills, spectacular beautiful views. Our guide was super informative but not overwhelming. She took the time to entertain us, but also let us enjoy the beautiful scenery and silence. Finishing up the tour you assist with brushing down the horse and leading them back to pasture. Already planning our next trip. Highly recommend." - Robin S

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12. Windsor Arms Hotel

12. Windsor Arms Hotel

Best for: Couples looking for a luxurious romantic retreat in the heart of Toronto.

  • Located in: Toronto
  • Best time to travel: Year-round
  • Price: From CAD 719

Nestling in the vibrant city of Toronto, the Windsor Arms Hotel is the epitome of elegance, offering a blend of classic charm and modern comforts that romantic couples crave for their perfect getaway. The 5-star property boasts a European-inspired spa, providing a serene sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Being centrally located, it is just a stone’s throw away from notable attractions like the Royal Ontario Museum and the high-end Yorkville Avenue shopping district. Couples are bound to fall in love with the uniquely themed tea rooms, indulging in the timeless tradition of High Tea.

For those desiring delectable dining experiences, The Living Room Restaurant caters to all cravings, specializing in comfort foods. As the evening descends, retreat to your modern suite, fitted with a musical instrument for a playful duet, and a lavish limestone bathroom for an intimate spa bath experience.

"The location is absolutely perfect, and the rooms are just so luxurious! My partner and I loved every moment of our stay. The staff was exceptionally courteous, and the food was to die for. We'll definitely be coming back for more!"

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13. Elmhurst Inn & Spa

13. Elmhurst Inn & Spa

Best for: Couples seeking a blend of historical charm with modern amenities in a beautiful environment.

  • Located in: Ingersoll, Canada
  • Best time to travel: Year-round
  • Price: From CAD 225

Elmhurst Inn & Spa provides a unique blend of historical charm with modern comforts, making it an ideal choice for couples in search of a romantic getaway in Ontario. Situated just a short drive away from the city centre of Ingersoll, this location offers couples the convenience of city attractions and easy access to Highway 401.

Guests can indulge in the comforts of rooms furnished with modern gray bedding, dark wood accents, flat-screen TVs, and essential amenities like refrigerators and coffee makers. The on-site spa provides a perfect opportunity to unwind, with sauna and steam room appointments available to guests.

The Elmhurst Restaurant offers a delightful culinary experience, particularly during the summer months when outdoor dining is an option. The vicinity to attractions like the Ingersoll Cheese & Agricultural Museum and the Ingersoll Golf & Country Club ensures couples have varied options to enhance their stay.

"Facial and massage were both amazing. Room service and restaurant meals were beyond expectations. Just amazing! The room was beautiful and clean. Antique look and original. I had the sparkling wine and cheese package and both were set up in my room."
— Slindsay0511, Canada
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14. Grand Winery Tour - Rolls Royce - Niagara On The Lake

14. Grand Winery Tour - Rolls Royce - Niagara On The Lake

Best for: Couples seeking an upscale and luxurious wine tour experience, complete with historical insights and scenic drives.

  • Located in: Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada
  • Best time to travel: Year-round
  • Price: From CA$399.99

Ontario is not just home to Canada's bustling cities and iconic landmarks; it's also the backdrop for some of the country's most romantic getaways. Niagara-on-the-Lake stands out as a prime destination, especially for couples looking to indulge in a unique wine tour experience.

The Grand Winery Tour offers not just wine tastings at top wineries, but also an exclusive ride in a vintage Rolls Royce, setting the mood for romance and luxury. Traverse the picturesque landscapes of Ontario while tasting exquisite wines from renowned estates such as Lakeview Wine Co. and Reif Estate Winery.

The structured tastings, paired with cheese and the expertise of knowledgeable guides, ensure an unforgettable day out. It's not just about the wine; it's about creating lasting memories with your significant other in one of the most romantic settings in Ontario.

"The driver was very polite, professional and knowledgeable about the area. The drive was smooth and scenic." Joyce_M Read more reviews

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15. The Ivy at Verity

15. The Ivy at Verity

Best for: Couples looking for a luxurious romantic experience in the heart of Toronto.

  • Located in: Toronto, Canada.
  • Best time to travel: Year-round.
  • Price: From CAD 522.

Resting in a beautifully restored 1850’s chocolate factory, The Ivy at Verity is a haven for couples searching for a romantic getaway. The hotel stands out with its spacious and uniquely decorated guest rooms, each boasting a private balcony and handcrafted beds draped in Italian linens. Delight in the award-winning George Restaurant on-site, where seasonal ingredients inspire a diverse menu, complemented by a wide selection of wines.

A women’s only spa at the hotel ensures privacy and serenity, equipped with an ozonated pool and sauna. For the fitness-focused, a well-equipped women's gym is available. Located just a short walk from the Saint Lawrence Market and the Toronto Eaton Centre, couples can explore the vibrant city surroundings, making their stay memorable. The location has been especially appreciated by couples, gaining a commendable rating of 8.6 for a two-person trip.

"Great location, very private once you are in. We had an excellent room."
— Marten, Netherlands
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16. White Oaks Conference & Resort Spa

16. White Oaks Conference & Resort Spa

Best for: Couples seeking luxurious amenities, top-tier services, and a romantic atmosphere in a prime location.

  • Located in: Niagara on the Lake, Canada
  • Best time to travel: Year-round
  • Price: From CAD 235

White Oaks Conference & Resort Spa is a delightful spot for couples looking for a memorable romantic getaway. Situated in the charming Niagara-on-the-Lake, the resort offers a plethora of premium amenities tailored to make your stay unforgettable.

From double pillow-top mattresses and goose-down duvets ensuring a good night's sleep to a spa where couples can indulge in rejuvenating massages and treatments, this getaway has it all. With the breathtaking Niagara Falls within driving distance and various attractions nearby, couples will have no shortage of activities to partake in.

Moreover, the on-site restaurants provide a gourmet dining experience, adding to the romantic allure. It's no wonder that couples have rated its location a 9.0, making it an excellent choice for a two-person trip.

"The facilities were beautiful and luxurious with an amazing atmosphere and phenomenal service from the staff. We got a cheap upgrade to a tower room and it was the epitome of comfort!" - Finkelson Read more reviews

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17. Hockley Valley Resort

17. Hockley Valley Resort

Best for: Couples seeking a modern escape complete with luxury amenities in a serene environment.

  • Located in: Orangeville, Canada
  • Best time to travel: Year-round
  • Price: From CAD 420

Hockley Valley Resort is an ideal romantic destination for couples looking to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life. This contemporary resort offers a blend of luxury and relaxation, making it a favorite among couples.

Featuring an expansive 8,000 sq. foot spa, guests can indulge in pampering treatments or relax in the indoor and outdoor pools. The resort is not just about relaxation; there's plenty of activity too. With an 18-hole golf course, skiing facilities, and guided snowshoe hikes during the winter months, couples have numerous options to spend quality time together.

The resort's dining options are a treat for the taste buds, especially the signature restaurant, Cabin, which emphasizes the farm-to-table philosophy. It's no surprise that couples have rated the location a notable 8.4 for a two-person trip.

"The Hockley Valley Resort offered us the perfect romantic getaway. The facilities and services were top-notch. The serene environment coupled with the modern amenities made our stay unforgettable."
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