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Reviewing Ruzuku - My Thoughts

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Are you looking for the best Ruzuku review to help you make the final purchase decision? In this review, I've collected the most fundamental aspects to help you see if Ruzuku is one of the best online course platforms to host your hard-worked courses.

The online course and e-learning market has been growing rapidly in recent years and is estimated to reach $325 billion by 2025.

In this review, you'll find why you should choose Ruzuku based on the best features, pricing, and reviews from trusted sources. My goal is to save your time so you can make the best possible decision to go forward with your course creation platform.

I try to avoid going too long for this review. This review is more of a quick overlook if Ruzuku is legit, do they have a free plan, and if their key features are top of the industry.


My score on Ruzuku

When reviewing Ruzuku, I’ve taken these aspects below into consideration:

  • Software flexibility
  • Company reputation
  • User interface
  • Pricing
  • Customer communication
  • 3rd party customer reviews

Ruzuku Overview. What is Ruzuku?

Ruzuku Review Overview

Ruzuku is an online course platform that allows you to create, market, and sell your own courses. It has a wide variety of features and pricing options, making it a versatile tool for anyone looking to create an online course.

Ruzuku offers a wide variety of features to its users. You can create and sell courses on any topic, including video, audio, and text-based content. Ruzuku also allows you to market your courses through its built-in email marketing tool and social media integrations.

Additionally, Ruzuku provides users with a course dashboard, where they can track their progress and see statistics on their students' performance.

In this article, I will review the pros and cons of Ruzuku in order to help you decide if it is the right platform for you.

Ruzuku Pricing

Ruzuku Review Pricing

Ruzuku pricing starts higher than for example Thinkific’s, but you also great set of features with it. All plans include unlimited students, unlimited courses, unlimited audio & video uploads, unlimited data storage, great support, and come with 0% transaction fees.

  • Bootstrapper ($74.75 - $99/month): For a single instructor to get started with selling on Ruzuku.
  • Up-and-Comer ($83.08 - $149/month): For single instructor that wants to unlock unlimited webinars, polls & quizzes, and subscription payments.
  • University ($125 - $199/month): For multiple instructors and site managers. Use your own domain on this plan.

Detailed pricing list:









Annual discount





14-day free trial

14-day free trial



30 days

30 days

30 days

Transaction fees




Unlimited courses




Unlimited students




Unlimited video hosting




Email support




Phone support




Live chat support




Ruzuku Features

Ruzuku Review Features

Powerful Course Management: Ruzuku's course platform is so easy and simple to use that you can create your own courses in minutes. It has everything a teacher needs, with all the tools at their fingertips.

Launch Your Course Fast: Without any of the hassle or stress associated with setting up a traditional offline course, Ruzuku's online training platform saves you time so that more of it is left over for creating and marketing your content.

Drip Content: Drip content is a great way to provide your audience with ongoing information and insights.

Professional Payment Integration: Ruzuku integrates with some of the biggest names in finance like PayPal & Stripe, so you can accept payments through your preferred method.

Live Courses: Create a course that you can schedule on the calendar and send automatic notifications so your students get it on time.

Forum: General course-wide Q&A and forum is included.

Pros & Cons


  • Unlimited courses & students
  • 0% transaction fees on all plans
  • Friendly customer support
  • Integrate with marketing tools like MailChimp
  • Quizzes, assignments, and discussion forums
  • Receive student payments with Stripe and PayPal


  • Expensive compared to competitors
  • Ruzuku's course builder can be a bit overwhelming for first-time users

Ruzuku Coupon Code

Ruzuku Review Coupon Code

I took an extended look to find a coupon code for Ruzuku and the best one I found, was their 14-day free trial. You can get it by clicking the button below.

Customer Reviews

Ruzuku Review Customer Reviews

Before any significant purchase, I personally always try to find what other people say about the product. There are a few reputable review platforms where customers can write what they think about the software they use.

I’ve picked a few reviews here below, but feel free to go to these review sites to read more about Ruzuku. For these featured reviews, I’ve used Trustpilot, G2, and Capterra. They have been in the review game for a long time and are trusted to allow both, positive and negative reviews so that the customers get the best possible view of the product before purchasing.

Generally, if there are 100+ reviews for the software product on these platforms and the overall star rating is 4 or more, I‘d consider that an exceptional product.

What People Love About Ruzuku

5 out of 5.

Courtney G on 

"Ruzuku excels when posting discussion questions, course information, and PDFs, as well as allowing students to comment and use progress monitoring to track their completed assignments, etc. Allowing students to have profiles and bios is essential to building a "classroom" culture in the virtual world."

5 out of 5.

Brian S on

"I like that it is a very user friendly platform. Its take the daunting task of creating a course and breaks it down into very simple steps. Love the flexibility. Great customer support and they are very friendly."

5 out of 5.

User in Education Management on

"The course development runs very smoothly for my limited knowledge of course building."

What’s There to Improve for Ruzuku?

Courtney G on

"The actual design of the course is the most complex and time-consuming component. The teacher-facing side can be pretty tedious, but once created, the virtual classroom is relatively easy to navigate for the student."

Best Video Reviews about Ruzuku

No video reviews are yet available for Ruzuku.

Ruzuku FAQ

Ruzuku Review FAQ

Is Ruzuku legit?

Ruzuku seems like a legit US company founded in 2007. However, they don’t have many 3rd party reviews and their website lacks some info about their company.

How much does Ruzuku cost?

Ruzuku pricing comes in three tiers: Bootstrapper ($99/month), Up-and-Comer ($149/month), and University ($199/month).  You'll save up to 44% when you pay annually.

Is Ruzuku the best online course platform?

Well, it’s definitely a contender for the best online course platforms for sure, but it all comes down to your needs. Based on this review, it’s not the most recommended for your online course needs, but please use their generous offer to test out their platform to make your own opinion.

How can I contact Ruzuku support?

You can contact Ruzuku at their website’s footer email address.

Can I see Ruzuku's course examples?

Yes, at their help center, you can find some sample courses.

Is Ruzuku backed by venture capital?

Minorly. It seems that Ruzuku has raised a minor investment in funding.

Ruzuku Alternatives

Although Ruzuku is one of the most popular online course services, you may still want to test other alternatives and compare them yourself. If you're looking for alternatives to Ruzuku, there are plenty of options out there. Here are my best choices to replace Ruzuku:

Here are also some of the most popular online course marketplaces that you may be interested in if you're not yet ready to independently promote your own course:

Ruzuku Review Conclusion

Ruzuku Review Conclusion

Okay guys, that's it for the Ruzuku review! I hope you now have a much better view of Ruzuku and if it's the online course platform that could take your business to the next level! I truly hope so.

Ruzuku is a great online course platform for anyone looking to create and sell their own courses. With its wide range of features, ease of use, and affordable pricing plans, Ruzuku makes it easy for you to get your online course business up and running. If you're looking for an alternative to Ruzuku, be sure to check out some of the other options on this list.

Just for a quick wrap, the best features of Ruzuku are the 14-day free trial available, inlimited courses & students, friendly customer support, 0% transaction fees, and the ability to create quizzes, assignments, and discussion forums.